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"The first of the Saga series for the GB, but how does it fair?"

Well first off this game is no way related to the Final Fantasy series, despite the fact that it carries the Final Fantasy name. This game was fairly good nonetheless but there were a few things I didn't like about it and in my opinion it didn't deserve the Final Fantasy title.

Graphics: 9/10
Graphics were pretty good for a gameboy game, you do not have to second guess on what things were and they were very clear from the start of the game to the finish. You could tell from a town to a tree to a castle and basically that was all that mattered. Graphics weren't flashy in this game nor did they need to be since it was an 8-bit system and it was one of the first games to come out for the gameboy. Overall the graphics were clear and easy to understand and Sunsoft did do a nice job on them nonetheless.

Music/Sound: 7/10
The music in this game was pretty good, but not nearly as good as the other Final Fantasy series. It fit the mood of the atmosphere and situations of the game. There were very little sound however, sound effects were simply not that much apparent in this game nor did that mattered since it was one of the early RPGs. The music however has played a major role in most RPGs and apparently it wondered somewhere else in this game, that really hurt the game right there.

Replay: 4/10
Once you've beaten the game you've basically pretty much beaten everything in the game. The only side quests were through the middle of your journey, you could wait until you've beaten the game but that really didn't matter much and it would be rather tiring to go back to all the areas you have missed. Not much in the replay department here though.

Gameplay: 6/10
The gameplay was pretty good in this game, there were alot of areas to explore and the worlds were pretty big to explore as well. In this game weapons and armors(with a few exceptions) were limited to serveral uses, that I hated. You would treat swords in this game like Bows and Arrows once you have used there gone. Weapons and armors in this game were too expensive and you needed to take along time to build up enough money to buy them. For the humans they would gain their levels through the use of potions that included STRONG, AGILITY, HP???(the ? stands for various HP). Each time you would drink these potions your stats would permanetly go up by a little bit, thus you can raise your levels to the max before you even encounter your first boss of the game. That was one of the funnest parts in the game, however the enemies continously got harder and you had to keep advancing in your human levels just to stay equal to each new area you explore. The fustrating part was that they were too expensive and you needed to spend a LONG time to collect enough money to buy them. The limited weapons didn't help much either, once you were stuck with no weapons and no money you could not advance! You can't even use your fists! That's a point in the game where you might as well reset your game. The mutants were magic users(no they are not from Marvel comics) they can use magic each time you buy them or occasionally pick one up after you've defeated a group of monsters in a battle. You can also choose between monsters as well, monsters would advance in a unique way, they would eat the meat of other monsters left behind and as the stronger the monster, meant the stronger your own monster. He would develop his own attacks and again they were limited to a certain amount of uses and they were pretty much useless. The battles were your typical RPG battles, fight or run, that's it. The problem with the run option is that you would rarely be able to run, your luck or agility had to be extremely high to have a successful run rate, so early on you were probably stuck in battle. Random battles were EXTREMELY annoying, they happened so often it just takes the fun out of exploring the game. The bosses in this game were pretty easy, except when you fight the Robot in the ruined future city. If you were stuck there, then you would most likely have to reset your game. Also you can save the game anywhere you want at any time, that was the advantage, but the dis-advantage is that if you were to save your game in the room against the robot and you couldn't beat him, then you would most DEFINITELY have to reset your entire game. Not much in this department though besides alot of fustration.

Overall: 6/10
This game was definitely not deserving of the Final Fantasy title. This game was not even related to the Final Fantasy series but yet it had the Final Fantasy name on it, why? Whose stupid idea was this? Was this a joke? This game is a laughing stock to the Final Fantasy series, alot of key elements hurt this game bad like MANY random battles, limited weapon use, and the fact that you could lose your entire turn at any moment in the game just because the game was that hard. This game was very fustrating, the random battles that occured in this game was used in abundance, making the one of the most important element in an RPG boring, exploring. The limited weapons puts alot of stress since once you would lose your weapons you can kiss your victory good-bye, and the chances of you starting the game over again were very high thus making the game seem ridiculous to play with. Overall I don't think you should buy this game, probably the future games like Final Fantasy Legend 2 or 3. But if you like RPGs for the gameboy then this game would be pretty fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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