"A very fun addition to the Zelda series"

Like many people, I am a fan of the Zelda series. In fact I only have not played the N64 installments of this great series. The Game Boy version was just as entertaining. I honestly don't understand why people didn't like this game, but I'm not gonna go out and hang anybody just because they didn't like it. It's all a matter of opinion. So here's my reasons for liking this game.
Control 10-10. everything here is pretty cool. It works well and I only had problems because my Game Boy was a little screwy. But it's fixed now. Anyhoo, I really like the way you can assign an item to a particular button. In the other games you can't. The GB and GBC versions are, (to my knowledge), the only ones that have this nifty feature.
Audio 10-10. the player is treated to a remixed but still catchy version of the classic Zelda theme from the original game. The two town themes are quite catchy, especially Animal Village. There's even a different tune for each dungeon, and they're all great. Boss themes are really cool also, and you will especially love the ending theme.
The SFX were not the best but they got the job done. They fit what they were used for and that's all that matters.
Story 10-10. Finally..A Zelda game where ya don't have to save Zelda! This game supposedly takes place after A Link to the Past's story ended. Instead of falling into an attitude that the peace will last forever and nobody needs to act, Link decided to travel the land and learn new skills, to prepare against the possible coming of a new evil. On his way back however, Link was in a storm and his wrecked ship crashed on a mysterious island, Koholint. After waking and retrieving his shield from those who tended him, Link went back to the crash site to retrieve his sword. Many monsters had appeared to investigate, but Link was able to sneak past. He retrieved his weapon and was then visited b a strange talking owl. The owl explained that Link would not be able to depart Koholint until he unraveled its secrets. The guardian, a strange entity known as the Wind Fish was asleep inside a massive egg atop a volcano at the center of the island. Only when the guardian awakened could Koholint's secrets be revealed. Thus starts Link's adventure. On the whole a great storyline, and for once, Ganon's not the big baddie! Well..you'll learn the truth soon enough.
Challenge 10-10. The Zelda series has always been known for having tough puzzles and bosses, and this game is no exception. This game will keep you very busy until the battle at the end.
Overall 10-10. An excellent game that is well worth the money.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/24/01, Updated 03/01/03

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