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    Ultimate Mega Man FAQ by Procyon_Lotor

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    (edited for Game Boy versions only)
                    Procyon Lotor presents:  THE  
    __________.__                  __________              ___.                 
    \______   \  |  __ __   ____   \______   \ ____   _____\_ |__   ___________ 
     |    |  _/  | |  |  \_/ __ \   |    |  _//  _ \ /     \| __ \_/ __ \_  __ \
     |    |   \  |_|  |  /\  ___/   |    |   (  <_> )  Y Y  \ \_\ \  ___/|  | \/
     |______  /____/____/  \___  >  |______  /\____/|__|_|  /___  /\___  >__|   
            \/                 \/          \/             \/    \/     \/       
    The ULITMATE            __  ___                __  ___              
                           /  |/  /__ ___ ____ _  /  |/  /__ ____ 
                          / /|_/ / -_) _ `/ _ `/ / /|_/ / _ `/ _ \
                         /_/  /_/\__/\_, /\_,_/ /_/  /_/\_,_/_//_/
            Guide to the basics FAQ - ver. 1.5 - by Procyon Lotor
    Contents: I) Intro
                 a) What is this FAQ?
                 b) Who is Mega Man?
              3) GB
                 a) Mega Man 1
                 b) Mega Man 2
                 c) Mega Man 3
                 d) Mega Man 4
                 e) Mega Man 5
              6) Cast List
    I) Intro
    A) What is thie FAQ?       
            Hello and welcome to the ULTIMATE Mega Man guide to the 
    basics FAQ.  I have decided to undertake this and it took a lot
    of work.  This is version 1.0.  I had to sit down and play each 
    version during spring break (hey, it's not like I don't have a 
    life, but I had to stay in school for crew practice.  What else 
    did I have to kill time?)
            Please flip through it and feel free to comment.  If you
    know any info off the top of your head that has been omited or is
    incorrect, PLEASE feel free to email me and I'll add it in.  Let 
    me tell you the basic format I have used to write this FAQ in.  
    For each game I will tell:
            Release date
            Comments and addtions to previous version 
            Special tricks
            Where items can be found
            The order for the bosses
                    (in addition, what weapon you get)
            Possible weaknesses for "Dr. Wily" stage bosses
            In addition, I will be including password info, but 
    in a very limited fashion.  I.E. Only the best ones, and possible
    breakdowns for each password (I know they cracked it for MM2 and 
    3 on the NES).
            I think I covered everything.  This is not, I repeat NOT, 
    a full strategy guide.  It is a bare bones FAQ, not a walk through.
    Due to the amount of stuff I'm covering, a full strategy guide might
    very well get close to a Meg.  Instead, this is meant as a simple
    reference manual.
    B) Who is Mega Man?
            Mega Man first hit the home video game screen on the NES in
    1987.  He was created by Capcom, and the first game had 1 Meg of
    memory.  Mega Man in his lastest creation (MMX2) has 12, plus a
    processing chip called the C4, just to show you how far he's come
    since then.
            The Story for the NES and GB Mega Man's run along these lines.
    One day Dr. Light and Dr. Wily were partners and they made incredible
    creations and robots to simplify the lives of humans.  But Dr. Wily had
    other ambitions (like taking over the world) so one day he reprogrammed
    all the original 7 robots (MM1 bosses + Mega Man), But Mega Man was able
    to resist that reprogramming and was left alone to fight against the
    other 6.  Later on we find out that Mega Man was originally a boy/cyborg
    named Rock (who had a sister Roll).  When Dr. Wily became a threat, he
    volunteered to have his body transformed into that of Mega Man, sometimes
    also known as the Blue Bomber.  Through out each game, Dr. Light (also
    known as Dr. Right sometimes) creates new pals and assistants for
    Mega Man, the most famous being Rush the dog.
            In the SNES Mega Man X stories, we see a grim future time line
    of the NES Mega Man, in which Mega Man's technology has been put to use
    in many places, but some robots, known as Mavericks, want to take over
    the world and use humans for slaves because they feel they are superior.
