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    Boss FAQ by Apollo

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    	        Final Fantasy Legend III
    	   Boss Strategy Guide Version 3.5
    	Copyright 1999, XSceptor@aol.com
                                  -September 9, 1999
    A. Introduction
    B. Revision History
    C. Boss Strategies
      1. Waterhag
      2. Lara
      3. Dogra
      4. Ashura
      5. Chaos
      6. Maitreya
      7. Fenrir
      8. Guha
      9. Dahak
    10. Jorghandr
    11. Argon
    12. Balor
    13. Sol
    14. Xagor
    D. Credits
    A. Introduction
    * In the strategies I will give information on Bosses HP, what attacks
    they use, what they are strong against, what attacks you should
    use, and what level you should be at.
    * Recommended Level:  Level at which I recommend your party members
    are at in order to have a good battle.
    * No Chance:  Any level lower than this and your party will have little or
    no chance of winning the battle.
    * para--paralysis	dark--blindness
      pois--poison		mute--lost voice
      slp--sleep		curs--curse
    B. Revision History
        Version 1.0--First version of the guide.  Still some mistakes
         to fix.
         Version 1.5--Corrected weapon recommendations for the last
         3 bosses.  Added a note at the end of Sol.  Changed magic
         recommendations for Xagor. Changed Level recommendations
         of some bosses.
        Version 2.0--Corrected HP for some of the bosses. Changed the
        location of Dogra.  Added a note at the end of Guha. Updated the
        strategy for Fenrir.  Changed strategy for Xagor.
        Version 2.5--Added a note at the beginning of Sol. Once again
        changed the level recommendationsof some of the bosses.
        Updated information in the credits section.
        Version 3.0--Changed HP for Xagor. Once again (hopefully for 
        the last time) changed the level recommendations of the last 3 
        bosses. Changed some information in the legal and credits section.
        Version 3.5--Well, I ONCE AGAIN had to change the level
        recommendations for some of the bosses. (People keep sending
        me E-Mail telling me how they defeated Xagor on a lower level
        than what I have recommended.)  The levels that I have listed
        will make it so that the battles are not extremely difficult (i.e. so
         it doesn't take 15-40 minutes to complete the battle). Some of
        the people that sent me mail said that they beat Xagor on level
        28. Not only is this nearly impossible (4% chance of victory), but
        the battle could last up to 45 minutes (that is if you survive the first
        10 minutes).  So please, stop mailing me about Xagor. I wouldn't
        mind if you mailed me about another boss, but I've had enough of
        Xagor! Oh yeah..almost forgot, I added a note at the beginning of
        Balor which recommends you to be equiped with Ribbon.
    C. Boss Strategies
    1. Waterhag--blocks the entrance to palace after you have found U-Past
                HP--about 480
    This mini-boss isn't too tough to beat.  He really has no
    strong attacks, but he can damage you if you take too long to defeat
    him.  When you fight him, let your mutants use their magic, like
    Fire1 or Ice1.  Your humans should use their swords like long or battle.
    Recommended Level: 6
    No Chance:  3
    2. Lara--found in SE Cave in the Past
    Lara isn't too hard.  Her strongest attacks are Lit1, Venom, and Fire1.
    You should use Ice1, Aero, and Fire1.  Most white magic has no 
    affect.  Your humans should use Battle, or Long.  For your mutants
    you can also use the Bronze or Gold canes.
    Recommended Level: 8
    No Chance:  5
    3. Dogra--found in the room after the room you fight Lara in.
                HP-- ~3,060
                Witch--190 HP
                Witch--190 HP
    Dogra is considerably tough to beat.  On either side of him, you must
    also defeat a Witch.  Fight the Witches as normal enemies.  Dogra will
    use Windup which causes 10-200 damage (quite a range!), D-Beam which
    causes 50-100 damage, Stench which lowers the defence of the entire
    party, and Bite which causes 50-100 damage. He is strong against
    pois, dark, mute, stone, conf, and slp.  For weapons you should use
    Battle, Long (Not too good), and the Gold Cane.  If you have Kick for a 
    Beast or Monster that works well too.  For magic you should use Fire1
    which causes 50-100 damage, Ice1 which causes 50-100 damage, and
    Lit1 which causes 50-150 damage.  Use curative items as needed.
    Recommended Level: 10 or 11
    No Chance: 8
    4. Ashura--found at the end (top) of South Tower.
                HP-- ~3,600
    Considerably touhger than Dogra. His strongest attacks are Fire1 which
    causes 100-200 damage, Punch which causes 80-200 damage, and Gaze
    which causes para.  He strong against pois, fire, conf, slp, dark, and mute.
    On either side of him there is a Warrior, which each have about 200 HP.
