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"A Marvel for All, A Classic to be Enjoyed for Years"

Let me start off by saying that this is the prime of the original Gameboy, oh sure, Pokemon was great, but the peak of this game made Pokemon look down right silly. I came across this game when a kid named Ben was playing it at a party, it looked fun, and I bought it the next day. The kid should be given a medal for telling me about this. Anyways…

In the game you are a fateful traveler, on a boat after a hard, epic journey to save Zelda. The sea of glass that you traveled on soon turned to a torrential thunderstorm, but while most men would fail, you grab hold of the mast’s ropes to secure the ship. But as luck would have it, lightning soon struck the mast and you were thrown out of conscience.

You are asleep on the vast beach on an uncharted island, and a young girl named Marin finds you. As the game soon begins it closes in on the top of an ancient, extinct volcano with one fateful egg on it’s peak, your tale of riches and fighting are soon to begin…

Graphics ---10/10--- When struggling for words only one comes to mind: Nice. These graphics should be set in stone as an example for all future Gameboy games, even though they’re will be no future games for it. While the graphics aren’t the best I’ve ever seen, it’s way better than the other foolish games for Gameboy, like Wario.

Storyline ---10/10--- This shows the world how good a storyline can get. Aside from what I’ve told you, here’s what happens: a talking owl tells you that you are a part of a great beast called the Wind Fish, and you are in his dream. The only way to get out of his dream is to wake him up, and by doing so, you must crack open the egg on top of the mountain and go inside. But did you think it would be that easy? No, if you haven’t figured it out yet, you will soon, you’ve got to beat 8 levels to get the at Symphonic Instruments to crack open the egg, in between each level you have to do sub-quest after sub-quest (no buts about it), you have to earn 3 songs, and you have to do a trading game that takes up the entire egg. On top of all that, you’ve got to earn your items, from special boots to rings of strength, you have to find them everywhere, in caves and dungeons, to shops and in your own personal dreams, and all but 4 are necessary to success. Good luck.

Sound/Audio ---8/10--- This is not the best work I’ve ever heard, but on the upside, it’s definitely not annoying, which is good, because games like Pokemon can get to be a real upset. But certain tunes, like the opening and ending themes are great stuff.

Replayability ---9/10--- Great replay value, to be sure, but after you finish it, well, I don’t know, you just don’t want to play it again. But when you finally sit down and play it once through again, you feel the elation once more. There are not enough words of euphemisms in the dictionary to describe what I feel when I play it.

Buy/Rent? Buy. A game like this for $5 is almost a tragedy it’s priced so low. This game represents some of the better cartridge games out there. This isn’t the best RPG in it’s class, but it’s one for my collection, as well as yours.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/26/02, Updated 05/26/02

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