    Mega Man (X) must go and stop these Mavericks (under the leadership of
    Sigma).  Along the way he must find capcules that contain holographic
    images of Dr. Light.  The contain power ups that make Mega Man stronger,
    possibly the strongest robot the world has ever known.  Mega Man is
    considered a Robot Cop, and he has a fellow cop named Zero.  Zero
    sacrifices himself in MMX1 to help Mega Man, and this becomes a sub
    plot in MMX2.
            The layouts stay fairly constant within each system.  On the
    NES, you fight 8 (only 6 in MM1) robots and the go through the Dr.
    Wily stages to beat the game.  In the GB you fight 4 robots first,
    then another 4 again, then the Dr. Wily stages.  (The GB carts tend to
    be the hardest of all the versions.  Ridiculous jumps and so forth).
    The SNES versions are more like the NES versions so far, 8 robots
    then the Sigma stages.
    III) Game Boy (on Super Game Boy, palette 3A looks best IMO)
    A) Mega Man I - 1991
            - First Mega Man game for Game Boy
            - Boss setup is similar for all 5 games, 4 bosses at
              start, 4 bosses later.  MMI only has the bosses later
              without boards to travel through to get to them.
    Special Trick - none known.
    Itmes:  Carry - Elevated Platforms that last temporarily.  2 at
                    a time.  Win after 1st 4 bosses.
    Start with: Elec Man - Weakness: Rolling Cutter.  Get Thunder Beam.
                Ice Man  - Weakness: Thunder Beam.  Get Ice Slasher.
                Fire Man - Weakness: Ice Slasher.  Get Fire Storm.
                Cut Man  - Weakness: Fire Storm.  Get Rolling Cutter.
    Dr. Wily:   Stage 1 - U - Upper, D - Lower, L - Left, R - Right
                  UR Bubble Man - Weakness: Quick Boomerang.  Get Bubble 
                  DR Heat Man   - Weakness: Bubble Lead.  Get Atomic Fire
                                  Just as in NES MM2, builds to 3 levels.
                  DL Flash Man  - Weakness: Atomic Fire.  Get Time Stopper.
                  UL Quick Man  - Weakness: Time Stopper.  Get Quick
                Enker   - Weakness: None.  Get Mirror Buster, a
                          reflective Sheild.
                Stage 2 - Dr. Wily, part 1 - Weakness: None (use Fire
                          Storm at very close range.)
                          part 2 - Reflect the beams back with the
                          Mirror Buster.
    Passwords: All weapons and Carry
               A2 A3 B4 C2 C3
    B) Mega Man II - 1992
            - 1st Game Boy Mega Man with Energy Tanks
            - 1st Game Boy Mega Man to star Rush
            - 1st Game Boy Mega Man where he can slide.
    Special Trick - none known
    Items:  Rush Coil - Gives Mega Man extra jumping power. Won from 
                        Crash Man.
            Rush Marine - Let's Rush (and Mega Man) swim through
                          water (no gravity).  Won from Metal Man.
            Rush Jet - Let's Rush fly.  Controlable.  Won from
                       Air Man.
    Start with: Air Man   - Weakness: Leaf Sheild.  Get Air Shooter 
                Crash Man - Weakness: Air Shooter.  Get Crash Bombs
                            Can break barriers as before.
                Metal Man - Weakness: Crash Bombs.  Get Metal Blade
                            (8 directional firing)
                Wood Man  - Weakness: Metal Blade.  Get Leaf Sheild.
                            Acts just like NES MM2.
    Dr. Wily:   Stage 1 - U - Upper, D - Lower, L - Left, R - Right
                  DR Needle Man - Weakness: Air Shooter.  Get Needle
                                  Cannon (rapid shooting)
                  DL Magnet Man - Weakness: Needle Cannon.  Get Magnet
                                  Missile (semi-smart missile)
                  UL Hard Man   - Weakness: Magnet Missile.  Get Hard
                  UR Top Man    - Weakness: Hard Punch.  Get Top Spin.
                                  Same rules apply as in NES MM2.
