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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Walker Boh Ohmsford

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         Walker Boh's guide to
    Final Fantasy Legend on Gameboy
    Author: Walker Boh
    Real Name: Bryan Peterson
    E-mail: b-peterson@earthlink.com
    Final Fantasy Legend Technical Data:
    Name of game: Final Fantasy Legend
    Platform: Gameboy
    Medium: Cartridge
    Number of players: 1
    Genre: RPG
    Save Ram: Yes
    Number of Save Slots: 1
         What's in This Faq?
    1. Legal Mumbo-jumbo
    2. 2. Intro
    3. 3. Controls and The Menu Screens
    4.      Walkthrough Sections
    5. 1. World 1
    6. 2. World 2
    7. 3. World 3
    8. 4. World 4
    9. 5. The tower and Ashura
    10. 6. The final Battle
    11.      The Lists
    12. 1. Weapons
    13. 2. Armors
    13. 3. Items
    4. Spells
    In Closing: Comments and E-mail Disclaimer
    18.      Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    19.   This document is the property of me, Walker Boh. I am writing
    this for the benefit of you RP-Gamers out there who are fortunate
    enough to possess this excellent game. If you want to write your
    own FAQ and use my style, you are free to do so, just don't copy
    me word for word. That's illegal and I will take action, and if
    you happen to be a contributor to Gamefaqs, you stand a very good chance of
    getting all your current and future submitions pulled from the site. In short,
    don't try anything funny. Also, this cannot be used for any profitable purposes
    unless you split the money with me, (just
    kidding about that last part.) The consequences for this are the same as they
    would be if you were caught violating those laws
    that protect movies. You can go to prison for selling something
    of someone else's and claiming it's yours. Note on E-mails: I'm generally cool
    with E-mails, but there are some rules. First off, no flames will be tolerated.
    If you have a problem with the way I write, tell me in a polite, inteligent way.
    Then perhaps I'll take your suggestion into consideration. No flames will be
    tolerated. If I choose not to reply to a flame, consider yourself lucky. Also,
    I won't accept file attachments. Now that that's out of the way, let's get onto
    the FAQ.
      Before we start, I'm going to tell any beginners out there some
    of the things about this game, (and yes, despite my saying
    earlier that it's an excellent game, it does have its flaws, and
    that's what I want to point out here.) Hopefully you've played
    RPG's in general, so you'll know the basics. You buy weapons,
    armor, and curative items, (and in this case, spells). Most RPG's
    are like this except that usually you learn spells naturally.
    Unfortunately, FFL has one major flaw in its weapon system. When
    you equip a weapon, (and yes you have to equip it, it doesn't do
    it for you), you'll notice a number beside its name. When you use
    a weapon, (and there are few exceptions to this rule), that
    number decreases. For instance, a Long Sword has 50 uses at the
    start, and it decreases as you use the weapon. Once that number
    reaches 0, you can't use that weapon anymore and have to buy a
    new one. This can get you stuck in a kind of catch-22 situation
    if you aren't the type of person who can hold onto your GP. If
    you are low on gold, you have to fight to get more, and it's a
    little hard to fight when you've got no weapons, wouldn't you
    say? I think this is part of the reason why people who don't like
    the game don't like it. Also, unlike other RPG's, in FFL each
    character has 3 lives like in an action game. This means that the
    character can only be revived at a House of Life 3 times. After
    that you will need to buy Hearts, which are rather expensive. You
    can still use the revive item to restore a dead ally, but you
    cannot go to the Houses of Life. As has already been said, you
    will need to buy Hearts.
         Controls and The Menu Screens
      Here are the controls to the game.
    Directional Pad: Moves character on game screen or cursor
    in menu screen.
     A button: Talk to people, execute command when in menu screen.
    B button: Cancels last command when in menu screen.
    Start: Brings up the menu screen.
    Select: Brings up the Altar Order. This is where you can
    change the arrangement of your party. I strongly recommend
    putting the weaker characters in a position where the stronger
    ones can protect them. You can do this in one of two ways that I
    know of. First, you could put the weaker ones in the back.
    Second, you could put the weak ones in between the strong ones.
    Just make sure the weak ones are protected, since this game plays
    in such a way as to make the weak ones the ones with the best
         The Menu Screen.
      The Menu Screen is divided up into several sub-menus. Below is
    the list of them and what each one is.
    Abil: Allows you to access the abilities of each individual
    character. If you need to heal but don't want to use potions, this will allow
    you to save your ass!
