Review by punkducky

"Had none of the oomph of the other FF games"

Sure, flying around on a ship is fun, so are the random boat rides, and who doesn't want to turn into a small floating island or bubble to travel the world?

Me, that's for sure.

Gameplay = 6

The gameplay is fairly easy to understand. Fight, magic, items, etc. Menus are thankfully labelled and easy to understand, and magic menu is even better fared. Moving is easy enough, if blocky at times, making it hard to move around corners, and jumping could never be easier with just a push of the B button. But what happened to the Mystic Quest style of holding B and jumping forever?

Story = 3

The story is simplistic and easy to follow. At times, that is. You jump from the present, to the past, back to the present, to the future, to remember that you had to do something in the past, which means going to the present first (?), and then jumping straight from there to the X-Plane time span. Confused yet? Water filling the world and bringing monsters - okay, different, but seriously: We get it. Monsters need killing, so we go and kill them. Got it.

Battles = 1

Every Final Fantasy game seems to have this problem before they finally got it right in 11 and 12. Random encounters are fun, for about a second. All the "new" monsters are all the old monsters with the same picture but different stats. What's with that? Also, the simulator in the beginning of the game not only gives experience, but gold too? Oooookay..... That being said, it was easy to see who was killing what and for how much, with words and numbers being displayed.

Graphics = 5

Better than some of the games I've seen for the Gameboy (Pokemon Red/Blue) with some detail in the background and moving clouds/water. Still, holds no par with some other Gameboy games (Zelda).

Replay = 0

Beat it once, beat it forever. If you didn't get the 4 swords the first time, you won't be bothered to try for it again. I got it the old fashioned way of looking and getting everything, but that takes FOREVER. Also, magic gets limited, so choosing which magic to carry gets simpler and simpler. Hmmm, Cure 1 or Cure 2? Lit 1 or Lit X? Life or Life B? Always take the one that costs more and does more damage. Seriously, not fun to play again.

Overall = 4

Playing the first time through any game without cheats, and then with cheats and maps and walkthroughs for whatever you missed the first time through is the way to play these types of games. In some games, honestly, there is no way I would want to play them ever again. This being one of them, I beat it when I was in Grade 5 within 12 hours without cheats, no kidding. Played it just recently, with the cheats and whatnot, and it took me...4 hours straight playing. Not worth your time, unless you like emulators and can skip ahead a lot of the time.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/14/07

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