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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kao Megura

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    for the Nintendo GameBoy
    by Chris MacDonald
     Unpublished work Copyright 1999-2001 Chris MacDonald
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     1.  Hints and Suggestions
           - Character Types and Statistics
           - Some Advice
     2.  The Walkthrough
           - The First World
           - Exploring the Tower, Part 1
           - The Second World
           - Exploring the Tower, Part 2
           - The Third World
           - Exploring the Tower, Part 3
           - The Fourth World
           - Exploring the Tower, Part 4
           - The First World Revisited
           - Exploring the Tower, Part 5
           - The Final Battle
     3.  Author's Note
     This game is really old, but since (to my surprise), it seems as if
     no one has written a FAQ for it, I made this one.  This was done in
     about two hours from memory, so it's not exactly definitive and there
     may be some errors, but it explains what needs to be done in each
     area and stuff you should keep an eye out for.  Anyway, enjoy!
      - Each character in your party has several different statistics:
         HP stands for Hit Points, and they represent your character's life.
         When they hit zero, your character is dead.  Dead characters can
         be revived at a House of Life as long as they have a heart
         remaining (press Select to see each character's Heart stock), but
         once you run out of hearts, you cannot revive that character and
         must make a new one.
         Str. stands for Strength, and the higher your Strength is, the more
         damage your attacks do.  Strength does not apply to firearms,
         Agility determines your ability to dodge attacks and the order in
         which you get to fight.  It also helps you use items like firearms
         and other lightweight weapons.
         Def. stands for Defense and determines how much damage you take
         from attacks.  You can increase this by buying better equipment,
         including helmets, gloves, armor, and shoes.
         Mana represents your magic power.  Your mutant abilities and the
         effectiveness of spellbooks increases if your Mana is high.
      - Weapons and items work differently in this game than in other RPGs,
        too.  When you buy a weapon, there is a number next to it--this is
        the number of times you can use that item before it wears out.
        This creates sort of a catch-22 because you need to fight enemies
        in order to get GP to buy new weapons, but then again, the more you
        fight, the faster your weapons wear out.  However, as long as you
        don't run away from too many battles, you'll always have plenty of
        money to buy new weapons.  If a weapon or item has a dash next to
        it  (a '-'), then it can be used as many times as you want.  Keep
        in mind that it takes a few uses of a weapon for your character to
        become proficient with it, so they may not use the weapons well in
        the beginning and may miss or do low damage.  However, if that trend
        continues for a while, then that weapon is not suitable for your
        character, and you should pick another weapon.  Humans and males
        are better off with strength-increasing weapons, while Mutants
        and females are better off with agility-increasing weapons.
      - There are different races you can choose when making a party of
        adventurers in this game.  Humans are the strongest type, and can
        carry 8 items on them.  However, they don't become stronger by
        fighting--you have to buy potions in shops, and they get stronger
        by drinking those potions.  The 'Strong' potion raises strength by
        a few points, and the 'Agility' potion raises agility by a few
        points.  Also available are potions labeled 'HP200' through 'HP800'.
        These work somewhat differently than the Strong and Agility, because
        they give you 5-20 permanent HP per dose, but their effectiveness is
        reduced after your HP exceeds a certain amount.  For example:
         Lisa the Human has 140 HP.  If I buy an HP200 potion and use it on
         her, she'll gain, say, 12 HP, bringing her total to 152.  However,
         if after a few more potions, her life is now at 201, she will no
         longer gain 5-20 points from drinking an HP200 potion.  Instead,
         she will only gain 1 extra point.
      - In other words, using an HP potion will give you 5-20 points of
        permanent extra HP until your HP exceeds the listed amount.
        Afterwards, you have to buy a higher-numbered potion.  This also
        means that once your life is higher than 800 points, using any sort
        of HP potion will only give you one point of HP.  In that case, it's
        best to simply buy a lot of HP200 potions and use them, since
        they're the cheapest kind and still have the same effect.
