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    Mutant FAQ by WonderLlama

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    Final Fantasy Legend
    Mutant FAQ
    July 25, 2000
    WonderLlama (WonderLlama_@hotmail.com)
    July 25, 2000 - This is the first version.
    1) What is this FAQ about?
    2) Improving your mutant.
    3) Equipping your mutant.
    4) Mutant Abilities.
    5) Copyright notice
    =======================What is this FAQ about?=========================
         This is not a walkthrough.  If you want a walkthrough, I would 
    recommend K. Megura's Mini-FAQ.  This FAQ will address the mutant 
        First, humans, mutants, and monsters are all fun and rewarding 
    characters in this game.  You probably should not limit yourself.  The 
    mutants main contribution is magic.  The mutant is usually the 
    strongest and most flexible magic user on the team.  Mutants progress 
    most like a traditional RPG character; they get better as a result of 
    fighting battles.
    ========================Improving your mutant==========================
         The mutant will improve at the end of nearly every battle.  While 
    you can influence how the mutant improves, it is mostly random.  And 
    while the mutant nearly always gets more powerful, it is also possible 
    to lose very powerful abilities.  For this reason, if you have any 
    mutants in your party, you must save the game after every fight, unless 
    you lose a good ability, in which case you should reset the game and 
    reload.  A + B + Start + Select resets the game quickly.
         Strength:  The mutant's strength may go up one point as a result 
    of battle.  While it is somewhat random, it is far more likely if you 
    used a strength-based weapon in battle, such as the hammer.  
    Successfully hitting and swinging more times seem to help, but I'm not 
         Agility:  The mutant's agility may go up one point as a result of 
    battle.  It is more likely if you use an agility-based weapon.  Agility 
    is an important stat for a mutant, if you want to use the psi-sword or 
    psi-knife.  Both are very powerful.  You should build up agility by 
    using agility-based weapons early in the game.
         Defense:  Mutants can gain defense from battle, but it is very 
    rare.  I have never seen a mutant with more than 5 natural defense.  I 
    don't know what causes this stat to go up.  I would guess that getting 
    hit in combat helps, but I haven't observed enough cases to know.  This 
    is probably the most valuable stat, so be happy when you get it.
         Mana:  Mutants gain mana from battle, especially if they used 
    magic, or a psi sword.  Other than defense, this is probably the most 
    valuable stat.  It will also go up the most.  It can go over 99, and 
    probably will, so don't stop using magic just because it looks like 
    you've maxed it out.
         HP:  Mutants gain HP from battle.  As far as I can tell, this is 
    completely random.  I suspect that putting a mutant in the front row 
    will help this stat, but my tests have been hit and miss.  A mutant can 
    easily get 300 HP early, and end the game with 600-700.  There is 
    probably no limit other than your patience.
         Abilities.  Four of the mutant's slots are reserved for abilities.  
    One may randomly change as a result of battle.  I can't find any 
    pattern to when they do.  If you lose a good ability, I suggest you 
         The best thing you can do to improve your mutants is to get in a 
    lot of fights.  It doesn't seem to make much difference if the fights 
    are easy or hard.  I have had mutants with 600 HP on the first world, 
    so you can improve them as much as you want anywhere.  The most 
    important thing is to get them good abilities.  Try to get at least two 
    attack abilities (so you don't run out), a heal ability on one mutant, 
    and Armor or Kinesis.  See the abilities section to help you choose.
    ========================Equipping your mutant==========================
         Mutants only get three slots for equipment.  This means you have 
    to trade off between weapons and armor.  However, they also have four 
    natural abilities, so they don't always need as many weapons as humans.
         For most of the game, only three kinds of armor are available: 
    body, helmet, and gauntlet.  I recommend equipping the best of all 
    three.  That only leaves you one space.  You could put a weapon, 
    shield, item, or spell here.  Later in the game, you will get the 
    ParaSuit.  This powerful armor only takes one slot, so you should give 
    it to the mutants to free up space for more weapons.
         I never recommend giving a mutant a shield or item.  Shields 
    should only ever be used by humans.  They have more HP, so they are 
    more likely to be in front, and they have enough slots.  I personally 
    almost never use shields at all.  Items are not as good as healing 
    spells, so mutants should use spells instead.
         Spells are very powerful.  However, often the mutant will get 
    several spells for free from natural abilities.  You should only equip 
    a spell if it you are having trouble getting the ability naturally.  
    The main problem with equipping a spell is that they don't get as many 
    uses as weapons.  Mutants should usually rely on a weapon when their 
    natural abilities are in danger of running out.
