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"What a waste of time, money, and a title!"

This is one title that I thought would be at least somewhat fun. The title Final Fantasy shouldn't have been wasted on such a game. From the stupid simplistic plot to the dragging gameplay and practically non-existent music this game offers nothing but boredom and frustration. If you want a good RPG title for the gameboy go with Pokemon or Final Fantasy Legend III.

Graphics 6/10- Despite the gameboys power, the graphics are pretty descent. The battles could have been better though.

Control 5/10- The controls are somewhat responsive yet really simplistic. The controls also play a big role in the battles, your weapons break after a while so its a real downer.

Sound 2/10- Non-existent and if they do, you'll wish they didn't. The sounds are horrid, no really I thought they were really annoying. For your sake turn the music off, if you play this game at all in the first place.

Gameplay 1/10- Wow, this really sucks!!! This whole game is a big mess of frustration and annoyance. You start fighting and your weapons only last for so long so when you need to upgrade to some better armor, you save up for it and by the time your ready to but it you need to buy another weapon so you play for hours through boring battles and stupid music until you FINALLY save up enough to get your armor! This is the biggest flaw in the game!

Story 1/10- Simplistic, crappy..... A whole bunch of people find a tower go inside expecting to find paradise, but, none of them come out! Sou you go in and.....
Its really stupid! You get one character at the beginning and you go to the guild and buy three more. There I've mainly summed up why the game sucks.

Replay 1/10- DON''T EVEN PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN! This game is a real pain in the ass. A completely waste of time! The story is simplistic, the gameplay is completely frustration and the music is well total crap.

Overall 1/10- This is one of those games that you could tie to a firecracker and watch it blow up. Aside from that this game is a complete waste of time. I hope the people down at sunsoft are happy now that they released a totally crappy game with a famouse title. If your looking for horrid music, terrible gameplay and a stupid story, Final Fantasy Legend is your game....

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 03/04/00, Updated 03/04/00

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