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"Zelda, Zelda, ZELDA!!!"

Hey! There's no Zelda in this game! It's all about Link. Hmm, still got her name in the title...oh well. Without Zelda and the trademark triforce, this game is still superb.

Link's Awakening is the greatest Gameboy game ever. And by ever I mean EVAR. You can't beat this game. Link is the pinnacle of action games, and this game is no exception.

Gameplay: 9

Take the original Zelda from the NES and transfer it to Gameboy. Now add new items, new story, and new characters and you have Link's Awakening! The story is pretty linear in the fact that you go from dungeon to dungeon, defeat the dungeon master, and receive the musical instrument from the treasure room. Enough said about that.

Story: 9

Link wakes up on a mysterious island by a man named Taron. Link was on a ship and it was struck by lightning, so he's a little dazed to say the least. He meets up with Malon, the cute girl living with Taron, and for a brief moment, he thinks she's Zelda (so here is where she's mentioned!). Link finds out that to escape the island, he must get 8 musical instruments from each dungeon and wake up the one thing that can get him back to his homeland.

Game control: 8

A and B are your basic buttons. You can assign any weapon you want to either button. I usually designated A as my Sword button and B as my other item button.

Grahpics/Music: 8

It's got that good ol' Zelda music. You gotta love it. As for the graphics, they're very good for the Gameboy. With a GBC, the colors are really nice.

Replay Value: 7

You might not want to play this after you beat it, because this game is linear enough to beat it one try.

Extras: 8

This edition of Zelda has some new items. The Roc's feather is a great addition. It enables you to jump. Jumping is good.

To rent or buy...

It's Zelda! You know Zelda! Buy it. Don't waste your time renting it.

This game was recently re-released a few years ago for the GBC. The GBC edition adds new features, but it's the same old game. You could go either way, but if you have a GBC, you'll want the colorful version.

This game is the best of the Zelda Gameboy games. If you haven't played this game, you don't know what you're missing. Triforce or no triforce, it's Zelda. Enough said.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/22/02, Updated 02/22/02

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