    Item: This is where all that stuff you find in the treasure boxes goes. You use
    items here.
    Equip: Allows you to equip weapons, armor and spells. Note: The process of
    equipping items seems a little complicated to me.
    I always found that I had to double-click on a weapon first in
    the items menu before it would even show up in the Equip screen.
    If anyone knows the real scoop on that, please let me know.
    Save: This is a very inportant feature in any RPG. It lets you save your game.
      I think that's about it for menu screens that come up when
    not in battle.
         Battle Screen
      This comes up when you enter a fight, and you have
    two choices, Fight or run.
    Fight: This is how you rake in the dough. When you select
    Fight you will then get to choose from any of the items you have
    equipped. Then it asks you who you wish to use the item on. It
    does this for all four characters, and then the fighting starts.
    Run: This is also useful, but as in any RPG, it won't
    always work. Also, you shouldn't do it if you need money. Do this
    only if you are low on HP or supplies, and you can't run from
    bosses with one exception. The only boss you can run from is Su-Zaku before you
    neutralize his forcefield
      Note: It's been a while since I last played this game, and
    so I remember some areas in the game more than others. So, If I
    get more specific about one area than I do another, this is the
    reason why. Still, I'll try to be as specific as possible.
         	World 1: At the Base of the Tower
      You start your adventure just outside of a small town. Note: You're all
    alone, so I wouldn't fight anything other than goblins, as you're not likely to
    be very strong. Also note: For beating this game I
    would recommend a party of two humans and two mutants.
      Anyway, When you're ready, head into town and talk to the people.
    You'll notice a door here that you cannot open, and whenever you
    try to do so it says, "Door is locked by magic of black." This is
    for a little later in the game and you can't open it yet. Anyway,
    explore the town and you will eventually find the guild. Here's where you pick
    up your other party members. Once again I suggest a party of two humans and two
    mutants, but of course it's your choice. However, I will be basing the boss
    strategies on the assumption that you went with my party. If not, feel free to
    experiment for yourself.
      After you've got everyone you want, it's time to go out and make some money.
         The Town of Hero
      This town lies to the Southeast of what I will refer to as Base
    town, (where you started). When you enter you'll see an
    impressive-looking statue. Talk to it and one of your characters
    will notice that something is missing. Talk to everyone in town to learn the
    quest in this world. It seems that there are a number off items which once
    adorned the statue, but these have been stolen by three kings who are fighting
    for control of the world, which can only be attained through
    acquisition of all three items. The King Items are: A sword, a
    shield, and a suit of armor. Your quest is to find them all and
    put them back on the statue. After investigating, fight around
    town if you need cash, then go to the shops and outfit yourself
    with whatever yu think you may need. Note: Do not give spells to
    humans. For some weird reason, humans  can be equipped with
    spells but can't use them effectively. Anyway, it's time to go to the castles
    and get the items. Note: I don't remember the exact locations of all three
    castles, but the ones which contain the Armor and Shield are near the town of
    hero. If you go into a castle and the music changes, get out quick. You're
    not ready for it yet. Here is the order in which you should get the King Items.
         Castle of Armor
    XLVI.   Here, you will learn that the king wants to talk to you, so
    head to the second floor of the castle. The king doesn't look so well, and when
    you talk to him you learn why. It seems that he was rejected by a girl he was
    in love with. So, head to South Town to investigate.
         South Town
      When you get here, talk to everyone and eventually you'll find
    the girl. She'll tell you that the Bandit King threatened to
    destroy the village if she didn't accept his proposal. Another
    person in town will tell you that the bandit lives in a cave to
    the west, so go there. Note: Remember to pick up a few bows and
    some spells in Hero before coming here, you will need them.
         Bandit Cave
      This dungeon's fairly easy, just explore it thoroughly and you'll
    eventually find the boss, and hopefully collect some gold. Also,
    you'll notice a door here that just won't open. Never fear! Come
    back after defeating the boss and the treasures contained within
    are yours.
         Miniboss Battle: P-Frog HP: 82
      This battle will be very easy. The only thing you should never do is attack
    this boss with a handheld weapon such as a sword, hammer or rapier. This
    results in a poison status. Fortunately, though, This only lasts until the
    battle is over. Use bows, and if you have any, use Fire and Ice magics, both
    work pretty well. This guy will be gone in no time.
