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Reviewed: 01/04/02 | Updated: 01/04/02

Great start to the Gameboy Final Fantasy series.

This game was the first type of Final Fantasy Game I ever had. I loved it sense the start, even though I lost the game. Sooner or later I will rebuy this game because it is one of the best games ever made. So on with the review:

STORY (9/10): The story is strange to begin with. You have to journey up the tower to save the world. Along the way you will find interesting story parts and interesting characters. This was the first game I owned with a real story, so it deserves a high rating.

GRAPHICS (5/10): The graphics are ok for a gameboy game, but nothing spectacular. Some of the characters look interesting, but nothing is breathtaking.

SOUND (7/10): As in all Final Fantasy games the sound is very good, but the later ones in the series have better sound in my mind. There are not to great sound effects either, but once again they are average.

GAMEPLAY (9/10): This game has great gameplay. As in all of the early Final Fantasy you have to solve puzzles, build up levels for a strong crew, and fight interesting bosses that have a reason for fighting you. The control of the game is great, and not to slow. Sometimes you will go farther then you wanted to, but this happens in many early game. All in all the gameplay of this game is very good, and is an extremely fun game to play. There is not too many sidequests but the main story line is so much fun, you won't ever desire going on sidequests.

REPLAYABILITY (8/10): I've played this game multiple times, because it is a very entertaining game to go through. In my mind you will never be bored of it, and if I didn't lose it to begin with I'd probably be playing it right now.

CHALLENGE (7/10): The perfect challenge. You will not be agravated too much playing this game, but you will have to build up levels early on. The only problem is the machine you have to face early on because that is definitely one irratating battle.

OVERALL (8/10): The games graphics and sound are mediocre, but after that there is nothing wrong with it. The story is enthralling and the gameplay is great. You will not regret buying this game if you do. Overall this is one hell of a good game, and it worth every penny that you would pay for it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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