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"The Final Fantasy comes to the Gameboy...or does it?"


Graphics: 10/10
Sound Effects: 7/10
Music: 7/10
Originality: 7/10
Play Control: 8/10
Group Enjoyment: 3/10
Individual Enjoyment: 8/10
Challenge: 8/10
Ending: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to point out that we were, once again, decieved. This is NOT a Final Fantasy game! This game was produced by a company called SunSoft, NOT SquareSoft. Now that we've set that aside, let's talk about the game, shall we?

For the first Gameboy ''Final Fantasy,'' this was pretty good, considering the lack of color or cartridge room (at the time). It had the standard four-player party, but unlike actual Final Fantasy games, this one didn’t show them during a fight.

The plot of this one is that 4 people have decided to leave for adventure and fame. In order to do THAT, though, they need to climb the gigantic tower that lies in their homeland, and discover just where does it lead, and ultimately...who created all of us?

So, does this game live up to the title of ''Final Fantasy,'' or should it have been called something more fitting?

Good Points:
The graphics and sounds for this one were superb! The enemies looked great, from the lowly lizard creature to Warmech itself (yeah, you heard me, that gigantic Nuclear robot from FF1). I liked the music, as it is inventive, catchy, moody, and well-written (not all the time, but it IS pretty well written).

Bad Points:
This one suffered from the Gameboy’s lack of color. I also wish you could have seen the party at all times, like FF 1-7. But that’s just my opinion. It also became annoying traveling up the tower, just to get to the next area. And then there was the fact that your weapons had a counter on them, and when they ran out, that weapon was gone, and couldn’t be used anymore. You could have the world’s strongest gun, but if you fired it 99 times, it’s no good anymore, even if you somehow figured out how to reload it.

General Ratings:

As I said, the graphics are great. All of the enemies look as they should, and the weaponry looked good when used (except for the punch, kick, etc...I wanted to actually see some fists and feet!).

Sound Effects:
The sound for this one was good, too. All the individual attacks had their own sounds, as did getting hit, running, getting into a fight, etc. I like to see variation in sounds and music. It shows effort. The only ones I didn't like were EXTREMELY irritating ones, like certain monster attacks. The ones I liked the most were the gun sounds (as the sounded just like guns) and the sound a sword makes when it hits an enemy. Good job, guys!

The music in this one, while not quite as good as the stuff in Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy III, was still really good. You have to remember that this is a Gameboy we're talking about here, and it was an early game at that. Effort, folks. That's all I'm talking about. My favorite piece was theoverworld music. Catchy, upbeat, and a little silly, it makes you feel like you're some barrel-chested fighter, walking into town after winning a fight with some demon lord, with people cheering your return. Good job here too, folks.

This game went by a lot of the RPG standards, but in other ways, it blatantly ignored them. Here's a few of them:

1) The combat system was the same, but it was viewed differently, as you see only the monsters and your attacks, but there is no sign of your own characters (note - this is remnant of the game The Bard's Quest, which one should not base their RPG off of). The battles featured the enemies lined up, with the party’s stats below. It would show whatever attack was being used on a monster, making for a new view on the battles.

2) The new character classes. There was the standard fighter, but then there was the female fighter, which was more agile, and capable of more hits; the Mutant, who had an uncanny ability with magic; and the monster, who could change into even stronger monsters buy eating the meat of fallen enemies.

3) The new ways you build stats. If you want more life, strength, etc. you can get it at the end of a battle, or you can buy it from the right town shop. Of course, if you had way more life, the effects of the store-bought one would be less than if you were a weakling. It was ALL very original, but the rest of the game followed the general RPG format.

Play Control:
Duh! I don't think there were any flaws with the play control in this game. Still, it would have been nice if there had been SOMEthing that had required some skill with the controls. Reflex games or something. Maybe if holding in the B button had allowed you to run...

Ok, people don't really like to watch this game. Maybe it's because it's just more fun to play it! Well, I guess that's how RPGs go. For the solo player, it's fun, but for several it's not. 'tis the flaw o' RPGs, it is. </British Guy>

The game starts out fairly hard, then gets easier when you finally get better armor, but then gets harder, then's just the way I like it! The final battle is great! You REALLY have to be at your peak to win. Great pacing, programmers!

The ending for this game is quite an interesting look at the events that happened through the game. Just what will your characters choose to do? What has driven them to this point of the game? It's a nice focal point, and while the plot is a tad sporatic, it's a nice ending nonetheless. After all, if the game had been only about...what the final battle and ending is about (can't spoil anything), then this would have caused a few problems with certain groups of people...I can't express my point without spoiling anything! Darn it!


For an attempt at a Gameboy RPG, this game rocks. It's VERY good as an RPG, and it still stands the test of time today (although I think a re-release of it in color would make it 10 times better). Oh well, I guess I'm just a color fanatic. The Music, Graphics, Sound, and gameplay are all solid, and as an RPG it's great. The lack of plot might not hold some gamers, but the great challange factor might bring them back. All in all, this is a GREAT game. Get it now!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/16/00, Updated 08/16/00

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