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"A nice and quickie RPG"

First, note: Don't let the name, ''Final Fantasy Legend'' fool you, this game trilogy has absolutely nothing to do with Final Fantasy. These games actually belong to Square's second longest running game series, SaGa.

Gameplay - 7/10

The focus of all SaGa games is on unique and fun gameplay elements rather than the story line. This, the first SaGa game is very unique compared to even most modern RPGs. Instead of the traditional experience point system for gaining levels and getting more powerful, FFL introduced a new concept: you must truly earn more power. The game has three species that you can use: humans, mutants, and monsters. Each species gets more powerful in a different way. Humans have to buy expensive items to increase their stats, mutants get more powerful randomly by fighting a lot, and monsters transform into more powerful monsters by eating the meat of dead enemy monsters. There is a wide
variety of equipment available, ranging from swords to guns to rocks.

FFL has one huge problem. Your inventory is incredibly limited, to only eight items. It gets very difficult to manage your inventory, especially when you start getting story related items. Also, weapons have a limited number of uses before they break, so you have to carry extras and that complicates things even further.

Story - 4/10

As I said before, the SaGa series focuses more on gameplay and fun factor and less on story line. This isn't a very good one, but it is pretty unique.

Many people have tried and failed to make it to the top of the tower, which is said to be a paradise. You are going to go up against the tower and find out its secrets as you work your way up to the top. There is very little story related content in the game, just a few plot elements.

Audio - 3/10

The music really isn't very good, even for a Gameboy game. There is a couple of pretty good tracks though. Most likely you'll get annoyed by the music and eventually mute the game.

Video - 5/10

While FFL is a pretty old game, the graphics are still OK and look good. Of course, compared to the second two games and newer color games, the graphics are pretty bland.

Replayability - 2/10

You're probably not going to want to play this game again, there's no extras to make you play beyond the point of finishing the game.

Overall - 5/10

FFL is nice if you want a quick RPG (I can play through the whole game in just two days).

To buy or to rent? - You can't rent Gameboy games as far as I know. I say try to borrow it from someone if possible.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/05/01, Updated 10/30/02

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