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    Boss FAQ by Walker Boh Ohmsford

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         Walker Boh's Boss Guide to:
         Final Fantasy Legend
    Author: Walker Boh
    Real Name: Bryan Peterson
    E-mail: b-peterson@earthlink.net
    Final Fantasy Legend Technical Data:
    Name of Game: Final Fantasy Legend
    Platform: Gameboy
    Medium: Cartridge
    Number of Players: 1
    Genre: RPG
    Save Ram: Yes
    Number of Save Slots: 1
    What's in This FAQ?
    Author's Note
    Legal Stuff
    A.	P-Frog
    B.	B. King Sword
    C.	C. Steward
    D.	D. Gen-Bu
    E.	E. Sei-Ryu
    F.	F. Byak-ko
    G.	G. Machine
    H.	H. Su-Zaku
    I. I. Ashura
    II. J. Gen-Bu2
    K.	Sei-ryu2
    L.	L. Byak-ko2
    M.	M. Su-Zaku2
    N.	N. Creator
    O.	Author's Note: This isn't a walkthrough but a guide to each of the
    bosses of the game. It'll go along with my FAQ, so if you're just
    having trouble with the bosses you know where to look if you don't
    have time to spend looking through a walkthrough.
         Legal stuff
    I.   This document is copyright 2000/2003 by Walker Boh-Ohmsford, and may only
    be used for nonprofitable purposes. Don't try anything smart or you'll be
    bbusted! There are laws after all, and no one's above them.
    II.   	I also have a walkthrough which tells how to beat the bosses, but
    if you just want info on the bosses and not the area you're in
    you don't have to keep looking through the FAQ. This just has
    info on the bosses. HP info comes from Robert Paulson's guide fore.
    (Rpaulson@Mtlakes.csnet.net is his E-mail Address.
         Boss guide
         Name: P-Frog HP: 82
      This guy's a snap! Whatever you do, don't attack him with a
    handheld weapon such as a sword or hammer. If you do you'll be
    poisoned. Use bows, or fire and ice magic, which both cause
    around 70 damage, (quite a lot really.) He should be gone in an
         Name: King Sword HP: 114
      This guy can be a little tough. If you bought the Sleep spell
    from the Town of Hero, use it to make this fight a heck of a lot easier. This
    guy deals heavy damage! You may have to use Sleep
    several times, (unless of course you also have fire, which works
    well.) He should die in a short time.
         Name: Steward HP: ???
      It doesn't matter, since by now you'll have the King Sword
    equipped. One hit with that and he's gone!
         Name: Gen-Bu hp: 150
      This guy's quite easy. Use fire a few times and he's gone. He can defend
    himself using Shell, and he has a Gas attack, so be a little careful, as Gas
    affects all party members. He also has a Tusk attack, and if you're not well-
    equipped that can do major damage. I know, I've made that mistake a few times.
         Name: Sei-Ryu hp: 633
      	This guy's a bit tough. Use your best attacks. I can't
    remember if fog works well. Try it and see. If I remember
    correctly Elec works decently as well. Be careful though, since
    this dragon uses powerful attacks such as Bite and Strict, and
    both do some major damage!
         Name: Byak-Ko HP: 1000
      This guy's easy. If you have a saw or creature with the SAW
    ability like a mosquito, use that to bring this battle to a
    speedy conclusion. Note: It may take several tries for the SAW to
    connect, but it's fatal when it does.
          Name: Machine HP: 1500-2000
      This guy does some heavy damage, so bring along some cures. Use
    fire a lot, it'll make life a lot easier.
         Name: Su-Zaku HP: 1500-2000
      An easy fight. If you have the Hyper cannon, use it one time and he'll be
    gone. If not, just hit him with your most powerful attacks to do him in.
         Name: Ashura HP: 3000
      This one's brutal! He deals a lot of damage! Make sure you at least
    have the Glass Sword and possibly 'Xcalibr sword also. I think Flare
    works also, but I can't remember. Try it. Anyway, try to bring along as many
    revives and X-Potions as you can. You'll need them!
         Name: Gen-Bu2 HP: 1500-2500, quite a range there!
      This guy's easy. Just whack him with your best stuff and you've got him.
         Name: Sei-Ryu2 HP: about 2500
      This guy is easy. Once again just show no mercy!
         Name: Byak-Ko2 HP: 2500
      Hopefully you bought yourself a whole bunch of Hyper cannons. Those
    rule! One shot and he's gone. If not though, just hit him with the strongest
    stuff you have.
         Name: Su-Zaku2 HP: 2500-3000
      Here's where Hyper cannons come in handy. One shot is all it takes. If not,
    just thrash him with your best attacks and watch your HP. I always recommend
    Hyper Cannons because this guy's Tornado attack does
    massive damage to all characters. Note: I don't know if this works
    in the second fight with Su-Zaku, but in the first fight you can
    turn him to stone after doing some damage to him.
         Name: Creator HP: 3000-6000
      The final and easiest boss of the game. Here's my strategy for
    beating him. Have one character equipped with the Masamune sword, and
    another equipped with the Glass sword, (hopefully it's still got
    some uses left.) Have your other two characters equipped with a few
    missiles. Note: I recommend a party of two humans and two mutants.
    You need that party if you're to use my strategy. Be careful though,
    Creator does have one unnamed attack which is almost guaranteed to
    take out a party member, but just keep on him and he'll die. After
    the battle, you've won the game! Note: I recently received a hint from Alcahest
    (Alcahest@club-internet.fr, that you can also use the Saw to defeat the
    Creator. Personally I wouldn't try it, as the Saw has a regretable tendency to
    miss most of the time, but it is something to consider. I also learned (alas I
    can't remember the name of the fellow who told me about this or his address
    would go here), that if you take a Human, raise all his/her stats to 99 and
    give him/her a saw, that they will almost never miss with it. The only problem
    I have with that idea is that it's way too time-consuming! Thanks for the
    hints, guys.
    	Also note: If you have anything you would like to add to either my
    walkthrough or this guide, feel free to let me know. My E-mail address is

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