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"Is this a really GameBoy Game? It's way too good to be one!"

I saw this game for 5 dollars, and I happened to have 8 dollars in my pocket. So I bought it. I wasn't sure at first, whether to buy it—since it was old, I was thinking it would be kind of like the first Zelda created. I hated that one. The again, I was expecting a lot from my favorite series. I got exactly what I wanted. Let me show you why you should buy this game.

Storyline 9/10
As Link was traveling on his boat, he encountered a terrible storm. Lightening reduced his boat to a few blocks of wood. He eventually washed up on the beach of the mysterious island, Koholint Island. When Link woke up, he found himself in Marin and Tarin's house. When he here's someone's voice, he thinks it is…Princess Zelda! But wait! As his eyes begin to clear up, it turns out to be Marin, a young girl. Marin tells Link to find his sword on the beach. After you find it, an owl will tell you that in order to leave this island, you have to wake the Wind Fish in the massive egg that is sleeping on the top of Koholint Island using the 8 instruments of awakening. So with the aid of the wise owl, Link sets out on a journey so exciting and perilous, he'll need as many items and weapons as possible. Later in the game, however, you will make a crucial discovery about the island. The only reason I gave this game a 9 is because it really doesn't have a Zelda feel to it. I mean really, this game only says Zelda once in the entire game!

Graphics 8/10
Nothing special here, Link looks a little chubby, the things look pretty cool, but all the people are short midgets. It is a little blocky, but the controls don't play like that. Most things in the game are pretty good 2D, but very few are not. In fact, some things even have a nice effect! Other than those, it has near superior graphics. You can tell things apart with ease. In all, it's not Gamecube graphics, but it's definitely not a Super Mario Bros.

Sound 10/10
The sound is perfect, solid, and plays on beat. The music will be stuck in your head when you turn off your Gameboy! One time I played a dungeon just to hear the music!

Game play 10/10
Link's Awakening is too good to put down. Link finally decided to bring a map this time! Thank goodness! Also, using some warp pads, you can warp! Yay, everyone loves these new features. Unlike the first Zelda, there is something unique on each screen. You go through 8 dungeons trying to find out tricky puzzles, and trying to find a boss's weak point. Geez, some of those bosses could take a long time to beat. And when I say tricky puzzles, I mean tricky ones! You first start out with the traditional sword, and then there are different items to collect, such as a feather Power Bracelets, a hookshot, and even an Ocarina! As if that weren't enough, you will have to go into various caves and defeat mini bosses if you want to go into a dungeon. It is very hard to get into some dungeons, and you have to do a HUGE trading process in order to beat the game as well. The people are hard to find, so you will have a hard time beating the game. There are 26 seashells to collect, and they will do something very cool if you manage to collect 20. There are also 12 heart pieces to enhance your life meter. This game could take you 20 hours or more, even with a strategy guide.

Replay ability 10/10
Even when you beat the game, it will take you a very long time to find the seashells scattered across the island. The heart pieces will be hard to find as well. You can collect those either for more strength, or to create a little scavenger hunt. There are Bats also scattered around the place that will increase the number of stuff you can carry. Again, you can either get them for strength or a mini scavenger hunt. And sometimes, you will just want to play the Trendy Game, Fish Game or the Raft Game. Either way, you're having loads of fun!

Overall Score: 9.4/10 Rounded up to 9/10

Final Thoughts: Get this game and you won't be disappointed! Pay up to 15 dollars, though. This game isn't worth that much because it's a GameBoy game. Oh yeah, and if you can find Link's Awakening DX, get that game instead of this (that is, if you have a GameBoy Color). That game not only has color, it has extra features like a new dungeon and new tunics.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/23/05

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