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"Ha! You call this an RPG?"

Getting this was a big mistake. Though I didn't expect a Final Fantasy X, I was hoping that Final Fantasy Legend would have some positive aspects to it. ALMOST EVERYTHING about it made me want to turn the game off. Why? Because everything is way too simple, making things boring. A good RPG would defintely be the Zelda title. It's on the Gameboy too, and I loved it! Well, it's now time to review Final Fantasy Legend.

Sure, the RPG elements are here: buying weapons and armor, fighting enemies turn-based style, and travelling the world. But the way everything is done is just so....bad. For one thing, all weapons and armor have this durability that determines when the weapon or armor will break. Though I liked this idea in other Saga games, I have to say here it is done terribly, since you can't even repair weapons. The battle system is so BORING! Sure, I would've thought it fun if it were the first RPG I had played, but after playing battle systems from Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, Unlimited Saga, Final Fantasy X, and even Zelda on the Gameboy (which I loved!!), this one couldn't even compare. Basically, you use your strongest attack and there are no battle animations or anything. Well, there are, but they suck. And at the bottom it says whose dealing what damage. Like ''Dragon deals 12 damage.'' It sounds okay, but all battles turn out to be simply holding down the confirm button and scrolling through ''Person did so and so damage.'' BBBOOORRRIIINNNGGG......
One thing I liked about this game was the world map. It's huge, and fun to explore!
Oh, did I mention the character selection? This is another positive aspect of gameplay. At the beginning of the game, you can choose an extra three characters to join your main character on his or her quest to the tower (explained later). You can pick from mutants, humans, and even monsters! This was pretty cool, being able to pick your party and all, but I found each race to be rather similar to one another. Humans, like they always are, are the best fighters, mutants absorb monster abilities or something, and monsters can transform into other monsters.
I hated the random battles. Saga games are known for not having random battles, but this game is full of them! I hate walking, and then suddenly having the entire screen go white, and getting sucked into a battle...

Ha! I laugh and mock this game's story (LAUGH! MOCK!). If I was able to, I'd reveal the game's pitiful ending. It's basically about this tower and nobody's been to the top. Whoever can get there reveals some destiny or something...I really don't care. Boring, once again!
Dialogue is also pathetic. I talked to this one guy and he was all like, ''The king does not want to see you. You must go.'' The next second I was kicked out of the king's castle. Very pathetic dialogue. I mean sure, it's a Gameboy, but couldn't that guy have said something like, ''Gasp! The king does not want you here! Out!'' That's fewer words than before! Square could've used a few pointers from me when making this game...

Now this I can understand. The graphics are pretty okay for a Gameboy. Don't expect anything glamorous. Worst of all in this section is that there are no battle backgrounds!

This I can also understand. Typical Gameboy sound. Hell, while typing this I'm actually humming one of tunes!

If you like the simplest of RPG's, FFL is good for you! If you like REAL RPG's, stay away!! Stay away from this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/27/03

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