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    Boss FAQ by CMoriarty

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    ****************M E G A   M A N   I I   B O S S   F A Q****************
       A comprehensive Boss FAQ for Mega Man II on the Nintendo Game Boy.
      Use this FAQ in conjunction with my FAQ/Walkthrough for Mega Man II
                         found at the following URL:
                                            | By Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty)
                                            | E-Mail:   cmoriarty311@cs.com
                                            | Date:         August 15, 2002
                                            | Version:                FINAL
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    Version Information:
    Version: FINAL
    Date: August 15, 2002
    Percent Complete: 100%
    Version Entails: Everything is complete. Hence, I've made this the 
    FINAL version of this FAQ!
    NONE! The current version is the first, last, and only version of this 
    ---------S E C T I O N   T H R E E   -   I N T R O D U C T I O N-------
    Welcome one, welcome all, to my 27th FAQ for GameFAQs.com. This FAQ 
    you're reading is my Boss FAQ for Mega Man II on the Game Boy. Mega Man 
    II is a neat game, because it "cross-breeds" (persay) Robot Masters 
    from the NES versions of Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3, taking four from 
    each to make an entirely new line up of bad guys for you to battle. 
    This is what makes the game so new for you to play. Due to common 
    misconception, some people think that when you're playing Mega Man II 
    on the Game Boy, you're in essence playing Mega Man 2 on the NES. This 
    isn't true. You're playing a 100% original name based on two of the NES 
    classics. Pretty neat, eh? This, of course, holds true for all five 
    Game Boy Mega Man games - all are original titles based upon their NES 
    Mega Man II pits you against the likes of Metal Man, Wood Man, Air Man, 
    Crash Man, Needle Man, Magnet Man, Hard Man and Top Man. The first four 
    Robot Masters I listed are from Mega Man 2 on the NES, and the final 
    four are from Mega Man 3 on the NES. A nice mix-match hybrid 
    combonation of Robot Master madness. Or something like that.
    In anycase, I have a separate FAQ/Walkthrough on Mega Man II which will 
    guide you through the game in its completeness. This FAQ's goal is to 
    give you hints on defeating each of the eight Robot Masters and the 
    other boss enemies (Quint and Dr. Wily) in the game. There are no other 
    tips, control information, weaponry info, et cetera in this FAQ. For 
    that stuff, go to the following URL, which will lead to my 
    FAQ/Walkthrough for this title (or if you're on GameFAQs, click back on 
    your browser and go to my Boss FAQ):
    So I hope this Boss FAQ helps you out... I hope you find it quite 
    useful. And, of course, feel free to shoot any questions, suggestions 
    or comments at me regarding this FAQ, or any of my other FAQs. Take 
    -Colin Moriarty (cmoriarty311@cs.com)
    ---------S E C T I O N   F O U R   -   R O B O T   M A S T E R S-------
    This section contains information on the eight Robot Masters in the 
    game. Now, I have Boss FAQs for both Mega Man 2 and 3 for the NES (also 
    on GameFAQs) from where these bosses originate. Hence, the following 
    descriptions are eidted copy and paste jobs from my previous FAQs. It's 
    just something you'll have to learn to deal with I guess. =) They're 
    accurate, but you have to ask yourself - why write them all over again 
    when I already wrote them? The answer is obvious. Enjoy.
    [Bosses in order you should defeat them, for ease of navigation...]
    ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Metal Blades
    Primary Weakness: Mega Buster (is what you SHOULD use on him)
    Other Weaknesses: Crash Bombs
    Description: Metal Man, who almost looks like an oldschool doctor with 
    his sprite when you fight him (the blade on his head looks like that 
    silver thing old-school doctors used to wear, you know what I'm 
    saying), is actually a cool Robot Master simply because he won't attack 
    you unless you attack first, or if you get too close to him. If you 
    stay away from him and don't attack, he'll just stand there. The minute 
    you start attacking, or get too close, he'll start chucking his Metal 
    Blades at you in full effect, but he'll stop if you stop. In addition 
    to this weird fighting style that Metal Man possesses, his lair is also 
    covered in a conveyor belt, identical to the ones found all over his 
    lair. This could make the battle hard, because the constantly moving 
    floors will force you to be on your toes throughout the entire battle. 
