Review by Andy007

"Not much like any Final Fantasy I've played...."

Gameplay 8/10: Hmmm, I like RPG games, but I don't think this game really fits the kind of RPG I like to play. The game is alright, you walk around killing monsters and finding places. But this game isn't really a long RPG like some other RPG's like Pokemon. The weapons, magic, and armor are awesome. It is good to know that this game has some weapons with different abilities. I like the weapons, this game is sort of like Zelda:Link's Awakening. But I wish instead of enemies walking around, you interfere like in Pokemon. But this game can be addictive in some ways, you could desperately want to go to other towns or continue on your game.

Graphics 9/10: The graphics don't stink. If you compare the graphics to a game like Pokemon, this game has almost as good graphics. Except there isn't any battle animation, which gives this game a 9 in this category. But I like the fields and caves because you are able to tell what's what.

Sound 5/10: I don't like the sound in this game. Zelda:Link's Awakening has better music and sound effects. I think Final Fantasy Adventure has limited sound. This category really brings down my score for FFAdventure.

Story 6/10: Save the Mana Tree? This probably sounds very pathetic. A magical-boss guy wants to destroy the Mana Tree but you have to save it. I don't know why the programmers of this game made such a weird story. Most of the other Final Fantasies have better stories. I don't see a point in playing this game when I think of the story.

Overall 7/10: This game is probably about $20 now. I don't know, it's up to you to buy this game or not. It may be fun to replay, but you'll have to try out a little of this game and then buy it. The story and sounds are bad. This is not really a that good of a RPG, but better than some gameboy RPGs.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/19/00, Updated 02/19/00

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