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Reviewed: 09/03/01 | Updated: 09/03/01

If only I could work the Revenge Sword.

Final Fantasy Legend for GameBoy. Most hate it to the Nth degree. I just can not see why. It has a well...ok story, cool enemies, neat weapons and good challenge. Read on to see why I love this game.

Graphics:7 Good
What do you expect this is a first Generation GameBoy game for it`s time it is very good and even now it has decent graphics. I like them and at the very least you can tell just what everything is. They are not the best but they get the job done.

Story:5 average
''Many warriors have gone into the tower to find paradise on the other side...none have returned. Now another set of adventurers are going in search of paradise.'' OK so despite the fact that NOBODY has returned from the tower they are willing to go in, risking life and limb for a legend. Can we say ''Blind Faith''

Sound:8 Great
they are pretty good little tunes they fit the occasion and are nice to hear. The battle tune is catchy and some other tunes from the game but the rest are not heard enough or just do not stick. Sound Effects are a little better I enjoy them. Everything sounds nice from the clink of a sword to the flash of power when using an orb. Very nice.

Control:10 Flawless
Could it be any simpler?
Control Pad to move. A button to check and OK selections. B button to Veto (I love that word) selections. Start brings up a menu of commands.Very easy to use in my opinion.

Game Design:9 Exceptional
You must go to 4 different worlds Via the Tower and help the people there. For one world Briak-ko is trying to crush the resistance that after wave after wave of his troops is now just the dead leaders twin pose as a guard to rescue them and to have the resistance win the war. Now some say that starting with no money and weapons that wear out. Well I don`t mind it at all I kind of like it.

satisfaction:8 Great
You will like this legendary (sorry for the pun) game. it has plot twists and some great weapons and monsters (imps and muskets *snicker*) you must get this game it is worth at least 40 hours of game play your first time through (trust me you will get stuck at the riddle but the weapon that is the answer has a number other than 0 at he end of it)

Very challenging but in a good way the enemies will keep you on your toes and the bosses are hard too but some areas you will get to you will think will be impossible but it will clear up.and if you are really struggling then buy a saw It can do instant kills even on bosses.

Buy/Rent: BUY!!!
this is a great game worthy of a purchase if you are not sure about it then see if you can rent it or borrow it you will be pleased.

Overall:9 exceptional
the start of the Final Fantasy game series is a good game with little flaws the flaws that i can think of are those certain areas that are insanely challengeing.This is a great game that every Nintendo fan must have.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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