    It's like having to deal with two different factors at once - fighting 
    Metal Man and the moving floor. Perhaps this is why Capcom decided to 
    make him not attack unless you attack first. This evens the score a 
    To Defeat Metal Man...
    Metal Man is the first Robot Master you should take on in Mega Man II, 
    and for good cause - his weapon, the Metal Blade, is the most versatile 
    weapon found in the game, by far. When you enter into Metal Man's lair, 
    you'll notice that it's based upon a moving floor that Metal Man can 
    change at will, making the battle a little bit more interesting. Other 
    than that, Metal Man is a pacifist - as I stated earlier, he won't 
    attack until you attack or get too close, and even after you fire at 
    him, he'll fire at you and stop when you do. He's interesting like 
    that. He basically jumps up and down and throws Metal Blades at his 
    foe, and he has pretty good accuracy at that. He can also jump the 
    entire distance of his lair and get to safety on the other side if you 
    get too close, doing the same attack pattern from the other side. To 
    defeat him, simply jump up and down with him and pummel him with some 
    regular old conventional arm cannon fodder, avoiding his Metal Blades 
    if you can as they fly at you. He'll die easily, you shall see! If you 
    don't decide to defeat him first, and you have beaten Crash Man 
    already, you'll have the Crash Bombs in your arsenal. Whip those out 
    and fire them at Metal Man for a four or five hit kill. But you should 
    defeat him first. His weapon is awesome, and he's the easiest of the 
    four Robot Masters you can fight at the beginning of the game. Get him 
    out of the way and use his weapon to your advantage.
    ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Leaf Shield
    Primary Weakness: Metal Blade 
    Other Weaknesses: Crash Bombs, Air Shooter
    Description: Wood Man's name can be taken the wrong way, but don't take 
    this Robot Master too lightly. He uses the cliché shield weapon in this 
    game, as do many robot masters after him, but he has an advantage that 
    the others don't... that's not his only weapon. He can also summon down 
    from above razor-sharp leaves upon his foe, and his big size makes both  
    he and his Leaf Shield nearly unjumpable. But, as is the case with most 
    Robot Masters in the Mega Man series, having the right weapon (the 
    Metal Blades, in the case of Wood Man) makes life a whole lot easier. 
    Wood Man goes from challenge to chump in a matter of seconds if you 
    have the Metal Blades handy. So make sure to kill Metal Man before 
    fighting Wood Man! It'll make your life easier.
    To Defeat Wood Man...
    You can actually have a lot of fun with Wood Man because he can be 
    destroyed in so many different ways that you should truly take the time 
    to try them all out. The way I and most people like to do it (and the 
    way you'll have to do it if you're following my order in which to beat 
    the bosses), is to use the Metal Blades. Wood Man summons up his Leaf 
    Shield, which makes him invulnerable to all enemy attacks. He then 
    rains down four leaves from the sky, which swoop all over the place 
    upon the foe. Avoid those, and then watch at he tosses his Leaf Shield 
    at you. Quickly jump over it, and then take this moment to fire some 
    Metal Blades at him. If you're quick enough, you can kill him before he 
    has a time to repeat his pattern. If not, be patient and wait for him 
    to go through the pattern again before chucking more Metal Blades at 
    him. So what are the other ways to kill him? Well... using Crash Bombs, 
    you can stick Crash Bombs to the wall behind him, or even to his Leaf 
    Shield when it's around his body, and time them so that they explode 
    when he's about to throw his shield, or doesn't have his shield on at 
    all. That's an interesting way. Alas, unlike Wood Man in the NES Mega 
    Man 2, the Wood Man of Mega Man II on the Game Boy can't be killed by 
    Heat Man's Atomic Fire, because, naturally, Heat Man isnt in this game, 
    and therefore, the Atomic Fire won't be available to you. This is a 
    shame because the Atomic Fire, when charged up, could kill Wood Man in 
    one hit. That's not a luxury available to you in this title, however.
    ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Air Shooter
    Primary Weakness: Leaf Shield
    Other Weaknesses: Arm Cannon
    Description: Air Man, a robot with a big fan built into his chest 
    cavity, has the power to control mini-tornadoes, which can be a real 
    menace, and are almost unavoidable, because he tosses 'em at you so 
    strategically. You'll have to get in close to kill this robot master, 
    because his tornadoes also block enemy attacks, making him invulnerable 
    to attacks from afar. But don't be threatened by the apparent 
    invulnerability of Air Man. He's actually quite beatable if you have 
    the Leaf Shield from Wood Man. And even if not, Air Man can still be 
    dispatched by use of your regular arm cannon, which will do fine if you 
    know how to fight him.
