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"A very big adventure for the very small screen."

The Introduction
Link’s Awakening was the first Legend of Zelda game I’d played in my crazy youth I chose this game over Link to the Past, I’ve never regretted this choice. Link’s Awakening is very hard to place in the Legend of Zelda Timeline, as no one is sure exactly when it happens.

The Story
It all starts when Link is caught up in a storm and he is then washed up on a beach to be found by Marin, a young girl who lives with her brother Tarin on the island of Koholint. You start off totally armour-less except for your trusty shield given to you but Tarin, You move down to the beach where Marin found you and you are given your faithful sword. An owl comes along comes and tell you of the peril of the Windfish and so a new part of the legend begins…

The Controls
As you go through you’ll find that the inventory lends itself to the controls very nicely to your Gameboy, by pressing Start you’ll bring up your inventory and Status screen by pressing “A” or “B” Personally I like this more than Link to the past’s system as the shield is treated as a item and not just a something that will determine how little damage you take. You can assign the item to that button. By pressing Select you’ll bring up a map of Koholint Island at the start a lot of the island will be covered in black but once you get around a little more it will start to reveal a lot more.

The Everything else(Graphics/Music/etc)
As far as new idea’s go you won’t find any here, its set in the ways of Link to the past having a lot of its weapons such as Hookshot, Bombs and Bow and arrows. It is very simplified and works very well because of how well it is contained it certainly a pocket Link to the past. It has a very useful save function which you can bring up any time you want The tunes are very catchy for a Gameboy game with a nice upbeat overworld music and the clanks and slashes are well placed especially when you attack the mirror coated enemies in catfish moor.
I’ve found this to be a very playable game some thing that you could give to anyone and they could delve in and out of. If they’re not immersed with the people of Koholint whether it be the clueless young’uns who you will meet early on who seem to contemplate everything about the universe or the crazy animal folk of Mabe village.
Just because this is a pocket title doesn’t mean the dungeons and bosses are any smaller and with 8 dungeon to go through and 21 seashells to find you’ll find a lot to do. Most of the bosses can be taken down with your newly acquired weapon or a combination of a lot of weapons. You’ll find most of them very fast paced and quick and will certainly test you out as you mash buttons and dodge the enemy.

The Verdict
This game is worth a buy definitely and should be bought by all as a part of anyone’s Gameboy Collection you should find it pretty cheap at any independent Video games shop. Buy it now if you like adventure games and even if you don’t get it anyway you’ll be surprised by this very large pocket adventure.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/06/03, Updated 04/06/03

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