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Reviewed: 04/19/01 | Updated: 04/19/01

The best Zelda, and My second favorte R.P.G!

Introduction: This game is Great! And its for, Gameboy! How can this be the best Zelda? Well, because it has a cool story, that strays a little bit from the normal Zelda type story.. It seems, even more fun then, the rest of the Zelda's.. And so on. Its also, My second favorite R.P.G.. Super Mario R.P.G, being My first favorite, and The Illusion of Gaia, being My third. Now, on to the review.

Graphics: Its on Gameboy, so don't be prepared for, ''Zelda 64'' graphics.. However, the graphics are still good. Everything is pretty easy to see, even though theres no color, or very little if your using Super Gameboy..

Play Control: Good play control, a lot like other Zelda games. You move with the control pad, and use the ''A'' and ''B'' buttons, for items and weapons. Thats right, you can pick which button you use for your Sword, or other stuff you have. Also, once you get a cool little item, you will be able to jump.. And thats, a cool little thing added in a Zelda game, even if you don't use it too much.

Music: Very good, Zelda type music. The music on top the mountain with the big egg, is one of My favorites.

Sound Effects: Theres all kinds of cool little sound effects. Like your basic Zelda type, sword slashing sound.

Story: A Good, story that strays from the usual Zelda type stories. Your Link, and you are going to take a boat ride, to find new Islands, and gain wisdom, Just in case something bad happens.. But, a storm comes, wrecks the ship, and Link is found on a strange island with an egg on top. He learns, he must awake the ''Wind fish'' from there sleep, if he wants to return home, and get away from this strange dream like island.

Gameplay: In this game, you must find the musical instruments that will make a song, and awake the Wind fish. This game plays a lot like, other Zelda games, but it is different in some areas.. You go through Dungeons, fight enemies, get new weapons and items, and solve one confusing riddle, after another. This game, feels a lot like other Zelda games, but its a bit different.. Theres also, a major trading sequence that takes place, to get one of the items.

Challenge: This game is pretty hard.. Solving the riddles, and fighting all sorts of enemies, Boss's and mini boss's, takes a lot of time.. Thats why its good that there is a Save feature. Some of the Boss's can really give you problems, while others, like the boss of the Face Shrine, can be pretty easy.

Replay Value: Its always fun to come back, and play around. Fighting off enemies, and walking around the big island.

Score Chart:
Graphics: 8 / 10
Play Control: 10 / 10
Music: 10 / 10
Sound Effects: 8 / 10
Story: 10 / 10
Gameplay: 10 / 10
Challenge: 9 / 10
Replay Value: 9 / 10
Overall: 10 / 10

Final word: This is My second favorite R.P.G.. My Favorite Zelda game.. You might have to play it, before you see why I rate it so high. This is an Awesome game, and it shouldn't be passed up.

~*And that ends this review by the Great Hjjf*~

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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