      - Mutants work a little differently.  They can only carry four items
        at a time, and cannot use potions to increase their stats.  Instead,
        they grow stronger through fighting, depending on what they do and
        what types of weapons they use, shown below:
         Strength-related weapons like heavy swords and martial arts will
         increase Strength.
         Agility-related weapons like sabers, knives, and firearms will
         increase Agility.
         Magic-related weapons like spellbooks, wands, and rods, not to
         mention using mutant abilities, will increase Mana.
         Simply surviving battles may result in HP increasing.
        For example, Joey is a mutant.  If I equip him with an Axe or
        Battle Sword for a while, his Strength may eventually increase.
        If I then give him a Magnum or a Catclaw for a while, he may get
        an increase in Agility.  If I then have him use spellbooks like
        Cure, Ice, and Death for the next couple of battles, as well as
        his natural abilities like Gas and Barrier, his Mana may increase.
        As long as he's kept alive for each battle, his HP may increase as
      - The other thing about Mutants are their natural abilites.  As they
        fight, Mutants randomly learn and forget various abilities.  These
        abilities have limited uses, like weapons, but they aren't lost
        once they run out--all you have to do is spend the night at an Inn
        and they will be replenished.  Although it sucks to lose certain
        abilities, there's nothing you can do about it, so instead just
        have fun and experiment with the abilities you have.
      - Monsters are the weakest of all allies because "they are what they
        eat", so to speak.  When a monster eats meat left behind by a
        defeated foe, he will transform into a new monster.  This can be
        good, but if you eat the meat of a weak monster, you may change
        into a weaker form.  Monsters cannot carry any items but get all
        kinds of weird and cool abilities as they transform.  Ultimately,
        though, they start to show their weaknesses as the game progresses
        and they tend to stay on the weak side.  One thing to keep in mind
        is to always eat the meat of boss monsters, because they'll make
        your monster really powerful in most cases--often so poweful that
        the monster doesn't show his weaknesses until several floors later.
      - Save, save, save, always save.  You never know when you'll be taken
        out by a particularly strong enemy or accidentally sell that really
        great weapon you had on you.  Saving allows you to go back and give
        things a second shot.
      - Unlike other RPGs, there's no penalty for dying (no loss of gold,
        etc.)  If your whole party gets wiped out, you get taken back to
        the title screen, and if you choose to continue, you start off
        where you last saved.  So don't feel like you have to reset if you
        die, just continue and keep at it.
      - Keep people with weaker defense in the back of the party, and those
        with stronger defense in the front, since members in the front are
        more likely to be attacked.  Remember that the order of characters
        automatically changes when someone dies or is afflicted with a
        status ailment (like blindness), but you can change that by pressing
        Select to go into the order change menu.
      - Always keep some healing items on hand in case you're injured,
        whether they're potions, Cure spellbooks, or maybe the natural
        ability to heal that one of your Mutant or Monster allies possess.
        You can heal yourself in Inns for a varying cost (1 GP heals one
        point of lost HP), and there are healing pools that you can examine
        to have your HP and abilities regenerated (if there's no sound when
        you examine a healing pool, then it is a fake and won't heal you).
        Don't forget that you can use healing abilites by choosing 'Abil.'
        from the status menu and then selecting which ally and ability
        you want to use.
      - Buying stuff is important.  The most important thing is to always
        have enough weapons for your characters, next important is armor.
        If you have humans in your party, try to buy Strong, Agility, and
        HP200 - HP800 potions whenever you have the money to spare, since
        these will really pay off as you progress through the game and
        need to have strong characters.
      - One last note; as in FFL2, there's a point in this game where you
        can use the Trash Can as an item to increase Character statistics
        (I think it has the same effect as HP400 or else Agility).  If the
        trick is the same as in FFL2, then it occurs after you get an
        Agility potion or HP400 potion from a certain treasure chest.
        However, while I've done this trick several times, I've never
        figured out exactly how it works.  In any case, you can use the
        Trash Can several times to increase your human character's stats.
        before the trick ends (it's equal to the number of saves you've
        made so far).  Good luck on getting it to work.