      After the battle,  the bandit pleads for you to spare him and then
    runs off. Now you can go back there to that door you couldn't
    open before and get some very useful items. Note: I think you
    find a Strong and an Agility potion in two of the chests. Those
    can only be used on humans, and permanently boost agility and
    strength. I believe you'll also find a piece of armor in there as
    well. If so, equip it on whomever can use it and get out of there.
         Castle of Armor (revisited)
    LV.   Go back to the king and he'll give you a reward, and yes, the
    reward is the King Armor. For now, equip it on someone and get
    ready to get the powerful King Sword, which unlike other weapons
    in this game, has unlimittted uses.
         Castle of Sword
      I myself don't remember where this castle is, but someone
    in one of the towns will tell you where it is. Go there now.
      This castle is tough, since the monsters get stronger within. Now do you see
    why I told you earlier that you weren't ready yet? Whatever you do, don't talk
    to any of the guards unless you're looking for a fight. They'll more than
    likely be Karateka, which can do a lot of damage with their Kick attack, and
    they come in packs of 3 to 5. Fire
    works well on them but it's hard to get in an attack on them, so
    be careful. Eventually you will see the king, who tells you that
    you must defeat him first if you want his sword.
         Miniboss Battle: King Sword HP: 120
      This battle can be very tough. I've never had him kill me off
    before but he has come close on several occasions. Be careful, he
    does a lot of damage with the very sword you need to get from
    him. If you bought it in Hero, use sleep, which may not always
    work but will make the battle a lot easier when it does. Once
    he's asleep, you can whack him all you want. Fire works very
    well, (in fact I seem to remember using only one blast on him and
    taking him out). If you have no magic though, this battle will be
    hell, let me warn you!
      After the battle, you'll receive the powerful King Sword. Just watch how
    easily it takes out those monsters!
         	Castle of Shield
      This was that castle where the guards threw you out if you
    entered earlier. They'll still do it, but now you'll notice that the king is
    dead. The steward killed him and hopes to frame you for the murder! He will
    send two Asigaru and a skeleton after you. This battle is pitifully easy. That
    King Sword will reduce the biggest of baddies to dust.
      After the battle, the steward gets all cowardly and runs away. Check the
    first or second space on the wall to the right of the throne, (I
    forgot which one specifically), and you'll see a secret door.
    Enter and you can now bring the traitor to justice! This battle is just too
    easy! It's not worth making a separate section for it. Use the King Sword once
    and he'll die.
      After the battle, you will receive the last King Item, the Shield. Now let's
    be a good little adventurer and take these nifty little
    toys back where they belong. Awwwww, I was hoping I could keep 'em. D'oh!
         Town of Hero (revisited)
    LXXII.   Heal up at the inn if necessary, then walk up to the statue
    and unequip the King Items. To replace them, double-click on each
    one in the items menu and it will be put on the statue. After
    they are all replaced you can get the Black sphere. Get it and
    save your game if you want, then try to leave. Time for the first real boss
         Boss Battle: Gen-Bu HP: 150
      Yeah! It's the true boss theme! Ain't it great? Anyway, this battle is
    incredibly easy. Gen-Bu uses spells like Shell, (which will protect him against
    attacks to a certain extent), and Gas, which damages all party members. He will
    also attack with tusk, so be ready to heal if you feel you need to. Fire works
    very well, causing about 108 damage on average.
      After the battle, Gen-Bu leaves, but not before telling you that you'll see
    him again. Now it's back to the Base Town!
         Base Town
      You won't be coming back here for a very long while, so if you need anything
    from any shops in any of the three towns of this world (HP, Strong, and Agility
    potions and such), now's the time! You could actually come back a little later,
    but why wait till later when the battle with Gen-Bu netted you a
    whole 900 GP? I knew you'd see it my way. Anyway, go to that
    locked door I told you about earlier and use the Black Sphere.
    The seal will be broken and you can enter the mysterious tower.
    Congratulations, you've completed the first world!
         Tower To Paradise
      This place is complex, even though there really are no puzzles you
    have to solve. It's just extremely confusing. Just explore and pick up a
    treasure now and then. I believe one of them contains a Colt gun, which is a
    good weapon for this point in the game. It does quite a bit of damage. Anyway,
    the tower has a lot of little sub-worlds, some of which even have a little
    quest to them. On this level of the tower are two such worlds that I know of,
    but neither seems to have a point. You'll know when you've reached the next
    true world because you'll see a little dude who tells you
    to look for the old man. You'll see him at times on your quest,
    usually right before transitioning to another world.