    Defeat them with whichever weapons you want.  To defeat Ashura I suggest
    you use Lit1 which causes 200-400 damage, Ice1 which causes 10-100 damage,
    and Aero which causes 20-70 damage.  Use curative items as needed.  For
    weapons I suggest you use X-Plane Cane which causes 70-250 damage,
    B-Jack which causes 50-150 damage, and Battle or Silver which both cause
    100-175 damage.  Other various weapons can do good amount of damage, but
    the ones I have listed are the ones that deal out higher damage to Ashura.
    Recommended Level:  14
    No Chance:  10
    5. Chaos--found at the end of Chaos' Castle
                HP-- 4,020
    His strongest attack is Quake which causes 30-150 damage to all party
    members.  He also uses Headbut which causes 50-100 damage, StoneGaze
    which turns one member into stone, and Crash which causes 100-200 damage.
    (Crash may seem stronger than Quake, but Quake is stronger because it affects
    all party members.)  He is strong against slp, conf, dark, pois, mute, and
    stone.  You should use X-Plane Cane which causes 50-150 damage, Battle
    which causes 50-100 damage, and Gold which causes 50-150 damage.
    For magic you should use Ice1 which causes 100-300 damage, Aero which
    causes 100-150 damage, Lit1 which causes 200-400 damage, and Fire1
    which causes 150-300 damage.  You should use curative items as they are
    needed during the battle.
    Recommended Level:  15
    No Chance:  11
    6. Maitreya--found at the top (end) of Maitreya's Tower.
    Maitreya is much harder than any bosses you have faced before her.
    (In the game they call Maitreya a 'he', but it looks like a 'she' to me!).
    On either side of her there is a Lamia which each have about 500 HP. Defeat
    them with which ever weapons you want.  They both use and attack called tail
    which can harm your party members if you don't kill them right away.  Maitreya
    uses Aero which causes 100-300 damage, Cyclone which causes 50-100
    damage to all party members, Stench which lowers the defense of all party
    members, Ice2 which causes 100-300 damage to one; or 50-100 damage to
    all, and Lullaby which puts a member to sleep.  Maitreya is strong against
    stone, para, mute, slep, and tornado.  To defeat her(him?) you should use
    Ice2 which causes 100-300 damage, Fire2 which causes 100-300 damage, Lit1
    which causes 150-300 damage, quake which causes 100-300 damage, and
    Spark which blinds her(him?).  For weapons you sould use X-Plane Sword which
    causes 100-250 damage, X-Kick which causes 150-350 damage, and Tomahawk
    which causes 100-200 damage.
    Recommended Level:  18 or 19
    No Chance:  15
    7. Fenrir--found in the maze above the village which is to the left of Darius.
                HP-- ~8,100
    Fenrir first starts off with an unexpected attack which can damage your party
    if you aren't well defended.  Some of his other attacks (not unexpected) are
    Lit2 which causes 200-500 damage to one or 50-150 damage to all.  He uses
    Flood which causes 150-350 damage to all, 2-Tusks which causes 200-450
    damage, Kick which causes 150-300 damage, and Riddle which confuses
    one party member.  He is strong against dark, mute, conf, slp, para, and stone.
    To defeat Fenrir you should use Fire2 which causes 250-500 damage, 
    Ice2 which causes 150-500 damage, Lit1 which causes 100-350 
    damage, and Quake which causes 150-300 damage.  For weapons you 
    should use X-Plane Sword which causes 150-300 damage, X-Fire Cane which 
    causes 175-350 damage, Dragon which causes 100-250 damage, and Smother 
    which causes 200-450 damage.  During this battle you may need to do quite a
    bit of curing.  You should cure with Cure2 or Cure3.  You should use Heal to
    cure any status ailments that may occur during the battle (i.e. confusion).
    Recommended Level:  23
    No Chance:  18
    8. Guha--found at the top of Mt. Hasid
    Guha has some pretty damaging attacks.  If you aren't careful with how you
    fight this battle, Guha could kill your party.  One of his most damaging
    attacks is FireX which causes 200-450 damage to all party members.  He also
    has WindUp which causes 250-400 damage to one, Fluid which poisons all,
    Sneer which causes 100-300 damage to one.  He alos has a defensive move which
    he may use sometimes, which allows him to take about half the damage from your
    attacks for a turn or two.  He is strong against para, stone, mute, dark, slp, conf
    and curs. To defeat this monstrosity (he really is very ugly), you should use
    Fire2 which causes 250-500 damage, Ice2 which causes 200-500 damage, Lit2
    which causes 300-600 damage, Quake whcih causes 200-400 damage Jyudo 
    which causes 300-500 damage, X-Fire Cane which causes 250-500 damage, 
    and Dragon which causes 200-400 damage.  You should cure with Heal, and/or
    CureA.  It is also a good idea to use Wall on some of your members a few times
    to help raise their defense so they have a better chance to ward off some of the
    damage dealt by some of Guha's most damaging attacks.