     There are plot spoilers in this walkthrough, that really can't be
     avoided.  So, only read this if you're prepared to have some stuff
     revealed to you in advance.
     The First World
     The first thing to do here is get new members.  While you don't have
     to get three more people, there's no real reason not to.  At this
     point in the game, mutants are useful because they quickly become
     powerful and their abilities are very useful for defense and attacking.
     It's also fun with a monster in your party since you can fool around
     with them and see how they develop.  However, in the long run, humans
     are the best type to choose because you can power them up yourself when
     you get more money, and they can hold lots of items.
     I would suggest a party of 1-2 mutants and two humans for beginners,
     although for more balance, a team of two humans, a mutant, and a monster
     is also a good choice.  Males tend to be stronger than females, but
     women team members tend to have higher Agility.  Male mutants earn
     attacking powers more readily than female mutants, who tend towards
     defensive powers.  One last thing to mention--the first character you
     create is better equipped and has higher stats. than the others.
     However, this character can never be replaced, so if you run out of
     Hearts, you have to lug around a dead body with you until you can buy
     one and then revive them.  For that reason, I strongly suggest you pick
     a human as your first character, so that they'll be strong enough by
     the time you reach the end of the game.
     Once your party is assembled, explore the town.  A man wearing a hat
     will tell you that a monster called Gen-Bu has hidden the key to the
     Tower in the Statue of Hero.  The first call to order is to get better
     weapons, and better armor.  Make your way southeast to the town near
     King Shield's Castle and fight monsters until you can give Bows to all
     members, and keep fighting until you can also get them as much equipment
     (armor, gauntlets, and helmets) as possible.  Stock up on some
     restorative items, then head east through the forest, and make your way
     south through the rivers until you find a town.
     In the town, stock up on any supplies you might need, then go south
     again and west to the Bandit Cave.  This level isn't really too hard,
     just pick up the treasures as you go along.  As is the case with any
     dungeon, don't talk to any creatures wandering around as they will
     attack you.  The boss of this cave is the Bandit, and he's a P-Frog.
     If you hit him with physical attacks, you'll get poisoned...so aren't
     you glad you all have Bows?  Just plug him full of arrows, then beat
     a hasty retreat out of there.
     Your next objective is to get the equipment that the Statue of Hero
     once wore.  Since you killed the Bandit, go to King Armor's castle
     (it's north of the forest, past the river), and he'll give you his
     armor as a reward.  Now would be a great time to fight some more
     battles so that you can earn enough GP to buy better equipment and
     more curative items, and so you can improve your Mutants (if you have
     any).  That's because the next part of your journey is going to be
     pretty difficult.  Once you're ready, head west until you reach the
     mountains (past the Tower), then make your way south.  Eventually your
     path turns east again, then leads you north through a swamp to King
     Sword's castle.  Inside the castle, don't talk to the guards, and make
     your way to King Sword's chamber.  The stairs that lead to his chamber
     are on the bottom of the second floor, not in the middle of the screen.
     The enemies here can be pretty tough, so don't say I didn't warn you :)
     King Sword isn't too shabby a fighter himself, but with a little
     preseverance, you can take him down.  Your reward is the King Sword,
     one of the best weapons in the entire game.  Surprised to get it this
     early on, huh?  Well, I have bad news for ya--you have to give it up
     in order to reach the second floor of the Tower.  That doesn't mean
     you can't put this weapon to good use though--it's great for slicing
     through monsters and earning yourself GP.  Anyway, the last piece of
     equipment can be found in King Shield's castle, which is right next
     to the Town of Hero.  Go back there, and make your way back to the
     King.  You'll find that his steward has slain the King and taken the
     Shield for his own.  After he finishes talking, he'll walk up to the
     wall and go through it, so find the same place he disappeared and
     press up to go through the secret passage in the wall.  After locating
     the steward, kill him, and you'll get the King Shield.
     The next thing to do on your list is to put the items back on the
     Statue of Hero.  A nasty boss fight is coming up, though, so be sure
     to get replacement equipment for whomever was using the King gear.