         World 2: The Ocean Castle and the Blue Dragon
      Here, people will start to tell you about how Sei-Ryu
    banished Ryuo and such. One person will also mention that they saw an island
    sailing like a ship. Both of these things are very
    important, so remember them! If you want, and if you have the
    cash, buy new armor and weapons and spells. You may also want to
    buy some stat-boosting potions as well. Note on weapons: Don't
    get the Coral Sword. I've never gotten good damage out of it, so
    it's not worth it. Anyway, once your all buffed up as much as you
    want, head out and start exploring. This world is divided into
    islands, and many of these are connected to one another by caves.
    You'll need to use these to get some of the equipment needed for
    beating this world. Be careful of pirates in the caves, as they
    will steal gold, and no, you won't get it back. It'll be as if
    you killed the pirate without his ever having stolen from you.
    Anyway, now you should be searching for your ship. Go from the
    Port town through the North Cave and you should come out near
    another cave entrance. Enter this cave and go through it. The
    island you want is the top one on the west coast of where you
    just came out of the cave. It may take a little while to find it,
    but keep trying and you will.
      After you get the island/ship, you can head to East Village and
    upgrade, then it's time to head to Palm Tree Island. This Island
    I believe is in the Southeast, but you can easily recognize it.
    It's got palm trees on it. Go to the center of the island and
    press A while standing before the palm tree to find the Airseed (I just love
    the item fanfare in this game). Now the fun starts.
         The Underwater Town and Castle
      To find the entrance to the Underwater world, Go to the whirlpool located
    near the Northwest corner of this world and enter it. Note: If you try to do
    this without the Airseed, you'll just come back up screaming, "I can't breathe!"
      Anyway, the underwater town shouldn't be too hard to find, and when you get
    there, talk to everyone for
    some crucial info which you MUST remember. Also, this would be a good time to
    buy whatever you may need. Now it's time to head to the Sea Palace, which I
    believe is southeast of the Underwater town, (but of course I could be wrong.
    It's been a while since I've played this game.) Anyway, when you find the
    castle, explore it carefully for some needed items, like the blue key. Don't
    let the music fool you either, you can get attacked at random in here
    just like any other dungeon. Anyway, you'll ultimately come to a room full of
    orbs. This is where the Red Orb is, but which one is it? Remember what the
    person in the Underwater village told you? You better! Go to the top right hand
    corner of the room. The Red Orb is two down and two left, but someone's not
    gonna be too happy that you took it!
         	Boss Battle: Sei-RyuHP: 633-650
      This battle can be pretty tough. Sei-Ryu uses attacks like
    Bite and Strict. Use spells, (I can't remember which ones
    specifically, so you'll have to experiment.
      	After the battle, you get the Red Sphere. Wait a minute, weren't you
    supposed to get the Blue Sphere from the Blue Dragon? As you can tell, your
    business in this world's not over yet
         South Island and a mysterious riddle
      The Island you want to get to is small and has a hut in the
    middle of it. You have to navigate a kind of maze to reach it. Be careful of
    the sandy patch on this island, it'll warp you back to
    the beginning. Anyway, you will find the old man who will ask you
    a riddle. "What can you get for two Long Swords, Three Gold
    Helmets and four Potions? Contrary to what I tried to do on my first time at
    this part, you do not need to go buying all that. You simply need to do a
    little math. Simply work out how much two Long Swords, three Gold Helmets and
    four Potions will cost. There's just one item whose price matches the answer
    you'll get. It's a Battle Sword, so go buy one from somewhere. Once you have
    it, go back to South Island and talk to the old man to get the Blue Sphere. The
    Red one will vanish from your inventory when you use the blue one. Congrats!
    Time for world 3!
         World 3: Castle in the Sky
      This world is a little complicated in that it's sort of
    hard to find out where to go. I do remember this world mostly
    though, so I'll be able to help you. Also notice that this world
    has different music than the others!
      First thing's first! When you emerge from the tower head West to the Sky
    town.  The citizens will tell you about a hidden town and a resistance movement
    against the fiend Byak-Ko, who happens to need guardsmen. Before you go off on
    your adventure though, (well, you probably know what to do), stock up on
    goodies. Then save. After doing what you need to do, head into
    the pub to buy a few beers! Yeah right. Talk to the guard and a Miniboss fight
    will ensue.
         Miniboss Battle: Mosquitos HP: ??
