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"A game with Kirby without his copy ability is still an ok game..."

I really don't know what there is that has to be said about Kirby's Dream Land. It's the first game is the Kirby series and was released on Gameboy, a system which only had two colors, black and white, which means that Kirby is a white puff ball instead of the pink puff ball we all know him as. The reason why Kirby is one of Nintendo's most popular characters after the really big ones like Mario, Link, Samus and Pikachu is thanks to his cute appearance. In fact everything in the Kirby games are incredibly cute.

The story in this game is very simple. The evil King Dedede have stolen all the food in Dream Land and it's up to Kirby to go to Mt: Dedede to take back all the food and save his land. This is where the eternal duel between Kirby and King Dedede started.Will Kirby fullfill his task as a hero?

Kirby's Dreamland is very similar to many other platform games on Game Boy. There are a total of five stages in the game, and your mission on each stage is just to reach the goal. There are a lot of enemies on each stage that Kirby can kill by inhaling them. There are also different power ups to take that can either give you special abilities for a while or increase your health. Each stage ends with a boss fight.

If you have played the later Kirby games, like Kirby's Adventure for the NES, then you will quickly notice one thing that Kirby has yet to learn. He can inhale almost all kind of enemies, but he hasn't learned how to copy the enemy's ability. All Kirby can do when he had inhaled an enemy is to spit him out again, in hope to cause some damage to some other enemies.

I really didn't find many flaws in Kirby's, except that there was no such thing as difficulty. I admit that I died a few times, but there never was a challenge that I fought was hard. The second flaw is that the game is way to short. It only got 5 stages, and the final stage is just a mix between the four first and then it's the final boss.

In conclusion: Kirby's Dreamland is a game that is fun to play while it lasts. If you are a big fan of Kirby then maybe it could be interesting to see how he started his career, otherwise you just got another fun platformer for the Gameboy that lasts for about 40 minutes.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/12/08

Game Release: Kirby's Dream Land (US, 08/31/92)

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