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"An deep engaging gaming masterpiece."

Anticipation: I love Zelda. I couldn't wait to get this game. I was ready for the usual deep, engaging, Zelda experience. What I got was allot more!

Graphics: Great lush exuberant detailed environments, dirt paths and intelligently placed objects and character animations. There isn't much to say here but I was extremely impressed how Zelda moved and how each enemy is different. I sometimes just walked around this deep Zelda world and just viewed the vast environments and the awesome background detail. Overall it's nothing new but it is the best of the old and ports the Zelda: A Link to the Past style to the Gameboy perfectly!

Graphics: Great! No really the graphics are awesome! 9/10

Gameplay: This is where the game kicks into high gear. To start out the graphics flow with the gameplay perfectly synchronizing a perfect gaming experience. As usual, you start out the game with nothing but then you finally find your trusty sword located on the island. This is the only weapon you can wield to vanquish your foes. Later on you get the Zelda usual, nothing new but these weapons are still allot of fun to use. Each new item you get you use to get into the next dungeon.

The game is filled with extremely elaborate puzzles that will boggle the very limits of your brain. Well...not that much. But they still are pretty hard head scratchers. Your sudden misconceptions about this game suddenly erase themselves from your mind. You begin to appreciate the awesome fun in exploring and wiping out enemies. The game is broken up into eight total dungeons and each will reach within the inner cobwebs of your brain. Each boss is pretty tough and each battle is exciting.

The world has tons to explore tons to collect (expect to collect heart pieces). The bits and pieces are tended to with detail. Each character has a different personality and has their own houses! When you nudge a chicken enough times with your mighty sword they start to revolt and attack you! You can even be a thief and steal from the shop! All this attention to detail was overwhelming and somewhat pleasing.

Gameplay: Perfect. 10/10

Story: I can't really give away the storyline; it starts out with link washing up onto an island unconscious. Koholint Island is the island that he washes up onto. He hears from a heavily reliable source that there is an egg on top the island, the monster inside of that egg is dreaming. If he wakes up the entire island will disappear! The monsters don't want the island to disappear so they ignite every bit of energy within their little sprite bodies to try and stop you. But in order for link to leave the island he needs to wake up the monster within the egg. You will love the story and you will have appreciation for the different characters you interact with throughout the game. You also find a little girlfriend hehe, I don't want to spoil! Oh by the way, no Zelda here, but that's ok.

Story: Perfect. 10/10

Replayability: The game is pretty long. The story itself will take awhile, 10-20 hours. But you need to collect all of the heart pieces. There are far more side quests but I will leave those for you to reveal unto yourselves. This isn't an ultra long game but it is still amazingly fun.
Overall: Nice. Not allot but not to little 8/10

Sound: Ah I'll try to be descriptive. The glints and chings abrupt every time a blunt sword is stroked against your mighty shield! The sound of a bush exploding after you place it on the ground and the sheer and enjoyment of hearing that ear pleasing sound of an enemy exploding. But don't forget the Zelda classics, like when you uncover a secret or when you defeat a boss, they are all there. After extended playing time you usually get struck bored with a game's musical pieces, this was not the case with Link's Awakening. Every song flowed with the game perfectly utilizing a fresh Zelda gaming experience. I was very pleased with the battle sound effects and hearing the wind molecules brush against Link's heroic sword when he does his spin attack (ok maybe that's a little to specific). There are no voice-overs but you shouldn't expect that in a Game Boy game, so don't be disappointed there.

Overall: Awesome. 9/10

Final Words: Go buy this game now! I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Look for it in the used sections of Gamestops. They don't make these babies anymore. I rarely give out tens but this is a masterpiece.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/01/04

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