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"Not really Final Fantasy"

This game was incredibly difficult for me, but I wanted to play Final Fantasy on my Gameboy, so I decided to but this little gem, new.

Story- 7/10
You play a hero who you name on a quest with up to 3 other people of your choosing to defeat the evil beast Ashura who is ruling over your entire plane of existence. Too bad for you he's at the top floor of this gigantic tower. Each floor of the tower brings you to a new world and you have to help the inhabitants of each world defeat Ashura's various minions to continue your way up the tower. The the plot isn't that exciting, the ending is something I will never forget. You come into deserted worlds, a world of islands and even a futuristic world with nuclear reactors!

Controls- 9/10
The controls are easy to learn and really responsive (unless your GameBoy buttons are going bad). With all the walking around I had to do, I only wish there would have been a run feature. Other than that, I thought they were perfect.

Game Play- 5/10
This skewed far from the original Final Fantasy formula. You don't gain levels in this game. There are 3 types of people, Humans, Mutants and Beast. Humans get stronger buy simply buying new upgrades and equipment (quite expensive). Mutants get stronger randomly after the end of the battle. They may gain a little HP, or some speed. Beasts get stronger only by eating the meat dropped by another beast. Also, there is no MP. As in the original Final Fantasy, you can cast a spell only a certain number of times, and since Humans usually have 0 Mana, they can't cast spells. These spells are also learned by Mutants, but randomly and you hardly get a good spell that you can use. Now for the next big downfall - Weapons. Weapons can only be used a certain number of times before they ''shatter'' and you must be new weapons. If you don't watch your money, you'll find yourself in a Catch-22, you need money to buy weapons but don't have the weapons to defeat the enemy to earn money. That's why if worse comes to worse, it's always good to have a mutant or beast in your group who have learned techniques and can dispatch of enemies while you remain helpless.

Difficulty- 6/10
Because of the above problems I mentioned in game play and the fact that the last boss is really freaking hard, I'd say this game is a little too difficult. I made a simple mistake in character upgrading that set me back three hours of work! After playing this game for about 10 minutes, I knew I would hate it the entire way through and I did. Because the game was so difficult with some design flaws, I must give it a low score.

Sound- 2/10
The same old GameBoy music you always hear. It says right on the cartridge ''Amazing Stereo Sound'' and I can tell you that there is nothing honestly amazing about this sound. Yet another video game that you can turn down your volume to and listen to your head phones, the only reason I gave it a 2 is because the boss music was pretty good and the music to the futuristic world was also not too bad.

Graphics- 7/10
Nothing to impressive, the sprites look like just about every other GameBoy RPG right down to the size of the sprites! Nothing to original, but I could recognize mountains, palm trees, the characters, and structures. The ability to actually recognize what I'm seeing means that they didn't do to bad of a job.

Ending Comments-
If you are looking for a ''Final Fantasy'' game you've found the wrong place, though FF Legends 3 brings back all of the familiar elements. I say buy this game used only. It's good enough to own but I wouldn't pay the full price for a new game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/31/03, Updated 07/31/03

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