    Recommended Level:  25
    No Chance:  19
    **Note--When you defeat Guha, check the chest he leaves behind. It
        contains the Durend.
    9. Dahak--found in Ruins SW of Cape Frost.
    This battle can be very frustrating at times.  First off, his most damaging
    move is Shake which causes 70-300 damage to all.  He also has Gaze which
    paralizes one party member, Nail which causes 300-800 damage to one, and
    Swallow which abosrbs HP from all, and causes 300 damage to one; or 100 damage
    to all.  He is stong against para, dark, stone, slp, curs, conf and pois.  For
    this battle you should use Weak which causes 200-400 damage, Quake which
    causes 200-400 damage, Ice2 which causes 350-500 damage, Fire2 which
    causes 300-500 damage, and Lit2 which causes 400-700 damage.  For weapons
    you should use Jyudo which causes 300-500 damage, X-Fire Cane which causes
    350-600 damage, Rune Axe which causes 300-500 damage, and Durend which
    causes 900-3000 damage.  Durend is obviously the weapon that does the most
    damage to Dahak.  Two good things to use during this battle are Wall which
    will allow you to repulse one of Daka's magic attacks, and Mute which will
    prevent Dahak from using magic.  Cure with Cure2, Cure3, and Heal. A few
    times during the battle you should just cure you members even if they don't
    have a lot of HP gone because Dahak can surprise you with some very strong
    Recommended Level:  28
    No Chance:  21
    10. Jorgandr--found in the Sandstorm in Pureland
    Jorgandr is more like a mini-boss than an actual boss. There is one bad thing
    about him, though, he is strong against EVERYTHING!  So, how do you beat
    such a creation?  Well, first I should tell you what his attacks are.  He uses
    Crash which causes 300-500 damage, Bite which causes 500-700 damage,
    Sand which lowers the agility of the entire party, and Disslove which absorbs
    HP from the entire party and causes 10-150 damage to all.  All magic affects
    him about the same, but Lit2 hurts Jorgandr the most causing 100-300 damage.
    The best weapon to use against him is Durend which causes 800-1100 damage.
    Cure with Cure2 or Cure3 and Heal.  With 4,000 HP, Jorgandr is not as easy
    as he seems!
    Recommended Level:  28
    No Chance:  20
    11. Argon--found in Eastern Ruins after you make it through the Underworld
    The first extremely tough battle in the game. He starts off with an unexpected
    attack, which can cause anywhere from 400-900 damage.  Other attacks
    include White which causes 350-600 damage, Acid which causes 400-800
    damage, Silence which prevents one member from using magic, StoneGas
    which turns one member to stone, and a Defensive move which cuts the damage
    taken by an attack by two-thirds.  For magic you should use White which
    causes 600-850 damage, Nuke which causes 600-850 damage, Flare which
    causes 700-900 damage, Lit2 which causes 300-400 damage, LitX which causes
    700-800 damage, Ice2 which causes 300-500 damge, Shake which causes
    600-700 damage, Magma which causes 700-850 damage, Virus which causes
    600-800 damage, Flood which causes 300-500 damage, and FireX which causes
    400-600 damage. Use LifeA or LifeB to revive fallen members, CureA or CureB
    to heal members, Wall, and Fast.  For weapons you should Use Xcalibr which
    causes 900-3000 damage, Karate which causes 500-700 damage, Durend
    which causes 800-1100 damage,and Nuke (the explosive) which causes 
    1500-2000 damage depending on you current level.  DO NOT use the 
    Muramas Sword, because it will damage you after every attack.  
    Argon is strong against dark, pois stone, slp, para, mute, and conf.  
    But he IS vulnerable to curs.
    Recommended Level:  34
    No Chance:  29 (you can barely get through on Level 28)
    12. Balor--found in Xagor's Palace, after you have found your way 
    through the trap hole and electric room.
                HP-- 34,000
    *Note: Make sure you have Ribbon equiped to your four main
    characters before this battle. It will nullify any effect of DK-Virus.*
    This boss is TOUGH.  I must first tell you that his most dangerous
    attack is his DK-Virus.  It affects all party members, and it can cause
    mute, para, dark, conf, poison, and sleep, and any combination
    of 1 or more of any of these!  It is VERY difficlut to revive your 
    party from this attack.  I would first recommend that you have plenty
    of Cure2, Cure3 and any other curative spells or items.  Besides his 
    DK-Virus he has Tail, which causes 600 damage to one character. 
