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"I don't care if it's short, it's still really good!"

In 1992, Kirby got his first game, Kirby\'s Dream Land. Many people think that this game is too easy, well it\'s easy, but it\'s not a bad game at all.

If you have your Gameboy Color, you will see a variety of colors. The colors for the background usually fit the levels theme(green for Green Greens etc.)and are pretty good. What dropped the rating a bit are the characters, they\'re all pink! Other than that, the graphics are great!

The controls are very simple,A to jump,B to inhale enemies, start to pause, and up to inflate. This is simple, but it is smooth and never fails.

On a distant star-shaped planet called popstar, There is a peaceful place called Dreamland. The residents have lots of food and are always happy. One night, The evil King Dedede came and stole all the food in Dreamland for himself. He also stole their precious sparkling stars and gave them to his highest ranking goons for safekeeping. Everyone became very hungry, and then, a small boy named Kirby volunteered to get their food back and save Dreamland. Very original, so I like it!

This was pretty new at the time, and even now I like it! You attack(and basically kill)enemies by sucking them up and then, you have two choices. You can A:swallow them and do nothing, or B:spit them out to to hit another enemy, do the latter. If you inflate yourself, you can press B to spit an air pellet to attack an enemy. All boss\' (excluding one)can\'t be inhaled or hit by an air pellet, and you must hurt them by spitting something at them. The third boss must be hurt by air pellets. There are 8 boss\' in the game:Five boss\' and three mini-boss\'.

There is lots of sound in the game, ranging from sucking sounds, spitting sounds, explosion sounds, and a lot more. The only problem is that they can be irritable at times.

I can, literally, listen to this for about 20 minutes on end. The first level is easily the most well known Kirby tune ever:Green Greens. For those who haven\'t heard it, It\'s a bouncy forest theme. The next one is Castle Lololo, a castle theme because that\'s what the level is! It has trumpets as it\'s main theme. The next one is Float Isles. It has a tropical theme to it because that\'s where you are! The next one is Bubbly Clouds, it has a light tune that\'s hard to describe. And the second most well-known Kirby theme is King Dedede\'s battle theme, It\'s been remixed over the years, but I still like this one the best. It\'s just plain sinister.

This is what makes people not like it. It only has 5 levels and can be beaten under an hour, but that\'s what I like about it. If you\'re sitting in the car you can use this game to burn off some time. Besides, The extra mode is very hard sometimes.

Replay Value:10/10
This game is practically MADE for replay, You can play it About 10 times(not in a row)without getting bored with it.

To buy or to rent
If you\'re the type who only likes long games, steer clear of this one. However, if you\'re the type who looks into a game and have fun for what it\'s made for,get it!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/08/03

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