         For most of the game, I recommend giving your mutant a weapon.  
    Early on, give them an agility weapon.  Rapiers and sabers are 
    available early on.  Have them attack with these weapons as much as 
    possible to get agility up.  Later on in the game, mutants will use 
    psi-weapons which are powered by mana, but in order to hit with them, 
    they will need high agility.  Once a mutant gets to around 60 agility, 
    it is safe to switch to a mana weapon.  If you haven't found any psi-
    knives yet, stick with agility weapons until you do.
         The psi-knife, psi-sword, and vampic sword all do damage based on 
    mana.  In the hands of a human, they are useless, but a mutant can be 
    amazing with one.  The psi-knife is weak, but you find it earlier.  It 
    is probably still more powerful than anything else you can get, so use 
    it.  Later on, you have to choose between the Vampic and Psi swords.  
    The Vampic does less damage, but it drains HP.  The psi-sword is the 
    strongest sword in the hands of a mutant.  I would use the Psi-Sword 
    most of the time.  Usually, mutants will be in the back of the party, 
    and won't get attacked very often.  The psi-sword will help insure that 
    you never take damage.  Still, switch to the Vampic if you find your 
    mutant is taking damage a lot.
         At the very end of the game, you will get the ParaSuit, and have 
    three slots open.  At this point, I recommend having the Flare spell, a 
    psi-sword, and the Vampic sword if possible.  That way, you can damage 
    all enemies, one enemy a whole lot, or heal yourself depending on the 
    situation.  That means you have to bring the swords with you from the 
    fourth world, so plan ahead.  If you can't use all three, mutants are 
    good candidates to carry the Nuke, as well as rockets.  When a mutant 
    isn't using mana, he'll be overshadowed by the humans.  So he may as 
    well be the one to use weapons that do constant damage.
    ==========================Mutant Abilities=============================
    Ability    Uses   Effect and Comments
    ESP         50    Doesn't seem to do anything.  Drives me crazy.  If
    		   anyone knows what this is supposed to do, tell me.
    Flame       10    Attacks a group with the fire element.
    Ice         10    Attacks a group with the ice element.
    Thunder     10    Attacks a group with the electricity element.
    Gas         10    Attacks a group with the earth element.
    Leech       21    Does 10 damage to every enemy and other friendly 
                      character.  Restores that life to the user.  I've 
                      only ever seen this ability on recruited mutants.
    P-Blast     10    Attacks all enemies.  It's non-elemental too.  Great
    Quake       10    Attacks all enemies for big damage.  Earth elemental.  
                      This is extremely rare.
    Flare       ?     The most powerful spell.  Hits all enemies.
    Heal        10    Heals one ally.  Use this to heal everyone before you
                      stay in an inn, and you get a free stay.
    Electro     10    Lowers one group's agility.
    Stench      10    Lowers one group's strength.
    Kinesis     10    Paralyzes one group of enemies.
    Gaze        10    Claims to confuse a group of enemies.  Seems to make 
                      them get an extra attack instead.
    D-Gaze      10    Kills a group of enemies.  Very rare.
    S-Gaze      10    Just like D-Gaze as far as I can see.  Just as rare.
    P-Fang      25    Paralyzes one enemy.  Use Kinesis instead.
    Power        3    Raises the mutant's strength by 99.  Contrary to what 
                      the ability claims, multiple uses can make you do 
                      more damage, so I believe it adds 99 to strength, not 
                      sets strength to 99.
    Armor        3    Raises the mutant's defense by 99.  This is a very 
                      useful ability to use against bosses.  It only gets 
                      three uses tho'.
    Mirror      10    Makes the mutant harder to hit.  Not usually very 
    Barrier     10    Increases the defense of all characters.  The benefit 
                      is small, so this ability probably isn't as good as 
    Burning     25    If the mutant is attacked for the rest of the round,
                      some damage is dealt to the enemy.
    P-Skin      25    Just like Burning, except it poisons the enemy.
         My personal favorite combination is to have heal, kinesis, and two 
    attack abilities.  Quake, P-Blast, and Nuke are great if you can get 
    them.  Armor is great against bosses.
         If anyone knows anything about mutant abilities that I don't, 
    please let me know.
         As usual, feel free to do whatever with this FAQ as long as you 
    don't change it, make money off it, or delete this notice.  And it is, 
    of course, Copyright 2000 Justin Lyon.
         I can be contacted with any questions at WonderLlama_@hotmail.com.

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