      	This battle is pretty easy, but be warned: the Mosquitos will use the
    Saw ability on occasion.
      After the battle, you are sent to Byak-Ko. Talk to him and he will hire you
    and give you your first task, which is to find and capture Jeanne, one of the
    daughters of the rebel leader. When you ask a simple question
    about the girl, Byak-Ko gets mad and tells you just to get on with it. He then
    gives you an airship! Woo-hoo! Now you can fly!
      Near the northeast corner of the World of Sky is a square cloud. That's your
    next destination. Land on the cloud and move clockwise to enter the Hidden
    Town. By new stuff and talk to people. They will tell you that Jeanne has a
    twin sister. Also, you'll learn that the white Sphere can only be retrieved
    when the two girls are together. So if you don't need to boost HP or
    Agility or Strength, Head back to the Floating Castle, which is
    near the Southeast corner of this world. From the castle's top right corner, go
    north to some trees. Leave your ship and enter. The Rebel Base is in the middle
    of this forest. In the bottom right corner of the room, a guard will say it's
    under control. Your characters get a bit pissed and attack. You will
    have to fight a Garlic, Sabercat and P-Worm. This battle should
    be pretty easy. Just use magic and weapons. After the fight, talk
    to the girl. She asks you to save her sister Millie, so head back
    to the Floating Castle.
      Explore the castle carefully, because one of the chests contains a white key,
    which you will need. Eventually you will come to a room where you must
    fight a guard. After the easy fight you will find the girl. Talk to
    her. Just as you get ready to leave, Byak-Ko appears and tells you that
    he knew all along that you had defeated Gen-Bu and Sei-Ryu. Then Millie
    betrays you and you are thrown in jail. Talk to the other inmates and
    one will say he couldn't break the bars. So walk up to the bars and
    press A a few times. You take care of it with no problems. Go to the
    far east cell and then go north. Note: If you want, you can search the
    bars of the far east cell for the Revenge Sword, but I've never gotten
    good use out of it. Anyway, you will now fight an Imp to gain access to
    the stairs out of here. After the battle, get out of the dungeon.
      After escaping from jail, you will then have to do some exploring. Eventually
    you'll see a locked door you can't open. Come back later. Actually, the
    key is two floors above you. GO there and  go in the door in the
    northwest corner of the room. You will fight guards for the Jail Key.
    Now go back to that locked door. It leads into a storage room where you
    can pick up some very useful stuff including a Death spell. Now go back
    to the room where you got the Jail Key. GO north and into the door. GO
    south and climb into the one glider that works. Now exit the Jail. You
    should now be just to the west of where Byak-Ko's castle is---or was. Now it's
    hovering over the Rebel Base, which has been destroyed. Head
    into the Floating Castle. Then exit the castle right away and go into
    the clearing where the Rebel Base used to be. Note: I would save my
    game before leaving the castle. You will find Byak-Ko and the twins.
    Byak-Ko will try to kill Millie, but Jeanne steps in and takes the
    fatal thrust, and it's time to put an end to the White Tiger!
         Boss Battle: Byak-Ko HP: 1000
    This battle should be easy enough. Just use your most powerful attacks
    and he'll be gone, and he'll be mighty pissed about it!
    After the battle the two sisters say their farewells to one another,
    and you will get the White Sphere. Now you can open the next door in the tower!
    Note: If you didn't buy anyting in the shops earlier that you think you might
    need, you're pretty much screwed, because after the battle with
    Byak-ko you will not have access to any of the towns. Time for world 4!
         World 4: World of Ruins
    This is it, right? the final world? Wrong! Well, yes, it's the last
    true world in the game. You'll come out of the tower in a cavern, and
    you have to make your way to the surface. Here, the only thing you will run
    into is Su-Zaku, your next fiend, and killing him will get you the
    Red Sphere, right? Wrong! It's way too early, and that would be too easy. Just
    run from him, as you probably can't kill him, (only the saw
    will do it and you don't get anything for your troubles).
      On the surface, talk to people in the towns, and someone called So-cho
    will challenge you.
    Boss Battle: So-cho HP: N/A
    Actually you don't get to kick his ass, and he's not really an enemy. A
    girl will break up the fight and So-cho will give you his bike by way of
    apology. This world's kinda hard, and I don't remember much about
    it. Here's the basics. Whatcha gotta do here is help build a machine that can
    nullify Su-Zaku's forcefield. You need a Board, a Rom, and a piece of Plutonium.
