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Reviewed: 08/23/00 | Updated: 08/23/00

Don't let the name Final Fantasy Fool you, this isn't really an FF game...

The 3rd ''Final Fantasy'' legend game comes to game boy. Much about this game is mediocre, but there are some things worth checking out. For example, unlike the first two FFL games, you can gain levels here, a big, important improvement. There is also some variety, instead of being stuck as humans/mutants the whole game, you can turn into Monsters, Beasts, Cyborgs, and Robots. Unfortunately, these races aren't very balanced as two are worthless, one is good at the end, and one is totally dominant. Now I'll go to categories...

Graphics: 7/10
Pretty good graphics for GameBoy. The overworld looks pretty good, but all the towns look alike although there is some variety. Anyway Square did a pretty good job in creating the world for Game Boy. However the enemies are repeated over and over, for example this one that looks like a pig comes in about 5 different variations. These variations have different names and strength, but they look EXACTLY the same. Battle animation is simple, the weapon or spell is shown attacking, but it's better than some Game Boy titles.

Overall: Fairly good graphics, although with more work could have been better, but not bad at all.

Controls: 8/10
Well, this is an RPG, so controls aren't very difficult. Unlike most RPGS, you can jump around in caves and towns, but this is basically worthless (unless you like bumping your head on stuff and saying, ''Ouch!'') Okay and the battle controls are very easy.

Battle System: 6/10
Mediocre. Too bad there isn't more variety, all you can do is weapon (which you'll use about 70% of the time), talent, and magic and item. You can also defend or guard a friend. Very simple system, but I guess i can let it go, after all this is game boy!

Gameplay: 7/10
Pretty good. This is a very involving game boy game. However, there are bad points: it gets simple and repetitive and you get attacked every two steps. Sometimes you can't run which then is really annoying. Exploration is a good part of this game as you must explore caves and the overworlds. Yes, there are a few miniquests, but they're kind of mixed in with the whole big quest. There needs to be more dialogue in this game however, as people just say the bare minimum.

Overall: A pretty good game with some flaws.

Plot: 3/10
Save the world with a few twists...sound familiar?

Other Scores:

Replay Value: Medium
The inclusion of the other classes adds replay value to this game. Also you might wanna play it a few more times to kill some time. Not bad, but not great.

Challenge: Medium/High
This is a pretty challenging game. The bosses are all tough and sometimes it's hard to see where to go next. You will die a few times at some of the bosses which is why I put the /High in it.

Good Points:
1) Pretty good for a Game Boy RPG
2) Solid graphics
3) Good controls and okay battle system

Bad Points:
1) Repetitive
2) You get attacked every two steps (that's what it feels like)
3) Not a good storyline

Overall: 6.8/10
For a Game Boy RPG, this was a pretty good job done by Square. Of course we can't expect miracles, but there were some flaws in this game that could've been corrected. Try out this game, you might like it!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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