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"A start of the Game Boy RPG era..."

(The) Final Fantasy came out about the time of the Game Boy's release, 1989. At that time, very few RPGs came out on different systems; even fewer good ones. This came out on a portable system, the first of its kind.

Final Fantasy Legend executes a strange plot: Climb up a tower in the middle of your world in order to save it. But, along every few floors of the tower are worlds with bosses in them. The main goal is to beat them, and save your world. It's a strange plot, with a decent execution in its events. But how good is the game?

Graphics: 7 - Simple for today's times, but they were okay back when it was first released. Even then, it was still a bit too simple. Some of the monster designs are pretty bad, and the weapon strike display is just a slash. Not the highest point of the game.

Sound: 9 - The sound is catchy and some tunes are memorable. A good musical selection, with a Sound Test at the beginning. But, some tunes are just plain annoying, mainly the outside theme as you hear it so long.

Control: 10 - Good learning curve here. You usually won't fail on controls, since it seems so simple. Probably the best part of the game is the controls. You'll learn them within the first world or even battle of the game.

Story: 4 - What an odd plot... It doesn't really give you enough information on who you are and why even save the world other than the fact that ''no one's ever come back from the Tower.'' The whole story revolves around the tower and the worlds inside of it.

Replay Value: Medium Low - Not much is left to do after you beat the game with one party. Since there are different characters, about 3/4 of them are them same technique-wise. The other group you could try is monsters, but that is a frustrating ordeal. You're really not going to get much after you beat the game, sans for a Sound Test.

Buy or Rent? - I would try it first if you're new at RPGs formatted differently. If you're experienced with RPGs like this, by all means, get it. Of course, keep in mind that it's been re-released, widening its availability.

Overall Score: 7 (Not an average)

There are other games in the series nowadays, but if you like FFL2, this could be a good choice.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/08/01, Updated 04/08/01

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