      The board is in the underground town of Ameyoko, so be careful of Su-Zaku.
    The guy will only give you the board if you get the Rom. That's in the hidden
    town of Akiba, and I don't remember where that is exactly, and you have to find
    a secret door. When you doo find it, go 14 blocks north and 15 east, (I think
    that's it anyway), and you'll find a secret door. Go in to find a Rom and a
    Revive. Then you can get the Board. Then you have to talk to So-cho to go to
    the Power Plant.
      Once you reach the power plant, Follow So-cho and he'll sacrifice himself to
    allow you to get the Plutonium and the Band Helmet. However, just as you pick
    up the Plutonium, a boss fight ensues.
    Boss Battle: Machine HP: 1500-2000
    Be careful of this guy. If you don't know what you're doing, he'll knock you
    cold. Use fire and fire-based attacks. Don't use Saw, Death or Stone, as the
    Saw will likely miss and the Machine has resistance to Death or Stone.
      After the battle, you can complete the Erase99. Also note two things.
    First, the music's different. Second, everyone here is dead. So now what's to
    be done? Well, here's whatcha do. Head to the Skyscraper (I don't remember its
    exact location), and you'll be able to collect some useful stuff, such as the
    Hyper Canon. When you feel ready, head to the train. You'll find SU-Zaku here,
    but don't talk to the other guy. He'll tell you where Su-zaku is and then turn
    into an Evil Eye. When you find Su-Zaku, the item screen will come up and you
    must use Erase99 to bring down the forcefield. Then it's time to take care of
    the Red Bird!
         Boss Battle: Su-Zaku HP: 1500
    This battle can be extremely disappointingly easy. Just use a Hyper on
    him and he'll be gone.  If you don't have Hyper, then just whack him.
    He'll die eventually. Be careful, though, some of this guy's attacks
    will hurt like hell.
         After the battle, Sakaya will give you the Red Sphere, and now you can
    Leave. Time to head back to the tower!
        Ashura's Lair
    After all that, you're probably wondering when you get to fight the last
    battle. Don't worry, you're almost there. Ya gotta go find Ashura first.
      This is probably the hardest part, because you have to locate a secret
    teleporter and it's well hidden. It'll take you to the top of the tower. When
    you do find it, you have to navigate carefully or Ashura will knock you down
    the tower. You have to approach from the side. There are also a
    few important items in the tower, so make sure you find them. One is
    just in a treasure chest and it's the Glass Sword. It's invaluable. The
    other is the 'XCalibur sword, and it's in the keeping of an old man in
    a house in this part of the tower, who'll die after giving you the sword. It's
    not the best though, so you don't have to get it. Anyway, when you reach the
    lair of Ashura, get ready for a difficult battle.
         Boss Battle: Ashura HP: 3000
      This is not an easy fight. Don't use the Hyper Cannon, as it won't affect
    him. The Glass Sword and the 'Xcalibr sword work well, and if you have Flare
    you can also use that to cause a goodly amount of damage to him. I don't know
    of anyone with resistance to Flare.
      After the battle, you can go up the stairs, only to fall down to the
    Tower Base. Dammit! Don't worry, it's where you need to be. And check
    out those weapons! Buy some missiles for a couple of your characters.
    Note: If you've been using Changelings (monsters), up to this point, I strongly
    recommend retiring them and getting some humans or mutants depending on what
    you have. If you already have two humans, get a couple mutants or two more
    humans. I earlier recommended a party of two humans
    and two mutants. Anyway, I'd change my party so they can use weapons,
    as I've never found a changeling ability that works well on the final boss.
    When you're ready, head to the place where the Black door was at
    the beginning of your quest. Now it's a Four Color door, and the
    spheres you collected in your travels will combine together to form the
    key to this door. Note: Go to the Item screen and click on one of the
    spheres a couple times to get it to work. They will combine into one,
    open the door, and then vanish from your inventory. Don't worry,
    though, you don't need 'em anymore.