     Unequip the King items and put them back into your main inventory,
     then face the Statue of Hero and use each item.  You'll be confronted
     by Gen-Bu, the Black Turtle.  Fighting him is hard because he's
     resistant to a lot of Mutant powers and he has a high defense.  He
     doesn't have many HPs, though, so keep hacking at him and he'll die
     eventually.  Once you get the Black Sphere, return to the Tower town
     and approach the front door.  Use the sphere (choose the 'sphere'
     option that's beneath the trash can in your inventory menu, then pick
     the black sphere), and the door to the Tower will open.
     Exploring the Tower, Part 1
     You'll spend a good deal of the game trekking through the Tower, and
     your goals in this level should always be the same--look for treasure
     chests, fight carefully, and make your way to higher floors.  The
     enemies in the Tower tend to always be tough, so tread carefully.
     Treasure chests tend to pop up most often in those stairwell rooms
     that have a large chamber off to the left, but chances are, you'll
     be attacked when you return to the stairs.  A good thing to always do
     (this applies to when you're outside of the Tower as well), is to save
     your game when you have two or more ways to go, so if one direction is
     a dead end or leads to something unintersting, you can just reset and
     take the other path.
     The only interesting stuff between this world and the next is a sub-
     world full of spikes and demons.  You won't get anything out of it, so
     skip it and keep going.  The entrance to the second world is in a large
     area with black walls.  Don't confuse it with the sealed door to the
     upper levels of the tower--the entrance to the second world is near the
     healing pool and the man with the hat.
     The Second World
     Getting through the second world is a lot harder than the first one.
     Check out the town east of the Tower first.  It's advisable for you to
     hang around here fighting enemies, then heal up at the town until you
     have enough money to buy better weapons, since your First World
     armaments don't work as well against the tough Second World baddies.
     The first thing to do here is find a floating island, which you can
     pilot through the seas (weird choice of a vehicle, but it'll do).  To
     find it, you must traverse through the caves that connect each island.
     When you arrive at a new island, try walking onto the little circular
     floating islands.  You know when you've found the right one because it
     bobs up and down and you disappear inside it.
     There's a town in the far north-eastern corner of the map, so go there,
     meet with the people, and all that.  South of the town is a hut where
     an old man lives, so go talk to him.  Getting to him is a little tricky
     since a table blocks the first set of paths to him, and there is a patch
     of gravel to his right that, if you step on it, warps you back outside.
     When you finally do reach him, he'll tell you that there's an Airseed
     on one of the southern islands.  Sounds important, which means you
     should go get it, right?  Get back in your floating island and head
     south, and you'll eventually see an island with one palm tree in the
     center.  Go up to the palm tree, stand beneath it, and search it for the
     Now it's time to go underwater.  There's a whirlpool in the far north-
     western edge of the map, so trek all the way across the ocean until
     you find it. Once you're underwater, cross the bridge, and go south
     and west until you reach a town.  There's some good gear you can buy
     here.  This part of the game is really hard since there are no more
     places where you can rest, so make sure your guys are strong enough,
     then find the cave south of the town.  Make your way through the cave,
     and you'll eventually find a stairwell leading back up to the surface
     (in the room full of passages, it's at the end of the fifth passage
     from the left).  Once you're outside, make your way south to the big
     Japanese castle.  In the castle, don't talk to the squids, or they
     will attack you.  Don't let the town-like music fool you either; there
     are monsters in here.  The very first order of business is to get the
     Blue Key on the first floor, since you can't unlock any of the other
     doors without it.  Once you have it, just make your way through the
     rest of the castle levels.