                Quint      - Shoot at head.  Get Quint Item Sakugarne,
                             a Pogo Stick type weapon.  Jump on enemy.
                Stage 2: Dr. Wily part 1 and 2, shoot cockpit with
                         regular gun.  Part 3, use Quint item and 
                         jump on head.
    Passwords: All weapons and items.
               A1 A3 A4 B3 C1 C2 C3 D1 D3
    C) Mega Man III - 1992
            - 1st Game Boy Mega Man with the Mega Buster.
            - 1st Game Boy Mega Man to star Flip-Top (Eddie)
    Special Tricks - None known
    Items:  Rush Coil - Gives Mega Man extra jumping power. Won from 
                        Snake Man.
            Rush Jet - Let's Rush fly.  Controlable.  Won from
                       Dust Man.
    Start with: Snake Man  - Weakness: Spark Shot.  Get Search Snake
                Gemeni Man - Weakness: Search Snake.  Get Gemeni Beam.
                             (ricochets off walls)
                Shadow Man - Weakness: Gemeni Beam.  Get Shadow Blade.
                             (8 directional boomerang)
                Spark Man  - Weakness: Shadow Blade.  Get Spark Shock.
    Dr. Wily:   Stage 1: Giant Eye - Use regular gun.
    Start with: Dust Man  - Weakness: Shadow Blade.  Get Dust Crsuher. 
                            (breaks up into projectiles when it hits.)
                Skull Man - Weakness: Dust Gun.  Get Skull Barrier.
                            Sheilds as before in NES MM4
                Dive Man  - Weakness: Skull Barrier.  get Dive Missile
                            (Heat seeking missiles)
                Drill Man - Weakness: Dive Missile.  Get Drill Bomb
                            Capable of Breaking Barriers
    Dr. Wily:   Stage 2: Punk - Use Mega Buster.  Get Screw Crusher
                Stage 3: Giant Eye - As above.
                         Wily Part 1 - Shoot at eyes.  Be directly under-
                                       neath robot when it flies overhead.
                         Wily Part 2 - Use Screw Crusher at cockpit.
                                       Avoid ball shots.
    Passwords: All weapons and items:
               A0 B0 B2 C1 C2
    D) Mega Man IV - 1993
            - 1st Game Boy Mega Man to star Beat.
            - 1st Game Boy Mega Man with P chips to collect items.
              1/4 E tank:                   20
              S Tank (M tank of NES MM5)   120
              Energy Economizer            150
              Extra Life                    50
              Weapon Refill                 80
              E Tank                        60
              W Tank (refill on weapon)     30
    Special Tricks - Find all the letters to B-E-A-T and you can call
                     on Beat to destroy enemies on screen.  Same as
                     NES MM5 and MM6)
                   - Finding all the letters to W-I-L-Y is the only
                     way you can go past the 2nd 4 bosses.
                   - Lose all your lives three times on one board
                     and Dr. Light will enhance your Mega Buster.
    Items:  Rush Coil - Gives Mega Man extra jumping power. Won from 
                        Toad Man.
            Rush Jet  - Let's Rush fly.  Verticly Controlable.  
                        Won from Charge Man.
    Start with: Toad Man    - Weakness: Ring Boomerangs.  Get Rain Flush
                    "B" just jump to ledge to grab.  Easy to see.
                Bright Man  - Weakness: Rain Shot.  Get Flash Stopper
                    "E" grab mid-jump in dark on the swinging platforms
                Pharaoh Man - Weakness: Flash Stopper.  Get Pharaoh
                              Shot.  Performs same as NES MM4.
                    "A" when you see it, go past it, and when the 3rd
                        falling block is off the screen, come back and
                        it should be reset.  Jump off the 3rd block at
                        the last possible moment to snag it.
                Ring Man    - Weakness: Pharaoh Shot.  Get Ring Boomerang.
                    "T" Should be easy to spot.  Try to take out the
                        rolling robot gaurding it.
    Dr. Wily:   Stage 1: Antenna - Shoot Mega Buster when ball is exposed.