    He also has Beam which causes 400-700 damage to one character, 
    Magma which causes 200-400 damage to one or all characters, and 
    Nuke which causes 500-700 damage to all characters.  For your weapon
    attacks, I suggest you use Xcalibr which causes 950-3000 damage, 
    Emperor which causes 900-2000 damage, Masmune which 
    causes 800-2500 damage, and Nuke (the explosive) which causes 
    1500-2000 damage dependng on your current level.  For magic I 
    suggest you use Flare  which causes 700-900 damage, Virus which 
    causes 600-800 damage, Nuke which causes 600-800 damage, and 
    White which causes 600-700 damage.  I should also caution you that 
    he is strong against fire, ice, tornado, quake, thunder, mute, dark, 
    slp, para, stone, curs, and pois.  I will tell you this--it was tough to 
    beat Balor, and all of my party members were at level 59.
    Recommended Level: 43 (the higher the better!)
    No Chance: 37
    13. Sol--found at the top (end) of Xagor's Palace
    *Note--Before you begin the battle with Sol you should use a Tent
    to fully heal your party members, because the battle with Xagor
    comes _immediately_ after the battle with Sol.*
    The good thing about Sol is he doesn't attack you!  You should use
    Xcalibr which causes 1000-3100 damage, Emperor which causes
    1050-2000 damage, Masmune which causes 1000-2500 damage, 
    and Nuke (the explosive) which causes 1100-1900 damage depending
    on your current level. For magic you should use FireX which causes 
    550-650 damage, Virus which causes 600-800 damage, White which 
    causes 650-900 damage, Flare which causes 800-1000 damage, and 
    Shake which causes 600-800 damage.  You should also use Fast to 
    boost the attack power of your party members.  There is no need for 
    any curative items since you receive no damage!
    Recommended Level: 43
    No Chance: 38 (this really doesn't apply since you take no damage)
    14. Xagor--appears after you have defeated Sol  
    The final and TOUGHEST boss in the game.  Near the beginning of the
    battle he will use Barrier which will decrease the damage he takes from
    each attack by about 250.  His most damaging attack is DK-Force which
    causes 900-1900 damage to one character.  To revive from this I recommend
    you use LifeB or LifeA (a couple curative items should be used after LifeA
    is used to help fully restore HP), or CureB or CureA if your party member 
    hasn't died. His second most damaging attack is Flare which causes 600-900
    damage to all party members.  He also uses LitX which causes 300-600
    damage to everyone, and Magma which causes 500-700 damage to all
    or one.  He is strong against fire, ice, wind, thunder, dark, mute, slp, para,
    pois, stone, conf, and quake.  Near the end of the battle he defends himself,
    and oddly enough he is no longer strong against fire, ice, or thunder. For
    this battle, I recommend that you use the four Mystic Swords.  The best
    one is Xcalibr which causes 900-3500 damage.  You should also use Nuke
    (the explosive) which causes 700-1800 damage depending on your current
    level. You can also use Ninja which causes 100-300 damage.
    For magic I suggest you use:
    Flare which causes 500-800 damage, Nuke which causes 400-600
    damage, Virus which causes 400-600 damage, Shake which causes
    200-500 damage, White which causes 400-700 damage, and LitX
    which causes 300-600 damage.  A few times during the battle you
    should also use Fast.  It is also a good idea to use Wall a few times on
    weak party members, because it will allow them to repulse any attack for
    one turn!  After 7,200 damages have been dealt to Xagor, the Talon will 
    attack Xagor for 550 damage at the end of every turn.Use curative items as
    much as you think you need to.*Note-If you have an Anubis in your 
    party, then use the skill Numb. It will gradually decrease the damage your
    party members take from Xagor's attacks.*When you defeat Xagor then.....
    Congratulations--you have beaten Final Fantasy Legend III !!
    (*Note: Near the end of the battle when he becomes weak against Quake,
    Thunder, Fire, and Ice; LitX will work better, and Magma will also work well.)
    Recommended Level: 45 (the higher the better!)
    No Chance: 36 (Level 36 may be the absolute lowest level that you can
    be at and still defeat Xagor. It still may be possible to defeat Xagor on a
    lower level, [If you have VERY strong magic and weapons] but I HIGHLY
    doubt it.)
    **Please Note:  The reason some of the damage listings have such a large
    range (i.e. 900-3500) is because levels of party members vary, and it is hard
    for me to tell what the damage would be for a certain attack for every level of
    every character.
    **Also Note:  Some of the higher damage listings (i.e. 3500) were registered
    as Mighty Blows.  Most of the higher numbers in the damage ranges are
    Mighty Blows.
    **Final Note:  All of the suggestions I have listed for weapons and magic to
    use are_only_suggestions, but I strongly suggest you to follow them, because
    the weapons and magics I have listed are the ones which seemed to work best
    against the bosses.
    D. Credits
    All of the information in this FAQ was created by me, and I would appreciate
    it if you did not use the FAQ on your site without my consent.  If you want to
    use this FAQ for any reason other than to add it to a web site, then you are 
    not allowed.
    Thank You for reading my FAQ!

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