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"The first bad Gameboy game."

Final Fantasy Legend was practically the first RPG released for the gameboy. In fact, it was like the first handheld RPG period. Final Fantasy was already a big hit when this was released, so alot of people went to pick it up, because it is Final Fantasy and it might be a good game, like the NES one. Big mistake.

Graphics: 3/10
Okay, these are very early gameboy graphics, and they were not the best. Not only did the Mutants look like regular people with blonde hair, but when you're fighting an enemy, lines or circles appear across the enemy's body instead of seeing the sword hit them or the hammers hit them. They are quite badly done, though the bosses do look kinda cool, like the Creator and Ashura (Who is in every final Fantasy legend game, as alot of you already pointed out)

Sound: 2/10
This is where the ''Slashing hammers'' comes from. Not only does every weapon make slashing noises (Even the guns), but the elemental magic doesn't sound one bit like it does in its sequals. The Fire doesn't sound like fire, and the Ice doesn't sound like Ice. Also, the battle music is basically dododododododododoodooodooodooo over and over again. It gets old as fast as a kid running to the school bus after school's out for the summer.

Control: 3/10
The control is awful. Okay, it's that basic stuff, but it lags for a second or so in battle and when you're walking, it takes about a second after you hit the button for the character to start moving. (Maybe that explains why their legs keep moving when the character is stationary-there are no bathrooms in those worlds, and they have a Hernia which is causing them to take a second to start walking)

Difficulty: 0/10
The first world is easy. But once you reach the tower, it gets so hard, that you have to yell ''DIE STUPID FIEND! DIE!'' at the top of your lungs every battle. Also, this game features that stupid leveling up system, where you gain HP by losing HP and you gain strength by attacking. It's too hard period. The Human's HP never increases, it stays at 40 throughout the whole entire game.

Replay value: 0/10
Do not replay it.

Overall: 2/10
Final Fantasy legend, thankfully, is not in the Final Fantasy series. I can't believe this thing is carrying the name Final Fantasy.

Buy or rent?
Don't even touch this game, you will spend 4 weeks in the hospital recuperating and have to go to therapy for months afterward.

Best part:

Worst part:
Roughly 150% of the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 07/10/03, Updated 07/10/03

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