    To Defeat Air Man...
    Air Man's primary weakness is the Leaf Shield, and naturally, to use 
    the Leaf Shield, you have to either throw it or walk into an enemy with 
    it. Being that Air Man shoots tornadoes out of his arm cannon, and then 
    shoots them at you with his chest fan, and that these tornadoes block 
    attacks, shooting at him with the Leaf Shield is impossible. Even when 
    he's just fired an attack, by the time you get the Leaf Shield up and 
    then fired at him, he'll have enough time to get more tornadoes up to 
    block your attacks and do further damage to you. So you'll have to 
    sustain some damage in this fight to move in close. Once you get close 
    to him, he'll jump away, but if you have the Leaf Shield ready, 
    activate it when you get close to him to hit him once or twice, and 
    possibly kill him from the getgo of the battle. Keep in mind that when 
    he blows his tornadoes away from him and at you, that the wind from his 
    chest fan also blows you back, so as you avoid the tornadoes, you gotta 
    keep moving forward... that's why he's so tough to some! Additionally, 
    if you want to use the Leaf Shield in its proper use (as a defensive 
    shield), this is also an option against Air Man. The Leaf Shield fends 
    off the Air Tornadoes Air Man shoots at you quite well, but bare in 
    mind that the shield will fall apart as it's hit, until it is no more. 
    This is when you're vulnerable again. And remember, also, that once the 
    Leaf Shield is struck and damaged, it can't be thrown at an enemy. 
    Therefore, to damage Air Man in that state you'd have to get close 
    enough to him to brush him with it, and therefore do some damage. It 
    sounds more complicated than it is, in all honesty. You'll be surprised 
    how quickly Air Man falls to your attacks if you just fight him 
    ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Crash Bombs
    Primary Weakness: Air Shooter
    Other Weaknesses: Arm Cannon
    Description: Crash Man is a formidable foe, unless you are equipped 
    with the proper weapon, the Air Shooter, from Air Man. Crash Man wildly 
    jumps around his lair, planting his Crash Bombs on walls and floors, 
    waiting for them to explode. His endless array of explosive devices 
    makes any battle with him explosive, but taking him out with a few 
    shots via the Air Shooter cools him off a bit. If you don't the Air 
    Shooter, though, be ready for a fight. And just remember... the Crash 
    Bombs aren't all that can damage you. Quite the contrary, the Crash 
    Bombs are just that, BOMBS, and they EXPLODE. The explosion radius of 
    the Crash Bombs once Crash Man plants them is something you should keep 
    a close eye on indeed.
    To Defeat Crash Man...
    Crash Man is indeed formidable, but not if you have the Air Shooter, 
    just like I mentioned above. Crash Man jets around his room, running, 
    walking, and jumping, while using his dual arm cannons equipped with 
    Crash Bombs fire all over the walls and ceilings in his lair. His Crash 
    Bombs stick to walls and ceilings, and explode soon after, causing a 
    small blast radius around where the bomb was planted. Crash Man is 
    easily defeated with two or three shots from the Air Shooter (depending 
    on how directly you hit him), and you can beat him with it without him 
    even getting any shots of the Crash Bombs off. However, if you fail to 
    enter the battle with the Air Shooter, he has no other real weaknesses, 
    so you'll have to use the arm cannon on him. Have a few E-Tanks on you 
    if it comes to that, though, because he can be a real pain, and 
    impossible for newbies, otherwise. The idea with Crash Man is to not 
    only have the right weaponry in the Air Shooter from Air Man, but to 
    also be patient and tenacious. Crash Man can prove to be quite a 
    problem, but in reality, he's really all bark, no bite. All you have to 
    do is see through him.
