Review by kevins drg

Reviewed: 11/16/03

It is a boring game, but one with some redeeeming qualities.

Final Fantasy Legend 3 is the last of the Game Boy Final Fantasies and it closes not with a bang, but with a thud, however this thud is a noticeable one. This has the potential to be better than it is, but compared to Final Fantasy 4, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy Tactics, Squaresoft didn't put forth an earth-shattering effort here.

Story 8
I thought that this story was better when I was younger, but when I engulfed myself with other stories by Squaresoft I found today that I am less impressed.
The story goes like this... Millennia ago a fearsome battle raged between beings who sought to become the rulers of a place called Pureland. The purelanders were immortal though. This made the other beings develop stronger weapons and magic to use against the purelanders. This fight grew so violent and chaotic that the shockwaves that came from the fighting disturbed the neighboring dimensions distorting time itself. The ruler of the world in another dimension, Sol built the Talon which was a space craft that could travel between dimensions. He commanded his ship and sealed the Pureland warriors in there own dimension. Sol with his last strength divided the Talon into 13 parts and willed them away to different parts of the world and Pureland at different times. Sol then sank into a deep sleep. After many centuries the purelanders have done the unthinkable, they have joined forces and now want to punish Sol for locking them in their own dimension. They send the water entity layered in magic protection to cover the past, present, and future with water and hordes of monsters scour the land for the pieces of Talon. The pieces must be found and installed before the monsters find them.

Characters 7
I liked the characters here, but I never found the bond with them that has existed with other RPGs. There are a total of four main characters named Arthur(the main character), Curtis(attack magician), Gloria(healing magician), and Sharon(fighter). You have five supporting characters Myron, Lara, Faye, Dion, and Borgin. All the supporting characters have a significant role in the game's story and fit in nicely with your regular party.

Sounds/Music 6
The sound effects are average at best with no noteworthy effects that tower above anything else on the game boy in 1993. The music can be mildly enjoyable at times, but the majority of the tunes are forgettable and not worth mention.

Gameplay 8
This is an RPG with the traditional RPG set-up which gives no gameplay difficulty controlwise. The battle system is a turned based one with little skill needed to master its simplicity. You have a maximum of 5 people in your party that takes turns with the options of Using a Weapon, Talent, Magic, Item, Parry, or Guard. Not exciting, but it gave precise control and there was no way you could mix up.

Graphics 5
Not good at all, but I have to take into consideration the time and the fact that the overrated Final Fantasy 7 hadn't come out so not many people knew what an RPG actually was so the demand to woo people with graphics wasn't there... yet.

Difficulty Average to Very Challenging
I found Final Fantasy Legend 3 very easy at first, but it got to be very hard in later boss battles if you did not have the right level of training. The dungeons can be confusing because they aren't very unique, or varied.

If you like RPGs this will be a nice, but boring challenge and it happens to be one of few traditional RPGs on the original game boy and the last Final Fantasy available on the system. The game is slightly rare, but even more rare in its complete state. You can find it on Ebay though.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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