Review by Paulos

"The best in all the series."

Now truly, this game really, really reminds me of the Zelda gameboy games. The same type of gameplay style and so on, but in THIS game they have finally made up for the three other bad Final Fantasy games.

In this game, like action rpgs, you will play only one character in the whole game and walk around in maps, dungeons, towns, villages, castles, and etc ... slaying monsters, saving people, running and walking around, moving into new terrain with only your sword and self to be able to make your own self, truly survive.

The real idea of this game is to train your character so he is strong enough to defeat evil monsters and beat evil bosses throughout the game. This game has NONE of the foolish other Final Fantasy game problems such as the weapons breaking, such as no leveling up, and etc... in THIS game, you can level up normally, you will have a weapon that lasts forever, and you also have magic that you can just use out in the open, which is tons and tons and tons of fun if you can learn it right. It is sort of like the Zelda games, how you use items, and use your character to complete certain puzzles, beat certain bosses and have quick fingers, a lot of fun.

Graphics: 83%
Words: Something they improved actually in my eyes... at least. The graphics were more strong and not as fuzzy and bland. In Legend I, II, and III it was VERY difficult to enjoy the graphics like you would have wanted to... although this game is in black and white, it is still very good drawings and artwork.

Sound: 50%
Words: Sound effects got tiring of listening and hearing it after using the same moves over and over, the music was not terrible but it was very repetitive.

Replay: 85%
Words: With all the better updated features, the fun puzzles, no drag of learning how to play the game, you will want to play a lot more and keep on playing again and again... mostly if you like action rpgs.

Gameplay: 90%
Words: NOW, the Gameplay is A LOT BETTER. Just about PERFECT. FINALLY, they did it right. Leveling up, action rpg type of style, no items or weapons breaking, just plain, true rpg! They spiced it up well by putting it in action rpg mode really though.

Story: 13%
Words: Bad storyline, you must rescue a girl from an evil wizard. It is always about fighting wizards in these action rpg games! In this game it was a bad storyline though.

Characters: 70%
Words: Characters were ah... pretty good actually. Your rpg hero is fun to use, when people first played this game they said to themselves, ''Finally, a game where I can play a human on the Gameboy beating up monsters and solving puzzles like Link the elf!''.

Final Words: Well, this game is worth buying and worth having. Without a doubt, finally, a great Final Fantasy gameboy game that will always be remembered, THE END :)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/24/02, Updated 02/24/02

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