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Needle Cannon
    Primary Weakness: Crash Bombs 
    Other Weaknesses: Top Spin
    Description: Needle Man looks kind of corny, sure, but he is actually a 
    menace to defeat, if you believe it. That is, of course, if you don't 
    have the Crash Bombs in your arsenal. But of course, that's an 
    impossibility, because to be able to get to the second wave of Robot 
    Masters (headed up by fighting Needle Man first), you would have to 
    have already fought and defeated Crash Man and obtained his Crash 
    Bombs. So that was kind of a useless statement. =)  Needle Man has 
    dueling arm cannons (the first Robot Master to sport this look since 
    Fire Man in the original Mega Man) which means he can shoot at you 
    twice as quickly with his plasma shot-looking Needle Cannon. Also, his 
    head is on a spring-like mechanism which allows for him to unleash the 
    needle-covered headpiece of his to be shot at Mega Man for a certain 
    distance before retracting to Needle Man's head. And he's always 
    jumping and moving, and is surprisingly quick, which makes him hard to 
    hit with the Crash Bombs... so you gotta get in close, or use the blast 
    radius of the exploding Crash Bombs to your advantage.
    To Defeat Needle Man...
    Needle Man can only take three or four hits from the Crash Bombs before 
    meeting his doom, but he's hard to hit with it unless you get in close. 
    What you really need to do Is get in really close to Needle Man with 
    the Crash Bombs equipped... we're talking point blank range. When 
    you're that close and you shoot at him, with ANY weapon, but primarily 
    the Crash Bombs, you're basically guaranteed a hit. With Needle Man 
    constantly jumping and running around his lair like a mad man, it's 
    quite nearly impossible to hit him while he's on the move (which is 
    always) unless sheer luck is with you. And whether or not sheer luck is 
    with you is a horse of another color. With that in mind, make sure to 
    move in close, evading Needle Man's attacks, so that you can strike at 
    him with the deadly Crash Bombs, hitting him without the Crash Bombs 
    even exploding. Of course, if you want to have a more strategic battle 
    with Wood Man, try shooting the Crash Bombs on the floor and walls, 
    attempting to time their explosions with when Needle Man will come 
    around. If timed right (and if you're quite lucky), the Crash Bomb in 
    question will explode at the exact same instant Needle Man is in the 
    bomb's blast radius. Pretty neat, eh? Not really? Ah, whatever then!
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Magnet Missiles
    Primary Weakness: Needle Cannon
    Other Weaknesses: Metal Blade, Hard Knuckle
    Description: Magnet Man, one of my favorite Robot Masters ever, is a 
    Robot Master that looks (and even acts) harder than he actually is. He 
    has a very, very distinct pattern that he repeats over and over again 
    if you watch him. His primary attack is to jump super high in the air 
    and unleash semi-heatsinking magnets at you, called Magnet Missiles. 
    Additionally, however, he can also turn himself into a magnetized 
    beingand bring Mega Man into him, which you can only avoid by walking, 
    jumping, or sliding in the opposite direction. And if you happen to 
    have beaten Needle Man (which you should have, if you're following my 
    order), you'll have the ultra-powerful Needle Cannon, which you can use 
    to puncture the otherwise tough armor of this magnetic foe, destroying 
    him with ease once and for all.
    To Defeat Magnet Man...
    Magnet Man DOES have a pattern, just like I mentioned above, and it 
    goes a little something like this. He starts out each motion with a 
    short jump forward, then a bigger jump forward. From here, he almost 
    always jumps in the air, fires three Magnet Missiles, comes back down, 
    and does it going the other way, (the same thing, that is). On rare 
    occasion, instead of jumping in the air to fire Magnet Missiles, he'll 
    magnetize himself and bring you to him via magnets... you are metal, 
    afterall. Knowing his pattern, stand far enough away from him so that 
    he doesn't land on you with the first jump, then run towards 
    him, slide under him with the second jump, turn around, fire a few 
    Needle shots at him with the Needle Cannon you acquired from defeating 
    Needle Man, and then watch him go airborne, chucking three more Magnet 
    Missiles out, and repeating the entire process over again. Now, slide 
    away from the Magnet Missiles he shoots, and he'll repeat this process, 
    which you should as well. Pending he does any of the alternate move, 
    you can't hurt him in that magnetized state, so you'll just have to 
    wait until after he's done to fire upon him. Alas, Magnet Man is 
    completely beatable with just the arm cannon, Mega Man's regular old 
    weapon, so you can defeat him "empty handed" (so to speak) if you'd 
    like. On the other hand, following my order in which to defeat the 
    Robot Masters can serve you quite well, because if you do, you'll have 
    the Needle Cannon from dispatching Needle Man, and hence making your 
    life that much easier.
    ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Hard Knuckles
    Primary Weakness: Magnet Missiles
    Other Weaknesses: Crash Bombs, Metal Blades
    Description: Sure, you can take his name the wrong way, but Hard Man is 
    still a menacing character to combat. He, like Magnet Man, has a 
    pattern that's even more predictable then his aforementioned 
    counterpart, but has a lot more power behind him as well. He has two 
    modes of attacks as well. Firstly, he shoots two Hard Knuckles at you, 
    one going straight at you and the other going in the air. Then he jumps 
    high in the air and plummets back to the ground on his head, doing 
    massive damage to anything below in his path. After re-gaining his 
    balance and standing back up, he repeats his entire short-winded attack 
    again. It sounds kind of simple, and it is, but be weary when fighting 
    Hard Man, for he packs quite the punch. Because of this, you really 
    can't take that much damage from him before you are no more a part of 
    this Earth. =) Don't take him lightly, even if he is predictable!
    To Defeat Hard Man...
    Again, as I mentioned before, Hard Man too has a pattern, even more 
    predictable than Magnet Man's. Reading above, and knowing his pattern, 
    you'll basically want to fire away at Hard Man every other second or so 
    with a Magnet Missile. They don't even have to be going right for him, 
    the metal of his plating is attracted to the Magnet Missile, so he, 
    like all other enemies in the game, pulls it right in. Just make sure 
    to turn around and fire on Hard Man when he's about to plummet into the 
    ground, before he freezes everything with his impact, to get in one 
    more hit. Within two or three cycles of his pattern, he'll be dead if 
    you keep up the attacks. Just remember a few keys to the fight you'll 
    have with Hard Man. While he's not very hard (excuse my pun), he still 
    LOOKS menacing, and is the most powerful Robot Master in the game as 
    far as damage dealt. I mean... look at the size of him for God's sake. 
    =D So don't take him lightly, but don't go to out of your way to fight 
    him either. Let the Magnet Missiles do all of the work. Fire them in 
    any direction and they're surely find the way to their target quite 
    ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯
    Weapon: Top Spin
    Primary Weakness: Hard Knuckles
    Other Weaknesses: Needle Cannon
    Description: Top Man is easily the simplest Robot Master in the game to 
    defeat. His style of fighting is strictly within the realms of readable 
    patterns, and he only has one attack - three Tops that fly into the air 
    and then shoot down at Mega Man (or his position at the time they were 
    shot, as in, they can be easily avoided by sliding), and then Top Man 
    shoots across the room by spinning, where he is invulnerable to any 
    attacks from Mega Man, before he repeats his pattern once more. Top Man 
    doesn't look menacing or hard at all, and don't worry, it's not one of 
    those tricks Capcom plays with your brain. He really AREN'T hard. What 
    a coincidence.
    To Defeat Top Man...
    Top Man is a very, very easy Robot Master to defeat, especially if you 
    have the Hard Knuckles, although he is simple enough (maybe even 
    simpler for those with the quick trigger finger) with the regular old 
    arm cannon. As I described above, Top Man fights strictly upon the 
    basis of a pattern. He shoots his tops in the air, they spin for a bit, 
    and then quickly shoot down upon Mega Man. That's Top Man's easiest way 
    to damage you, so avoid damage by those by waiting until the last 
    minute before they come down on you, and then sliding to avoid getting 
    hit by them. Then, Top Man will start spinning and shoot across the  
    room. Jump over him (don't waste ammo, he's immune to attacks in a spin 
    state), and fire upon him with a Hard Knuckle or two as he repeats this 
    fighting pattern. He'll be toast with a quick four Hard Knuckles to his 
    structure, sending him kaboom. =) But hell, don't defeat him so 
    quickly. If you want more of a challenge (even though it really isn't 
    much of a challenge, believe it or not), use the regular arm cannon on 
    him instead of the uber-powerful Hard Knuckles. It'll make the battle 
    last far longer, one, and also give Top Man a chance to make it 
    interesting! Okay, probably not, but at least it gives you a legitimate 
    alternate way to fight him without it being suicidal!
