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Reviewed: 06/30/01 | Updated: 06/30/01

A Must Buy

Ah, Zelda. Very few series have achieved such a high level of success with delivering sequels. An example of another are the Final Fantasies, and the Mario Bros. series. The installment of the series for the Gameboy is perfect. Everything is great, with the exception of the weak story.

Here is the breakdown.

Story 5/10

The story is good, but not up to snuff with other Zelda games. It starts with Link leaving Hyrule,

SPOILER(Or if you believe the Oracle series, either Labrynna or Holodrum, depending on what you beat first) End Spoiler

to gain knowledge to help him as the legendary hero. He washes up on a mysterious island, and the only way he can get off is by waking the Windfish, a mythical creature that lives on the top of one of the island's many mountains. In order to do so, he has to gain 8 mythical instruments. And so he's off. The rest of the story is slowly revealed. But it really peaks after the fifth dungeon. No more of the plot will be revealed. :Þ

Gameplay 10/10

Gameplay remains true to Zelda, with you being able to equip two items to the A or B buttons, and pressing will make you use it. Different combinations make you do different things. Examples- Pegasus Boots + Sword make you charge with your sword. Pegasus Boots+ Feather makes you jump farther. Arrows + Bombs- Rocket Launcher.

Sound 10/10

Sounds and music are all clean and crisp, and make you fell like you're in the game. The introduction of the sound is nice too. When you receive your sword, the classic Zelda music starts playing, making it seem like you're a true hero. When you are going against a sub boss, or the dungeon's main boss, the music becomes very frantic, which can easilly make you excited.

Secrets, Extras, etc. 10/10

This game will keep you coming back to get all the seashells, and heart-pieces. Also included is a trading game, in the end allowing you to get the boomerang, and figuring your way out of the final dungeon. Everything is well designed and hidden. There are a few fun glitches to exploit, such as the warp glitch, and its numerous offspring. (Very numerous actually).

If you are unable to find the DX version of this game, get this version instead. It is almost exactly alike, and is a great gift. Since this an older game, I would recommend eBay, or any other auction site to pick up.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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