         The Final Battle
      SO now I get to go to the final battle, right? Right! There are four other
    bosses along the way, but they're just the four fiends again. Kick their butts
    as you see fit, (but hold onto the Glass Sword and
    Missiles, as they are needed for the last battle). This tower is
    infested with strong monsters. Fight only if you want to boost your
    mutants' HP and stuff. And if you need to do anything in the town, do
    it before you undertake this tower, since once you enter the final room there's
    no turning back. If you need help facing any of the revived
    fiends, check out my boss guide. At any rate, you've made it! It's the
    end of the game! Congrats! Anyway, there's a little orb in the final
    area when you get there. Press A on this orb to refill HP. Do it until
    you're all full. Then head to the guy in black. If you don't wanna
    fight your way up that tower again but think you might have trouble
    with this guy for any reason, save, keeping in mind that if you ever
    want to leave the only way to do so is by using a Door, which you can
    buy in shops, or the Teleport ability, which I'm not sure if Mutants get. did
    you get the Masamune earlier? I think SU-Zaku2 was guarding it. Equip
    it on a human. Equip the Glass Sword on your other human if you haven't
    already, and if it's still got some uses. Then give the Missiles to the
    Mutants. If they can't use them you may need to trade some stuff.
    Anyway, just make sure you have two characters equipped with the Glass
    and Masamune swords, and two characters equipped with a few Missiles each. When
    you feel you're ready, talk to the man in black. It's the Creator. He tells you
    that you have been playing a game he created to test the courage and
    determination of mortals. You get a little pissed about it and a battle ensues.
         Final Battle: Creator HP: 6000
      This is it, the last battle! It's gonna be one hell of a tough fight,
    too! Dream on. It's disappointingly easy unless you're not fitted with
    all the items I recommended, or if you're just plain careless. Just
    keep on him with the swords and missiles and he'll die in about 6-12 or so
    rounds. Careful, though, Creator does have some attacks which will confuse
    characters. This, (as any RP-gamer will tell you), will cause the affected
    party member to attack his/her comrades. Creator also has
    one attack which has no name and is almost guaranteed to take out at least one
    character. Just keep attacking unless absolutely necessary. This should
    not, however, be a tough battle. Note: Alcahest (alcahest@club-internet.fr
    recently sent this hint. You can defeat the Creator if you equip a Human
    character with a Saw and raise his/her stats to 99. The Saw is a rather
    unreliable weapon because it has a regretable
    tendency to miss on most of its attacks, but when it hits it is fatal. If you
    have a character with very high stats, it may cut down on the number of misses.
    Give this a try and let me know if it works.
      Note: The following information will spoil the end of the game for you,
    but no one's forcing you to read ahead, now are they?
    Ending: After the battle with creator, the party stands looking at the
    next door. They speculate as to whether there's another world beyond
    the door, but then the lead character decides it's time to go home to
    their world. Then it shows scenes with your party in each of the worlds
    talking with the bosses of each world. Then it shows the creator at the
    inn in Base Town, and you realize that he was the little dude who kept
    appearing to you each time you were about to enter a new world. Just as
    the ending music finishes playing, it says, "We'll see you again."
      This section describes the weapons in the game.
    Weapon....Cost....Special Use
    Long Sword...132...none
    King Sword...0...Critical Hit
    Battle Sword...989...Is used to answer Ryuo's riddle
    Katana Sword...2060...None
    Rune Sword...9800...Effective against magical enemies
    Coral Sword...9880...Effective against water enemies
    Ogre Sword...9880...effective against ogres
    Silver Sword...10712...None
    cIce Sword...23800...Effective against Fire enemies
    Flame Sword...24000...Effective against Ice enemies
    Elec Sword...24700...Effective against water enemies
    Dragon Sword...34600...Effective against dragons
    Defend Sword...48000...Deflect enemy attacks
    Sun Sword...67980...Effective against undead enemies
    Xcalibur Sword...0...Can attack groups of monsters
    Glass Sword...0...This is the strongest sword in the game, breaks after
    each use but can be used 50 times
    Masmune...0...One of the strongest swords in the game
    Vampic Sword...10000...Drains enemy HP
    Counter...5100...Counterattacks with double the damage
    Saw...125...Fatal attack, misses 50% of the time
    Revenge Sword...0...Deals enemies double the damage