    ----S E C T I O N   F I V E   -   Q U I N T   A N D   D R . W I L Y----
    This section of my Boss FAQ discusses the two non-Robot Master boss 
    battles you experience in the game. The first strategy is for Quint, 
    who you fight directly after defeating the eighth and final Robot 
    Master. The second strategy is for Dr. Wily, who you fight after 
    defeating Quint and traversing his short time lair, which, of course, 
    inevitably leads to Wily himself. Don't worry, neither of these guys 
    are hard. You could have been (and probably were) challenged more by 
    the Robot Master then you will these guys.
    Weapon: Sakugarne
    Primary Weakness: Arm Cannon
    Other Weaknesses: Hard Knuckles, Crash Bombs
    Description: Quint is an interesting enemy indeed. He looks like a 
    Robot Master, but he's not. His fight skill and prowess have brought 
    him far beyond the mark of a mere "robot"... Dr. Wily holds him in far 
    higher regard. Quint doesn't have an arm cannon, nor can he actually 
    attack. Instead he has a huge weapon that resembles a jack-hammer/pogo 
    stick hybrid, which he calls Sakugarne. Without it, Quint is purely 
    defenseless, but he never fights without it. The Sakugarne is a twofold 
    weapon - that is, the Sakugarne acts as both an offensive weapon and a 
    defensive tool. When Quint jumps atop the Sakugarne, his entire body is 
    immune to all of your weaponry. The only place you can hit him is in 
    his head, which is a small target to aim at indeed. In addition to 
    that, the Sakugarne allows Quint to jump around the room. Everytime he 
    lands, he pulls up some rocks, which is his only weapon. Surprisingly, 
    these are very easy to avoid, and hence make Quint quite the easy enemy 
    to defeat.
    To Defeat Quint...
    One thing to bare in mind is that Quint is weak to a lot of your 
    weaponry. He's most vulnerable to the Hard Knuckles and the Crash 
    Bombs, yet you'll see at the top of his description, I've told you to 
    use the arm cannon on him. Why is this? It's simple, really. Being that 
    the Sakugarne blocks Quint from being damaged anywhere but his head, 
    and being that his head is so small, it's hard to accurately aim and 
    shoot the clunky Crash Bombs and Hard Knuckles at his head and hit him, 
    especially when his jumping all over the room via the Sakugarne, which 
    he does throughout the entire battle. Not only does the arm cannon 
    provide rapid fire action, but the small plasma bullets to a nice job 
    indeed of striking Quint in his vulnerable head. Quint's only attack is 
    to jump around on the Sakugarne and dig up rocks, which, if they hit 
    you, will damage you. When he jumps, utilize the slide and slide under 
    him. Then, get away from him so that the rocks dug up by the Sakugarne 
    won't hurt you, and shoot a few shots of your arm cannon at his head. 
    Repeat this process until he's no more. Quint is truly that simple. If 
    you want more of a challenge against an otherwise simplistic Quint, try 
    using the Crash Bombs or Hard Knuckles I told you about earlier. While 
    they do a lot more damage than the arm cannon does, you'll find that 
    they are harder to kill him with. Those weapons' slow moving and clunky 
    nature won't suffice against a constantly moving foe like Quint, as 
    you'll soon learn if you DO decide to try the Crash Bombs and Hard 
    Knuckles. (Do note that Quint doesn't have an energy meter - he'll 
    escape from battle, wielding you the Sakugarne, after he receives 
    enough undisclosed damage.)
    DR. WILY
    ¯¯  ¯¯¯¯
    Weapon: Several Crafts
    Primary Weakness: Arm Cannon
    Other Weaknesses: Sakugarne
    Description: Dr. Wily is amazingly easy in Mega Man II here on the Game 
    Boy. After fighting Quint and traversing through Dr. Wily's time 
    fortress soon thereafter, you'll find Dr. Wily waiting for you. You 
    find him in three different forms, and while he IS easy to fight, make 
    sure that you have the maximum number of E-Tanks you possibly can (4) 
    for the battle. While youwill probably only need one or two, make sure 
    to prepare for the worst. Dr. Wily can do quite a bit of damage, and 
    losing to him would be a great disgrace indeed. I won't waste your time 
    here explaining the three different forms of Wily in this part, because 
    then I'll just end up reiterating exactly what I'm saying here below. 
    Instead, just see below for in-depth instructions on defeating each of 
    the Dr. Wily forms. It's not that hard, for preparedness is key!