     Eventually, you'll reach a series of three rooms; one has a row of
     vertical orbs, the one above that has a row of horizontal orbs, and the
     one above that is full of orbs.  You may remember that a person in the
     underwater town told you to 'remember where the lines cross'.  They
     cross at exactly 3 down and 3 left of the upper left corner of the
     room, but the orb you want isn't there, it's actually located at 4
     down, 4 left (sneaky, huh?)  If you examine the wrong orb, you'll get
     attacked by an Atom Crab, which is no big deal.  However, examining
     the right orb gets you a fight with Sei-Ryu, the Blue Dragon (and that's
     a very big deal).  Like Gen-Bu, Sei-Ryu is a pushover, as long as your
     HPs are decently high.  Kill him, get the Blue Orb, then go all the way
     back out to the surface and go meet the old man in the hut again.
     He'll ask you a riddle.  I've heard that the riddle's answer changes
     sometimes, but in my 12+ plays of this game, it's only ever been the
     Battle Sword.  So go buy a Battle Sword (it has to be a new one), stick
     it in your inventory, and return to the old man.  He'll give you the
     Red Orb.  The two of them, when combined, form the Blue Sphere that you
     need to continue up the Tower, so say goodbye to this world and return
     to the tower.
     Exploring the Tower, Part 2
     Stop by at the healing pool if you need to, then go to the door in the
     lower-right corner of the screen and use the Blue Sphere on the door.
     Voila!  You're on your way up again.  The only interesting thing on
     this part of your Tower journey are two sub-worlds, one above the other.
     The first one (which you can skip entirely the first time, since
     you'll be coming back), is a world where octopuses live that has no
     more water in it.  The second world is on a higher floor, and it's been
     flooded because Bob the fly through garbage into the world's drain
     (I know, it's kinda dumb).  Anyway, go to the whirlpool, and you'll
     take out the trash and fall back into the octopus sub-world, which has
     now been saved because water can now fall through from the above sub-
     world.  Make your way back to that sub-world, and you'll find that the
     waters have receded.  There is now a castle here, and although there
     are enemies in it, there's some cool treasures as well.  Grab them and
     keep climbing.
     Eventually, you'll reach a chamber made of wood with fish statues
     everywhere (there's no point in examining them, unlike the fish statues
     in FFL2).  Ignore the passage by the man in the hat, since that's just
     the door to the next floors of the tower.  Instead, keep going east
     and you'll find a door leading to the Third World.
     The Third World
     The Third World is a pretty neat place, since it takes place in the
     clouds.  Unfortunately, it's also really lame, since you can get
     through the whole thing in about 20 minutes.  Go to the first town
     and talk to the people in the Pub.  Fight them, and when you win,
     you'll become a guard working for Byak-Ko, the White Tiger.  Don't
     bother exploring Byak-Ko's palace; you'll be coming back there soon
     enought.  Just get on the glider and leave.  You have to find Jeanne,
     one of the twin daughters of Charles, the former leader of the
     underground resistance against Byak-Ko.  She's living in a bunker in
     a forest that's south of Byak-Ko's floating palace.  After meeting
     with her, she'll tell you to go rescue her sister, Mileille, from the
     palace.  So, return to the palace and start exploring.  It's a pretty
     straightforward level, so just keep following the passages, get the
     White Key from Byak-Ko's room, and make your way to the long hallway
     at the top of the palace.  Walk all the way to the right, then open
     the door to find Mileille.  Unfortunately, she's turned traitor, and
     Byak-Ko will show up and throw you in jail.
     Break out of jail, and grab the Avenge Sword on your way out.  This
     is a cool weapon because using it does nothing, but if an enemy
     attacks you, you hit them for lots of damage.  It works best for people
     in the front, since they get hit more.  Some of the doors in the jail
     are locked, but you can open them with the Jail Key you get from the
     room full of guards.  Don't go through the north door first, since you
     can't go back--instead, return to those locked doors and get the items
     found inside the rooms you couldn't reach before.  Then go through the
     door, find the working glider, and blast out of there.  Find Byak-Ko's
     palace, enter it, then turn around and exit it again.  There's no
     point in exploring the Palace since nothing happens if you return to
     the room where you met Mileille.  Upon exiting the Palace, you'll
     find that it's flown to a new location.  Walk into the area surrounded
     by trees and you'll find Byak-Ko and the two sisters.  As long as your
     levels are high enough and you have good equipment, the battle with
     Byak-Ko is a snap.  Once he's dead, you'll get the White Sphere, so
     once again, return to the Tower.
