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"Zelda greatness, now portable!"

I used to love this game, then I generally stopped playing it (Pokémon came around =P). Then I started getting bored with Pokémon, so I dug this out and started playing it again. I loved it. It has every component an adventure game needs, and it's portable, to boot! Hopefully the new Zeldas will be this good! So, what makes it so great? Let us find out today.

GRAPHICS (10/10)
I though Zelda SNES couldn't be improved on sprites for this age, but Zelda GB has done it. You will never find sprites that are so easily distinguishable, so clear, and yet so simple. It has good color, even for these days. Zelda GB DX makes it even better, now with even better color!

MUSIC (9/10)
Very nice music. The music is very fitting for its area. For example, in the Mysterious Forest you have a more upbeat song that keeps you on your toes. The Mabe Village song is nice, simple, and clear to the ears. The theme when Madame Meowmeow loses Bowwow (^_^) sounds urgent. No problems here.

There are very few games that can't score a 10 in this area, eh? Very great sound effects, such as the hitting of the sword on enemies and the sound of bombs being placed and exploding. There's not much to say on Sound Effects, so I'll just say they're good. ^_^

It takes Zelda SNES's play control, removes the use of A, X and Y, places those on different places, and still comes out perfectly. A and B are your two weapons. Control pad moves you in four directions. Start pauses the game, which lets you choose weapons, view a level map, and other stuff. Select lets you look at your World Map. One major innovation is that you may choose two weapons, including your sword, to put to the two buttons. In Zelda SNES, one button was for sword and one was for a choice weapon. This makes innovative combination moves (Pegasus Boots + Rock's Feather) possible. It's excellent!

STORY (9/10)
A very nice story, as far as Zelda games go. After defeating Ganon in Zelda SNES, Link goes on an adventure to improve his skills. On his way back, he encounters a storm and is stranded on an island. People say that he cannot leave until he wakes something called the Wind Fish. In order to do so, Link needs to get the eight Siren's Instruments along with the Ocarina and play in front of the giant egg at the far north of Koholint Island. It's not the deepest, but it is greatly original.

GAME PLAY (10/10)
Simple, I'll just quote my Zelda SNES review with changes.
Perfect. Perfect. PERFECT. Item selection is PERFECT. The item buttons are placed PERFECTLY. Switching weapons becomes SECOND NATURE to you. You have a great set of weapons you can use (Firerod, Hookshot, Boomerang, Bow, Bombs...) and a fine way to tell how many weapons you don't have yet. The dungeons are finely placed, and the map is great as well. It even has an OCARINA! ^_^
Hmmm... accurate here just as much as Zelda SNES. ^_^

Heck, may as well quote my Zelda SNES review here as well...
A large, conplex world to travel to get to your next destination, filled with bad guys out to stop you, but not too complex to get lost in. Most of the true challenge is in executing the dungeons, which are large, confusing, and full of enemies. It also takes timing, thinking and testing to execute some parts (Face Shrine... *shudder*). The bosses are really great as well. No level-up system is alwas a great thing-you can't get through by mindlessly leveling up, you must use your head. Try everything! You will have much fun doing it!

OVERALL (10/10)
A very fun game, with nice audio/visual (especially for Game Boy!) a nice plot, great challenge, and perfect play control. Though some people may not like it (Looks at TBranford), at least 95% of the people who play it will love it. Try it out! Also, I suggest if you haven't played it before, you play the DX version rather than the norm, because of its added features (and COLOR!).

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/18/01, Updated 02/18/01

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