    To Defeat Dr. Wily...
    Dr. Wily's first form is him in a Star Wars AT-ST like device. In this 
    form, the two-legged robotic "creature" (piloted by Dr. Wily in his 
    signature UFO) has two attacks. First off, the robotic walker shoots 
    out a bomb-like device (with a skull on it) that floats around a bit, 
    and is very hard to avoid. Try to jump over it or slide under it as 
    applies. Then, from some sort of shin-mounted laser gun, a large laser 
    beam will shoot from the walker's shin area, which moves so fast that 
    it's hard to avoid. Keep in mind that when the walker shoots this laser 
    at you, you can't slide under it to avoid it (or you will be struck and 
    damaged), but you can jump over it. Either way, it's quite hard to 
    avoid the laser, so be weary of it, and use an E-Tank if and when it 
    applies. The walker fights in a pattern, however. It'll shoot both of 
    it's weapons, then jump across the room and do it all over again. When 
    it jumps across the room, slide out of its way. To damage the walker, 
    however, you'll need to jump and shoot the cockpit area (where Wily is 
    at the controls) with your arm cannon over and over again. When his 
    damage meter gets down to half (or below half), the walker will be 
    abandoned, and his UFO will fly from the cockpit area. This time, he 
    boards a bulldozer-like craft and prepares for battle some more. You'll 
    be avoiding the same kind of attacks (minus the laser attack from the 
    walker's shins), but the bulldozer moves fast and tries to run you over 
    as well. Since it is lower to the ground than the walker, however, the 
    cockpit (where Wily is) is easier to shoot at, and before you know it, 
    the bulldozer'll be no more either. Just use an E-Tank if you need to 
    be. When you take away half of the bulldozer enemy's health, Wily will 
    abandon that craft as well, and fly his UFO to his third and final 
    craft - a mechanical dragon. Easy to defeat as well. The Dragon spews 
    out four of those large balls with the skulls on it, then shoots out 
    fire. That's IT! He's easier to defeat than the two other forms, so you 
    shouldn't have any trouble (or worries) fighting this third and final 
    form of Dr. Wily. Shoot at the cockpit and the dragon's head, and take 
    away all of its energy (instead of just taking half of it), and use E-
    Tanks where you need to. In the end, YOU WIN! CONGRATULATIONS!
    ------------S E C T I O N   S I X   -   I N   C L O S I N G------------
    Well my friends, it's time to close this guide out! =) I hope you found 
    it very helpful... I very much enjoyed writing it. It was fun, as is 
    the game, and I'm sure that it was/is/will be enjoyable for you as 
    well. And hey, if you have game related questions, comments, 
    suggestions - whatever, e-mail them my way, cmoriarty311@cs.com. And 
    make sure to put Mega Man II GB Boss FAQ (or whatever game you're 
    writing in on, I have twenty-six other guides), in the header as the 
    topic, so I know what the hell you're talking about. =) Take it easy.
    I'd like to take this chance to thank a friend of mine, Devin Morgan, a 
    fellow FAQ writer on GameFAQs, for just being a good guy, a good 
    friend, and someone I can talk to about everything. Thanks Dev. Thanks 
    should also go out to other fellow FAQers, including Nemesis, Astro 
    Blue, flowerpot, MetroidMoo, AdrenalineSL, Psycho Penguin, Meowthnum1, 
    et cetera.
    ----S E C T I O N   S E V E N   -   A B O U T   T H E   A U T H O R----
    [accurate as of August 15, 2002]
    I'm a 17 year old, and graduated from high school in June of 2002. I 
    live on  Long Island, in New York, about half an hour from New York 
    City. I play ice  hockey, I worked at a deli, until recently, when I 
    quit (^_^) and I love  videogames, especially RPGs. My favorite series 
    for videogames include the Final Fantasy series (excluding VIII), the 
    Dragon Warrior/Quest series, the Mega Man series, and the Tales series. 
    I aspire to go to Northeastern University in the fall of 2002 to study 
    History and Law.
    This walkthrough is copyright (c) 2002 to Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty), 
    e-mail cmoriarty311@cs.com. All rights reserved. Completely unofficial 
    - Mega Man and all related items copyrighted 1992 to Capcom Japan/US, 
    all rights reserved!

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