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Reviewed: 02/22/03 | Updated: 02/22/03

Land of Dreams: Project Koholient

Overview: Link's Awakening is different than most other Zelda games as it is playing fantasy world on you. Infact no GB/GBC Zelda game has taken place on the soil of Hyrule yet. Anyways Link goes off Sailing after defeating Gannon and after honing his skills from many lands he rents a boat to head back to Hyrule. When Lighting strikes his ship he finds himself waking up in comfortable bed. When he awakes he shouts Zelda as he sees a beautiful girl who resembles Zelda. Yet she's not Zelda she's Marin and her Father Tarin had found Link's shield and hands it to him. Link is off to the Beach to retrieve his sword where he meets an owl who tells him to leave he must retrieve the 8 Instruments of the Sirens.

Gameplay/Control: 100/100
The Gameplay is the overhead view that everyone loves with Zelda games. The Falling Rocks return yet again. The controls are almost exactly the same as Zelda 1 except you have the option of switching the buttons around and you do not always need the sword. A is item 1, B is item 2, start is the subscreen, and select is the map. Most useful way to set it up using the Zelda 1 control scheme with Sword A secondary item B. and at times though you need the pegasus boots and Roc's Feather both equipped I find it easier having the feather as B and Boots as A. The control is excellent and user-friendly and like all other Zeldas excluding 2,5, and 6; the movement is the same as previous Zeldas. left=left right= right up=up down=down that's all it is to the controls. Simple and precise.

Story: 94.9/100
See the overview which explains the story almost completely.. Anyways it's one of the best stories of a Zelda Game. It takes you a little off of the usual Triforce search

The challenge is great as with most of the Zelda Games. That is one of the Ever Lasting appeal of every Zelda Game the Challenge. So play the game to see for yourself how tough it is.

Music: 99/100
The music is great the Hyrule Theme is here even though we aren't in Hyrule Strange isn't it. (well it's a remixed version of the Hyrule theme and Angler's Cave has excellent music also) (well the all the music is excellent in my opinion)

Graphics: 89/100
The Graphics are good and still hold up as some of the best graphics on the Monochrome Gameboy. The rocks are nicely done and Mamu is nicely drawn. As well as the bosses

Overall: 94.5/100
Well this game is great and the reason it did not get a 100/100 is well Nintendo decided to release a colorful version of it later on
which more or less was the same but with colorful graphics.

Zelda is the game that drew older gamers to the Gameboy, in my opinion there's never been a bad Zelda game but that's only my oppinon. Zelda's the one game that has appealed to those hardcore fans and the casual fan. So the game scores a 100/100 in Appeal.

Replayability: There's quite a bit such as seashell collecting (I believe this is where the Golden Skultula idea for OoT came from) I will say the Seashell collecting is quite rewarding) Also collecting every heart piece is actually a feat of it's own in this game. This is also the game that introduced the extravagant trading sequences which leads to a powerful weapon. Also can you find all the Mad Batters scoured across Koholient. The dungeons actually are perplexing in this game some of them stumped me for the longest time but as in all Zelda game you can not get stuck even if it seems. You'll also want to replay this game until you can make it through without dying to get the secret ending.

Interesting Tidbits: Enter Zelda as your name to have a little different music.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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