"A must have for those long and boring road trips."

It was 1992 and Nintendo's portable GameBoy was quickly becoming the number one system in the war for portable supremacy. The world had seen many great titles already such as Super Mario land, Metroid II, Mega Man, and of course Tetris but one of the biggest contributions that Nintendo would make to portable gaming was a little character named Kirby. Kirby's Dream Land was a smash hit when it was released and the game and GameBoy systems were selling very well because of it. The game itself was not overly long or challenging but the innovative ideas used as well as the excellent game play were what made this game such a classic. Kirby's Dream Land spawned many sequels as well as numerous spin offs on nearly every Nintendo system to come.


This game introduced Kirby one of Nintendo most interesting but surprisingly underrated characters. The game play is your basic 2D plat forming fare but Kirby's unique fighting style is what makes the game stand out. Kirby (who is named after a type of vacuum cleaner) uses a suction attack to capture and defeat the many enemies in the game. After sucking up an enemy Kirby turns them into a star that he can shoot to defeat other enemies. Kirby can also inflate himself like a balloon allowing him to float through the air. The objective is to navigate through five levels defeating minor enemies and eventually facing bosses. The bosses include everything from a bomb-yielding guy to a cloud monster. Lolo from the Adventures of Lolo series on the NES even makes a cameo appearance as one of the bosses. The levels are well designed and each has a different theme to it ranging from a peaceful forest, an old castle, ocean, in the clouds, and in King Dedede's fortress.


Considering the age and the format of this game the graphics are surprisingly good. The music is very nice, well composed, and extremely catchy. I personally like the music in level 2 but all of it is very memorable. The sound effects are also pretty good such as Kirby's suction power and enemies being defeated.


King Dedede has stolen all of the food in Dream Land. It is up to Kirby to stop him and get the food back. In order to defeat King Dedede Kirby must retrieve five pieces of the mystical star rod, each protected by a powerful boss.


The difficulty is fairly low and it only takes about 15 to 20 minutes max to beat this game but as my synopsis suggests this makes it perfect for killing time on annoying car and plane trips. The great game play, graphics, and music are what gives Kirby's Dream Land so much replay value and make it generally very appealing. In terms of replay value Kirby's Dream Land can probably best be described as the portable equivalent of Super Mario Bros. on the NES.


Are you kidding? Of course buy; this is a game no GameBoy owner should be without. It may be short but it is one sweet little package, which will provide many hours of entertainment. It will probably cost you about $5 or less to get a copy so definitely don't hesitate to buy if you can find one.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/30/01, Updated 12/30/01

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