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Reviewed: 07/01/00 | Updated: 07/01/00

An excellent action/rpg for game boy

First, before i write this review, i want to clarify something that i know some people still dont know. Final Fantasy adventure is NOT part of the final fantasy series, it is the first in the seiken densetsu series, which is better known as the secret of mana series. The reason it was called final fantasy adventure was because orgianlly it was meant to be a spin-off of the final fantasies, but since the game did so well and had such a different story line, square produced psuedo-sequels of the same nature (pseudo because they arent related directly and because sunsoft had the rights to ffa).

Now that i have that out of the way, id like to say that ffa is one of the very few action/rpg hybrids for game boy, and it is a very pleasing game.
The story is sort of generic, but has its own little twists that make it involving. The empire of Glaive succeded the vandole empire, and glaive is much more cruel. Glaive's right hand man julius has captured the main character of the story spying on glaive, and he is forced to fight in arena battles. The hero escapes and overhears the emperor's plans for world domination and thus the story begins. If youve played secret of mana for snes, then this story fits into what SoM's story was building.

Since the game wasnt too far behind zelda for game boy, the graphics seem a little bland sometimes; kind of like a low-res links awakening. But they get the job done and thats all that matters.

As always, square delivers on music. The music in ffa is very suiting to the current mood of the game, and considering the original game boy had a really crappy sound system, this music was very nice to have.

Same with the music, the sound was good for original game boy games; Each weapon and spell had a distinct sound.

Replay value:5
This is the only category that doesnt affect the total score simply because it doesnt matter if you want to play it again or not, just whether its fun the first time around. Although theres very little to discover your second time through, the game is always fun to play through again, and if your like me, you will play it several times through.

Frustration factor:6
You will die and die often in the game, because monsters tend to always be a lot stronger than you and just touching them hurts you. This is somewhat relieved by an in-game save, which means wherever you save (you can save at any time) you will be in that exact spot when you load your game.

For an old game boy game, this games ending was phenomial. It tied all the loose ends and was quite lengthy.

Total 10/10
If you are looking for a solid adventure for game boy or color, ffa doesnt dissapoint, but dont expect something as deep as say ff3 because this isnt a typical final fantasy game. But whatever you do, do not buy final fantasy legend games because they are more final fantasy oriented. This is the best final fantasy for game boy and still has yet to be succeded.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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