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Reviewed: 04/09/01 | Updated: 04/09/01


Final Fantasy Legend Three is the third installment of the series of RPGs on the Game Boy. The Final Fantasy Legend Series it NOT part of the official series; instead, they are part of the SaGa story. However, unlike the other two, this feels more like a real Final Fantasy. In a bad way.

Final Fantasy Legend Three is not the same as the other games in the series. Instead of choosing your party lineup, it is already selected for you. Your weapons don't run out, also. This game goes out in true Final Fantasy fashion, imitating its setup. The whole plot is based around saving the world from the cause of a mysterious water entity flooding the world. As you go through the game, more of the plot unfolds as you battle bosses and meet other people.

Graphics: 10 - Superb graphics seen on the Game Boy. All of the bosses are in great detail while the other objects on the map are suitable for the job. Not bad for its time of release, and still good for today.

Sound: 8 - The sound is somewhat lacking in the game. Many of the musical selections are repeated throughout most of the game. The sound effects are crisp as well, but they, too, are repeated a lot throughout the game.

Control: 10 - As with all of the previous Final Fantasy Legends, you'll catch onto the controls of the game within a few minutes. That is an important quality of a good game.

Story: 4 - Here's where the game really starts to lack in quality. The entire story is based on saving the world from the water entity flooding the world and its creator(s). The only way to do this is to journey to their land, and find new, mystic weapons to defeat them. That's all there is; just another ''save the world'' plot.

Replay Value: Low - Once you beat the game once, there really isn't much left to do since there is only one combination of parties. This makes the game slightly dull and unexciting to play after you have beaten it once. Of course, after quite a while after playing it, it still is a good choice to replay, but less than the others.

Buy or Rent? - Buy it if you like the Final Fantasy feel of it, otherwise there might be some second thoughts about buying it on sight. This can be a decent choice for a portable Game Boy game if you're a newbie at RPGs. Otherwise, think before buying it. As a plus, Sunsoft has gotten the rights to re-release it a few years ago, making it easier to find in the least.

Overall Score: 6 (Not an average)

I think Nintendo and Squaresoft/Sunsoft tried a bit too hard to make this game. It's still good, but it just doesn't match up against its predecessors.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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