    SMG...400...Hits group of enemies
    Grenade...800...Hits group of enemies
    Bazooka...4000...Hits group of enemies
    Balkan...8000...Hits group of enemies
    Missile...40000...Hits group of enemies
    Nuke Bomb...0...Hits all enemies
    Hyper...100000...Kills all enemies
    Long Bow...8000...None
    Great Bow...32000...None
    Bronze...80...+4 DEF
    Gold...125...+8 DEF
    King...0...+20 DEF
    Silver...2500...+13 DEF
    Dragon...8500...+19 DEF/Protects against most magic
    Suit...18000...+25 DEF
    Arthur...0...+38 DEF
    Power...100000...+70 DEF
    Bronze Helmet...40...+3 DEF
    Gold Helmet...175...+5 DEF
    Silver Helmet...600...+8 DEF
    Army Helmet...6000...+17 DEF
    Band Helmet...0...+25 DEF
    Dragon Helmet...20000...+22 DEF
    Bronze Gauntlets....12....+1 DEF
    Gold Gauntlets....150....+3 DEF
    Silver Gauntlets....500....+4 DEF
    Giant Gauntlets....5000....+6 DEF
    Ninja Gauntlets....0....+15 DEF
    Bronze Shield...40...Evade up by 30%
    Gold Shield....400....Evade up by 40%
    King Shield....0....Evade up by 100%
    Silver Shield....4000....Evade up by 50%
    Flame Shield....5500....Protects against Ice
    Ice Shield....6000....Evade up by 60%
    Dragon Shield....8000....Protects against Elec, Fire, Ice and Poison
    Aezis Shield....0....Evade up 100%
    Geta Shoes....3000....+7 DEF
    Hermes Shoes....8500....+7 DEF....+10 AGL
    Shoes....0...+10 DEF+10 Magic
    Potion....50....Restores some HP, single character
    X-Potion....200....Restores 90-150 HP, Single character
    Elixir....10000....Restores all HP, single Character
    Eyedrop....500....Cures Blindness
    Needle....500....Cures Stone
    Antidote....100....Cures Poison
    Bell....100....Cures Sleep
    Symbol....500....Removes curses
    Shocker....100....Cures paralysis
    Pan....100....Cures confusion
    Revive....15000....Revives fallen characters
    Heart....10000....Gives character an extra life
    Door...5000...Transports party to tower base
    Arcane...10000...Restores the uses of any weapon or item
    HP200....100....Increases characters' HP until they reach 200, can only be
    used on Humans.
    HP400....1000....Increases characters' HP more, can only be used on Humans.
    HP 600....5000....Most powerful increaser of HP, only works on Humans
    Strong....300...Increases Humans' Strength
    Agility....300....Increases Humans' Agility
    Cure....1000....restores some HP to one character
    Fire....500....Fire attack on a group of enemies
    Ice....500....Ice attack on enemy group
    Elec....500....Electrical attack on enemy group
    Fog....500....Poison attack on enemy group, is usually fatal
    Flare....50000....Nuclear attack on all enemies
    Sleep....500....Puts enemies to sleep
    Stone....5000....Turns enemies to stone
    Death....5000....Kills enemies, does not work on bosses or certain monsters
    Rod....1000....Same effect as Cure
    Wand....750....Same effect as Fire
    Staff....5000....Confuses enemies
    Book....500....Destroys undead enemies
    Tempter....5100....Same effect as Staff
         Mutant Abilities
      While these are not spells I have included them here because they are
    forms of magic.
    Flame....5-10....Fire attack on enemies
    Ice....10....Ice attack on enemies
    Gas....10....Attacks enemies with poison gas
    Electro....10....Lowers enemy agility
    Stench....10....Lowers enemy attack power
    Power....3-6....Boosts strength of caster
    Armor....3-6....Boosts defense of caster
    Mirror....10....Multiplies caster making it difficult for enemies to score
    a hit
    Barrier....10....increases party's defense by 10
    Burning....25....Acts like revenge. If enemies attack the caster they will
    receive damage.
    This is probably one of my favorite games. The graphics were good, the
    music's cool and the storyline was good, if a bit basic. You'll notice
    that I didn't cover any of the sub-worlds you'll find in the tower.
    This is only because I found no purpose in any of them. Feel free to
    explore them. I also noticed that sometimes I'd get an overpowering
    urge to hear the final battle theme but I wasn't at the last battle and
    didn't have the time to get there. Well, don't worry. There's a built-
    in sound test in this game. The trick to doing it is very simple. At
    the title screen press and hold Down, Start and B. Hold these down for
    about five seconds. Now you can scroll through the games sounds by
    using the Up and Down arrows. Move to the music by pressing the Left or
    Right arrows, and cycle through them by pressing Up or Down. Listen by
    pressing the A button. The sound test also has the ending music, so
    listen to your heart's content, and enjoy this great game! Also, if
    you've got suggestions or corrections, let me know! Just let me know and I'll
    consider your suggestion.
    Thanks and take care.

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