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"Final Fantasy for the Gameboy! Cool!!! Won't disapoint..."

I know its called Final Fantasy Adventure, but its actually Secret of Mana 1, the name was changed when it was translated to english. if you by chance had the privledge of playing SoM2 for the snes, this is a must buy! For only 20 dollars, you are buying (possibley) one of the best rpg games ever for the gameboy, yes, better than pokemon (at least in my opinion). Don't think this is just another Final Fantasy game though...

Graphics- 7
Not bad, but not great, the enemies were kinda bad looking and the bosses could have looked better. Generally thought, the character sprites looked nice and the towns, caves, ect. looked excellent.

Story- 6
I really didn't expect much from this game in this catagory, but it surprises me on how well it was done (espillay after playing games like xenogears, chrono trigger and final fantasy 6- how could any other game compete with the other 3?). Basically, its an evil magic mad man trying to get to the mana tree for its power. But the story goes much deeper, and of course you'll have to get the game to see what i mean

Music- 5.5
gameboy has been known for bad quailty sound, and believe me, this game has some preaty ugly sounds, the music is diffently not something you would expect from squaresoft (which i mean as an insult), still, i found myself humming a few songs, but overall, the music wasn't to memorable.

Gameplay- 8
Easy Controls, I learned them within 15 minutes, which is a lot to say for a game, even if it is for the gameboy. There were a few gripes i had, like when your sweeping at an enemy or boss with your sword really fast, sometimes your hits aren't recorded, and I don't know if other people had this problem, but when ever i (even) faced a person (face to face), without touching a button, they would say something, but i guess you'd have to be there to see what i mean, but it was quite annoying.

I have not yet finished this game, but lemme tell you, I think i will play this just as much as i played SoM2 for the Snes (oh, by the way, i beat SoM2 4 times!) and it never gets old!)

Overall- 8.25
Not the best FF game by any means (FF2, FF4, FF5, FF6 and FF7 were better, but FF1, FFL1 and FF8 weren't). If you like action rpgs like zelda links awakening and crystlis, you'll love this game! A diffenent keeper, if you can find it for 20 dollars, do yourself a favor and pick up this gem!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/17/00, Updated 08/02/01

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