                         Ballade - Nail with Mega Buster
    Start with: Crystal Man - Weakness: Charge Kick.  Get Crystal Eye
                    "W" When you see a ladder going down, and a crystal
                        shooting skeleton, kill the skeleton and run
                        to the right.
                Napalm Man  - Find Proto Man.  When you see fire to the
                              right of a ladder going down, use the Rain
                              Shot, and take the ladder to the right.
                              Weakness: Crystal Eye.  Get Napalm Bomb
                    "I" When you see it on the upper ledge, go to the
                        right for better access to it.  Use the Rain
                        Shot to quench the fire underfoot.  Be careful,
                        the fire WILL come back.
                Stone Man   - Weakness: Napalm Bomb.  Get Power Stone.
                    "L" Easy to find.  Push right to reach ledge.
                Charge Man  - Weakness: Power Stone.  Get Charge Kick
                    "Y" Just jump to get it.
                Ballade     - Use Mega Buster.  Get Ballade Cracker.
    Dr. Wily    Stage 2: Fight all 8 robots again.
                         Giant Wily - hit center glowing orb by jumping
                                      on hands.  Use Mega Buster
                         Wily Head - Aim for mouth.  Hit the face when
                                     it charges at you to stop it.
                         Dr. Wily - Use Ballade or Pharaoh shot to aim
                                    at Wily over head when he's visible.
    Passwords:  All weapons and Items:
                  1 RBB
                  2 ERREER
                  3 EBBEBB
                  4 BE  BE
    E) Mega Man V - 1994
            - 1st (and so far, only) Mega Man programmed for the
              Super Game Boy.  Border consists of Met-alls sitting
              around and watching.  A Capcom sign is on the bottom.
            - 1st (and so far only) Game Boy Mega Man that does NOT
              use NES bosses.
            - The Mega Buster is replaced with the Mega Arm.
            - 1st apperance of Tango the Cat.  He's kind of like a
              Beat gone wild.  He destroys anything in his path.
              Energy is used up per time that he's out.
            - As in MM IV, collect P chips to buy items.
              1/4 E Tank                    20
              W Tank (refill one weapon)    30
              E Tank                        60
              Weapons refill                80
              Extra Life                    50
              Energy Economizer            140
              S Tank                       120
              Mega Hand                     90
              Grab Attack                  100
    Special Tricks - Collect all the jewels on the other planets so
                     that Dr. Light can create an item that reduces
                     the energy use of your weapons.
                   - Lose all your lives three times on one board
                     and Dr. Light will enhance your Mega Arm.
    Items:  Mega Hand   - Lets you grab items from far away
            Grab Attack - Grabs hold of an enemy and punches for
                          extra hits.
            Rush Coil - Gives Mega Man extra jumping power. Won from 
            Rush Jet  - Let's Rush fly.  Vertically Controlable.  
                        Won from Saturn.
    Start with: Mercury - Weakness: Black Hole.  Get Grab Buster.  Lets
                          you get power ups with each hit.
                Neptune - Weakness: Deep Digger(???).  Get Salt Water.
                Mars    - Weakness: Salt Water.  Get Photon Missile
                Venus   - Weakness: Photon Missile.  Get Bubble Bomb.  
                          Floats upwards towards ceilings.
    Terra:      Dark Moon:  DM is none other than the Cyclops, Rock
                            Man.  Mega Arm him in the eye.
    Start With: Pluto   - Weakness: Grab Buster.  Get Break Dash
                          Very similar to Charge Kick.  Can break
                          through some walls.
                    Jewel - When you come to a room with 2 ladders
                            going up, use Deep Digger on the block 
                            above the ladder on the floor to the 
                            right and proceed down there.
                Uranus  - Weakness: Break Dash.  Get Deep Digger.  
                          Picks up rocks from below.
                    Jewel - When you see a ledge above a seal, get
                            to it and use the Break Dash to enter
                            the jewel room.
                Jupiter - Weakness: Bubble Bomb.  Get Electric Shock
                          Only extends from hand.