     Exploring the Tower, Part 3
     This part of the game is pretty boring since nothing much happens.  One
     thing you'll want to look for is a sub-world that consists of little
     more than a room full of bookshelves.  One of the shelves is actually
     concealing a hidden chamber where you can get the Book of Flare, a
     really useful magic spell to know.  Save it for boss battles.  Keep
     going up until you meet the man in the hat again--the door above him
     leads to the Fourth World.  The one below him, surrounded by spikes,
     leads to the top of the tower, so ignore it for now.
     The Fourth World
     The fourth world is lacking in originality, since the concept behind
     it's creation is the overdone and overused "futuristic half-destroyed
     Neo-Tokyo" theme that you've probably heard of a dozen times if you
     read manga or watch anime.  Anyways, you'll notice that you only meet
     one type of enemy when you get attacked while on the surface, and that
     enemy happens to be Su-Zaku, the Red Phoenix.  Su-Zaku can really
     dish out the punishment, and his force field protects him from any
     damage.  If you have a Saw, you can slice him to bits, but since he's
     a phoenix, he'll just come back again the next time you are attacked.
     So, make for the subway tunnels, since he can't follow you underground.
     As you explore the subways, you'll meet a girl named Sayaka.  Follow
     her, and rescue her from the monsters that attack her.  Keep going down
     the subway tunnels, and you'll reach the city of Ameyoko.  Go to the
     pub and talk to the bikers there--you'll meet So-Cho, who after hearing
     how Sayaka was saved by you guys n' gals, will give you the key to his
     hoverbike, which is a really cool way to get around.  So-Cho and friends
     are trying to find a way to get rid of Su-Zaku's forcefield so that they
     can kill him.  To do that, they need certain parts, a Board and a ROM.
     However, the ROM is located in a hidden town, which they cannot find.
     They think the location of the town might be alluded to in one of the
     books in the Library, though.
     So, make your way to the Library.  You can take the subway tunnels
     there, or go back to the Tower and head south, either way is fine.
     The Library is the big building that's south of a large lake.  There's
     nothing of interest on the first floor, so go up to the second floors.
     By walking across a particular area of the floor, your characters will
     go and automatically check out the books, so walk around in front of
     the stairs until you find it.  Once you've learned where the hidden
     town is located at, go down one row of books and check the shelf
     that's beneath the one where you found your information at.  You'll
     discover a chest with the Book of Stone in it, which is kills enemies
     instantly.  Neat.
     Once outside, head 13 blocks east and 14 blocks north from the Library,
     and you'll find yourself in the hidden town.  Fight the monsters here
     and examine all the chests to find the ROM and other good equipment.
     Don't bother examining the bookshelves in the buildings since they
     don't hold anything of interest in them.  Now that you have the ROM,
     you need to go to the Northwest Town to get the Board.  Unsurprisingly,
     the town is in the northwest area of this world (it's just one
     building, unlike the many buildings of Ameyoko).  Once inside the town,
     look for the merchant's stall with the break in the northern wall, and
     go through it.  At the far northwestern edge of town is a lizard who
     will give you the Board as long as you have the ROM in your inventory.
     Since you have both items, return to Ameyoko and make sure to stock up
     on items and equipment, since you won't be able to later.  Meet with
     So-Cho and he'll explain that one more component is needed to make the
     device that will negate Su-Zaku's force field, and that's some atomic
     fuel.  In the morning, So-Cho will lead you to the subway tunnel that
     leads to the Atomic Power Plant.  Follow him through the tunnels, and
     keep in mind that when he stops, you need to get out of your hoverbike
     and talk to him to continue.  Once you reach the Power Plant, go
     counter-clockwise on the first floor, the clockwise on the next, and
     counter-clockwise on the third one, etc.  As you climb, you'll have
     to fight a Death Eye, which is a long battle but not a really hard one.
