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"Nice game, but feels too much like Final Fantasy and not enough like SaGa"

If you are confused by the title of the review. Final Fantasy Legend 3 is actually a SaGa game. The third one made. While the game has its good points... it feels to much like a final fantasy game and removes many of the elements that made the first 2 Sagas great especially Final Fantasy Legend 2 which was the best SaGa of the game boy SaGas in my personal opinion. Well here is a breakdown....

Story 7: I'll be honest the story has its nice points. However it seems your party members only say a couple of things. Even the generic members in FF Legend and FF Legend 2 had more lines. Only Arthur seems to talk some what in the game in terms of party members. The plot is collect these items by going through time then fight bad guy in pure land. The plot removes the idea of varied worlds and time travel was kind of lacking in the game. You really did not do that much traveling as say Chrono Trigger. It was an okay story it just left me wanting more... a lot more.

Music 8: The music in the game does get annoying sometimes yes, but actually it is not that bad. The tunes are nice for a game boy game. However constantly listening to the same tune over and over can get on your nerves some times. A few more tunes would have been nice if you ask me.

Graphics 7: The graphics are okay for a game boy game, but nothing stands out in them. In the end they get the job done and some of the enemies do look neat. Still they seem bland sometimes if you ask me.

Game Play 7: This is the worst part. Mutants and Humans are now the generic Mage and Fighter set up. The idea a character is what they make themselves is gone. So much for having a Human great at magic and a Mutant who can do high damage with Physical attacks. Another thing I hate is in the second game it was worth buying a bad weapon because it may raise a certain stat. Heck just defending with a shield could raise your defense. Another thing I can't stand is the weapons no longer break. Yes I am serious it was kind of fun managing your weapons and it was cool to learn to use a weak weapon to save money for a stronger weapon. The problem with this game is many weapons are worthless to buy and the 4 best weapons are all swords. So much for the idea of variety. Not all of the game play is bad. There are some good points to it. Your characters can now change species which I guess is good and bad if they eat meat or install a part. These lead you to a total of 6 classes. Humans are like warriors who could use magic. Mutants are like mages who use magic better than humans, but are bad at fighting, Cyborgs who get stronger as you use capsules on them, Robots who are based on what you equip, Monsters who change as they eat new meat and Beasts who change forms when ever they level up. If you are one form and you eat a meat or install a part... you may change your species completely. Done right this could be a nice feature in feature SaGa games. To have some characters who are stuck as one species and some who can change their species. So the game play problems, but it can be dealt with it.

Over All 7: This game has huge flaws, but over all it can be fun to play. Just don't play it in huge doses are expect great replay value in the game.

To Rent or Buy: I doubt you can rent this, but I'd say go ahead and buy it. It has its problems, but it is still a nice game in the end.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/20/01, Updated 01/20/01

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