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"Reflections On The Past"

Before I begin my review, perhaps I should give you a little background.I was 7 years old, and for Christmas my dad had given me this game to go with my new Gameboy. I put in the game, and realized I had to read a lot.At first it turned me off, as I was a young child, but soon I was hooked.I didn't know why I was intrigued, but I kept playing. And playing. And playing. Next thing you know I was in the Past, then the Future, then a whole new world.
(No Spoilers Will Be Discussed)

Graphics: 7/10
Obviously there are some gripes with the graphics, but for its time, the games graphics are fairly nice. The different shades of black and grey (har, har, har)help fill out the landscape and for the most part the battles hold your attention. A small problem, however, is some of the ratios / scales of people compared to inanimate objects (trees, towns AND your ship) are wildly out of whack. Some of the monsters look kind of cool (They are reused a lot though, under new names), but you'll be rather disappointed when you encounter the last boss (I won’t ruin anything, but it floats and has tentacles.)

Gameplay: 8/10

If I had picked this game up 5 years after I did, I would not have so many nostalgic memories, and the rating would not be as good. At the tender age of 7, this was the first ''RPG'' I ever beat. Obviously this game cannot live up to its predecessors such as Final Fantasy 6, or Chrono Trigger, so don't go in with HUGE expectations. The battles are fairly straight forward, and there isn't a large curve of learning Between being a mediocre player and an excellent one. You can attack, defend and cast Magic, and Beats, Robots etc. can use talents. Ah yes, the mystical meat that transforms one of your 4 main characters into a Monster, Beast, Cyborg or Robot. There is a whole chard on the affect of different meat, but I won't get into that. Some of the bosses in this game are insane, and 10 years after originally completing the game, I still had to retry a few of the tougher bosses.

Sounds: 6/10

Your basic old school Gameboy generated bleeps and bloops, but a few of the ''songs'' are kind of catchy, and you might even catch yourself humming a couple of the tunes.Nothing great, but what can you expect.

Story: 5/10

Ok, when I was seven I thought this story was the best thing since Thomas the Tank engine. Bad guys come out of a “Water Entity” and it is up to me to stop it. Sign me up! What I get to go into the past? SWEET! The thought of time travel excited my childish mind, and couldn’t wait to see the future. Unfortunately, other than a few minor changes to the landscape (you also get to tell your future mentor where to build the small town you live in, which is kind of cool) the past, present and future resemble each other very closely. Looking back at it now, the story is kind of weak, and could have been developed properly.

Replay: 3/10 Well… I have played this game twice. Once 10 years ago, and once a few months ago, which sparked this review. I would say there is not TO much replay value, and it takes literally 6 hours to go from level 40+ to the next level (God… my original save game from 10 years ago I am level 56) I didn’t appreciate the game as much this time, but after being treated to other great RPG’s, this hardly stacks up

Final Thoughts: This game is great for starting RPGers, who was a taste of what to expect in more complex games, as well as RPG fanatics who want to play some older games. Don’t go into the game with high expectations, but you should get some kind of enjoyment out of it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/12/03

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