     Eventually you'll reach the top floor.  So-Cho will show up, and
     destroy the machinery blocking your way to the power room, at the cost
     of his own life.  He'll give you the Band headgear before dying, which
     is pretty handy.  Go inside the room and examine the little nuclear
     tower in the middle of the room to get the atomic fuel.
     Unfortunately, doing this sounds the alarm, and the alarm summons the
     Machine (aka Warmech from the original Final Fantasy).  The Machine
     can really, really hurt you.  Your best bet it to simply keep attacking
     him and have one character heal injured allies.  If he uses the Nuke
     Bomb or something else that wipes out your party, just restart and keep
     trying.  At some point, you'll be able to kill him before he uses a
     really powerful weapon against your party.  Once the Machine has been
     scrapped, return to Ameyoko.  You'll find that everyone has died.
     Zoku, one of the bikers in the Pub, will tell you that Su-Zaku has
     taken Sayaka to the Skyscraper.  Also, the shops have been destroyed,
     so while you can still go to the Inn to recover lost life, you can no
     longer buy equipment in Ameyoko.  Although you lost your hoverbike,
     you can just take the one parked in front of the Pub.
     You can now travel in the outerworld since Su-Zaku is cooped up in the
     Skyscraper.  However, there are now monsters roaming around outside
     as well.  Make your way to the Skyscraper, which is at the far left
     end of the world (there's a passage through the craters that leads to
     the Skyscraper).  Get off your hoverbike and go inside.  The Skyscraper
     is a tricky level since there are dark rooms where you can see the
     exits, but not the walls, so they require a little exploration.  On
     the floor covered in stairwells, the one you want is on the left side;
     find the path that leads to the right about halfway down and just walk
     down it; you'll step onto the right set of stairs.  Once you reach the
     bottommost floor, go up and find the entrace into the subway train,
     then start going left.  There's a man in here you can talk to, but
     there's a female mutant sitting in one of the other compartments who
     you don't want to talk to, since she's just a Death Eye in disguise.
     Once you go all the way left, you'll find Sayaka, who will take you
     up to the roof of the subway, where Su-Zaku is.  Use the Erase99 item
     in your inventory to disrupt his force field, and then he will fight
     The battle with Su-Zaku is also tough, especially because of his
     Tornado attack which hits all members.  Again, it's useful to have one
     person on hand to heal your party while the others attack.  When you've
     killed him, you'll get the Red Sphere.  The game resumes at So-Cho's
     grave, where Sayaka bids you farewell.  Go outside and you'll find the
     Tower nearby, so go into it to continue on your way.
     Exploring the Tower, Part 4
     Back in the tower, head east, then south, then west to find the door
     leading to the uppermost floors of the Tower.  Use the Red Sphere to
     open it and continue on.  Last time you were in the Tower, there wasn't
     much to do.  This time it's a different story.  On Floor 19, you'll
     want to find the sub-world where there is a ruined bunker.  There are
     several dead children here, as well as monsters.  At the end of the
     bunker is a dead father--read his diary and then check your inventory;
     you'll discover that you now have a Nuke Bomb, which is really useful.
     It can only be used once but does about 550 damage to all enemies.  The
     other sub-world you want to find (on floor 21) is filled with flowers.
     There's a hut in the lower-left hand corner, where an old man will give
     you the Excalibur sword.  As you climb, though, the most important
     thing you need to get is the Glass Sword, which is in a treasure chest
     in one of the stairwells.  This is the best weapon in the game, since
     it does as much damage as a Nuke Bomb, but can be used 50 times.  I
     would suggest saving it for future boss battles though (ditto with the
     Excalibur).  Also look out for the Door, which you can use to warp to
     any previous level of the Tower.  If you want to use it to do some
     backtracking, you can, but you're almost at the end of your journey
     anyway, so I would recommend that you keep climbing.
