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"Great for old schoolers. Make sure you have a little patience!"

I have read some of the other reviews, some good, some bad. Some seem a little absurd. I hope this is as un-biased as I can get it because I don't like to praise a game without giving the bad side unless it it perfect. I don't like to put down a game without giving it a little credit for it being fun unless it is that terrible of a game. So lets get to the review and break this game apart!

Story 6/10: The story seems ok and could have definitely been worked on. I don't know the capacity of the Gameboy but I think they could have put in a little more for the story. You are a warrior or a group of warriors that is set out to find the paradise that lies in a tower where no one has returned. Now this seems cool to me but here are the flaws. None of your characters talk which hardly draws you any close to your characters. You seem to be just a blank group of warriors. Of course you can choose your characters and the amount you want and that is probably why there is not character interaction. There seems to be a little lack of information on what to do. I found myself killing a bandit for a woman and then going to the castle above and they thanked me too but I had never been there. So it seemed kind of weird. There seems to be hardly any story scenes. It's all basically walking up and talking to the person. While the story is cool, it lacks in what makes an epic story.

Sound 8/10: Ok, so the Gameboy can't produce that great of sound. So, I was lenient on this. The music can get annoying and isn't that great. Yes I listen to midis and I do enjoy some but this is just bland music. The sound is nothing great. Each weapon has a sound, but nothing great here.

Control 9/10: It's standard control. Nothing is wrong, nothing is great. The only flaw I'm giving it is the lack of innovation. But this is an early RPG and these usually always had around the same interface.

Gameplay 7/10: I rate my games with a scale of flaws. A bad flaw will get -2 while a flaw that doesn't hurt the game much will get a -1. A major bug in the game will get -0.5 to the total of 10. While I love this games gameplay I had to give it a 7 for two reasons. Let me talk about the gameplay first. At the beginning of the game you get the choice of how many people you want in your party. Then you get the choice between Human M/F, Mutant M/F, or a Monster. Each class work differently. Humans can only grow strong through buying them stuff. Mutants use weapons but there main stats come from battling where their HP will rise and all the other stats. Monsters will grow by using meat. After you kill monsters some will drop meat. You will get the choice of feeding the meat to your monster or not, some meat will make your monster stronger or weaker depending on where the meat came from. Battle consist on you choosing from your equipped items. Each item has a certain amount of times you can use them even weapons. While some find this a let down I find it an extra challenge to an already substantially easy game, if you are careful. You go through areas and quest leading to boss battles and a little story revelation but that's basically it. The downflaws come from two things. First, mutants grow from battles. While this is cool, you don't get the choice of what magic you want to learn. I find myself getting tons of money to find out that my best spell was overwritten by a worse spell so I had to reset. The other comes from the mass amount of money you need to gain to get the items you need to buy. Items of good ability can wipe out your money in two or three purchases, which means you have to go battle and gain money all over again to get all that you need! I never found my weapons breaking a problem. I always had enough money to buy extra weapons for later when they do break. I love the gameplay, some may find it boring but it is very good if you are not ruined by todays standards.

Graphics 8/10: Ok, I went easy on this one! I don't know the maximum capacity of Gameboy graphics so I won't complain much here. The only complaint is the sprites and world map. It is usually a mass of boring, square continents. The sprites are all the same for each class and gender except for monsters. I love the enemy graphics though! They are very cool and detailed. Magic is nothing special but it's cool none the less. This game will be better on a Gameboy Color or Gameboy Advance.

Buy/Rent: Depends. If you like a nice old schooler game that may have a little repetitiveness in it then go ahead and buy this one. It is great. If your not sure rent. If you do not like old school RPG's or do not want repetitive gameplay then give this one up.

Overall 8/10:(7.6 rounded up)
This game is definitely not for the ''innovated'' gamer. This game lacks in innovation but makes up for it in how fun it is. Watch out! This can be a tedious game but it leads to a fun and great game to beat!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/27/01, Updated 12/27/01

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