     Eventually, you'll reach a floor with the man in the hat.  There's
     nothing to do here but try climbing up the metal spire in the center
     of the screen.  You'll be moved up along it and find yourself on the
     last floor of the Tower.  Be sure to save your game as you climb,
     since right in front of Ashura is an area of the floor that warps you
     back to the room with the metal spire.  Well, here you are at the
     final confrontation with evil, the big guy himself, Ashura the Demon.
     Fighting Ashura is no day in the park since he's got lots of HPs and
     can really deal out the damage.  Have your strongest characters use
     the Glass and Excalibur swords.  If you have a mutant, they should be
     using Flare, which leaves you with one character remaining to cure
     his or her allies.  Once Ashura is defeated, head north and you get
     to go through the door that leads to Paradise....
     The First World Revisited
     ...or not, since there's an unavoidable pitfall right in front of the
     door, which drops you all the way back down to the First World.
     Amazingly, you're not dead (heroes always survive, right?)  Things
     have changed since you were last here; all your friends from the other
     worlds have shown up (not to mention the man in the hat again), and
     the Tower has apparently been resealed.  You'll want to talk to the
     shopkeepers since they're selling some really cool equipment now.
     Go unseal the Tower door using all four Spheres, then step inside.
     Hmm...it's a different Tower altogether!  Maybe now that you've found
     the real Tower, you can get to Paradise, right?  Well, you're not out
     of danger yet--keep walking and you'll find that Gen-Bu (or rather,
     Gen-Bu 2), is here waiting for you.  If you have the Hyper Cannon, you
     can take him out in one shot.  Otherwise, just slice him up with your
     Glass Sword and Excalibur, he's not that hard to kill.
     Exploring the Tower, Part 5
     Getting through the Tower the second time around is a snap.  What
     happens is, you'll arrive at an area with a moving stairwell.  Find
     which side of the stairs takes you up, then just step on to it, go
     up the door, go through it, and repeat.  Eventually you'll reach a
     new area, and each time you arrive at a new area, you'll get to
     fight a boss again (Sei-Ryu, Byak-Ko, and Su-Zaku), all of whom are
     now more powerful (but then again, so are you).  Grab the items as
     you go along (don't forget to nab the powerful Masamune sword), and
     make your way to the top.  If you want to go back and heal up, just
     use the Door and return to the First World (you can buy more Doors
     in the First World as well).  If you want to go back to the first
     Tower to look for treasures you might have missed, or if you want to
     return to any of the other worlds or sub-worlds, you can go back to
     them using the Door, too.
     The Final Battle
     Eventually, you'll reach the top of the Tower, which has one long
     stairwell.  Step on it and you'll shoot off into space and find
     yourselves in a strange new area.  You're standing on an orb, but
     if you step off it and turn around, you can examine it to restore
     your HPs.  Head to the north-west corner of this area and you'll
     meet the man in the hat again (aren't you sick of this guy by now?)
     He reveals himself to be the Creator, who wanted to test out mankind's
     bravery by creating a Tower filled with monsters.  Obviously, your
     group doesn't take to kindly to having risked life and limb just to
     entertain this guy, and decide to teach him a lesson.  The battle with
     the Creator starts off easy because he doesn't do anything.  After a
     few rounds, though, he starts busting out with some really powerful
     attacks.  Sometimes, you'll just take damage without him having to
     attack you, he's that powerful ^_^;  Luckily, you should still have
     some uses of the Glass Sword, Excalibur, Masamune, and Flare remaining,
     so pummel him with those weapons until he dies.
     Exploring the Tower, Part 6
     Then...hehe, just kidding. :)  After he's dead, you get your ending,
     and the credits roll, and all that.  If you liked this game and want to
     play something in a similar vein, go hunt down a copy of Final Fantasy
     Legend II, it's a really great sequel with lots of improvements from
     this game (not that FFL is a shoddy game, of course).
     3.  AUTHOR'S NOTE
     I hope this FAQ was of some use to you.  If you want more information on
     this game, there is a chart of Monster meat changes you can find at
     <http://www.gamefaqs.com>, not to mention other hints and stuff.
     That's all!
     Unpublished work Copyright 1999-2001 Chris MacDonald

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