                    Jewel - When faced with the choice to go up or to
                            the right, go up, and return down.  Keep
                            going down and when you hit the bottom,
                            go left.  You will need Deep Digger.
                Saturn - Weakness: Electric Shock.  Get Black Hole
                    Jewel - when you get to the big gap at the beginning
                            kill the time slower and Rush Coil over to
                            the left.  You need Deep Digger or Mega Hand.
    Terra:    Terra - use Mega Arm.  Get Spark Chaser.
    Dr. Wily:   Stage 1: Auto scrolling, using Rush Jey, fire your
                         way into Wily's Base.  Use (rush's?) Mega
                         Buster on the Main gun.
                Stage 2: Fight Enker, Quint, Punk, and Ballade again.
                         Use Mega Arm for each.
                Stage 3: Fight all 8 robots again.
                         Arms - Fire Mega Atm at wrist when eyes are
                         Wily Machine - avoid missiles, destroy gravity
                                        reverser.  Shoot at time bombs so
                                        they are forced up against machine
                                        when they are about to explode.
                         Wily's Ship - Use Spark Chaser.
                Stage 4: SunStar - Destroy with Mega Arm.
    Passwords:  All weapons and items
    VI) Cast List
      Name           GB#        Dr. Wily Robot      MMX#    MM Soccer (*)
                                 # (NES Only)
    Dr. Light      1,2,3,4,5        N/A           1,2(dead)
    Dr. Wily       1,2,3,4,5        N/A   
    Dr. Cassock                     N/A         1,2(Dr. Cain?)
    Proto Man(Blues)   3,4,5        000                          *
    Mega Man(Rock) 1,2,3,4,5        001             1,2          *
    Roll                            002
    Rush             2,3,4,5        N/A
    Beat               3,4          N/A
    Fliptop            3,4,5        N/A
    Eddie                           N/A
    Tango                  5
    Cut Man        1                003                          *
    Guts Man                        004
    Ice Man        1                005                          *
    Bomb Man                        006                          *
    Fire Man       1                007                          *
    Elec Man       1                008                          *
    Metal Man        2              009
    Air Man          2              010                          *
    Bubble Man     1                011                          *
    Quick Man      1                012
    Crash Man        2              013
    Flash Man      1                014                          *
    Heat Man       1                015
    Wood Man         2              016                          *
    Needle Man       2              017                          *
    Magnet Man       2              018
    Gemeni Man         3            019                          *
    Hard Man         2              020
    Top Man          2              021                          *
    Snake Man          3            022                          *
    Spark Man          3            023
    Shadow Man         3            024
    Bright Man           4          025
    Pharaoh Man          4          026                          *
    Drill Man          3            027
    Ring Man             4          028
    Toad Man             4          029                          *
    Dust Man           3            030                          *
    Dive Man           3            031
    Skull Man          3            032                          *
    Gravity Man                     033
    Wave Man                        034
    Stone Man            4          035
    Gyro Man                        036
    Star Man                        037
    Charge Man           4          038
    Napalm Man           4          039
    Crystal Man          4          040
    Blizzard Man                    041
    Centaur Man                     042
    Flame Man                       043
    Knight Man                      044
    Plant Man                       045
    Tomahawk Man                    046
    Wind Man                        047
    Yamato Man                      048
    Freeze Man                      049
    Junk Man                        050
    Burst Man                       051
    Cloud Man                       052
    Spring Man                      053
    Slash Man                       054
    Shade Man                       055
    Turbo Man                       056
    Enker            1,5                                         *
    Quint            2,5
    Punk             3,5
    Ballade          3,5
    Mercury           5
    Venus             5
    Terra             5
    Mars              5
    Jupiter           5
    Saturn            5
    Neptune           5
    Uranus            5
    Pluto             5
    SunStar           5
    Zero                                            1,2
    Sigma                                           1,2
    Chill Penguin                                    1
    Storm Eagle                                      1
    Flame Mammoth                                    1
    Shock Babboon                                    1
    Armor Armadillo                                  1
    Launch Octopus                                   1
    Boomer Kwanger                                   1
    Sting Chameleon                                  1
    Vile                                             1
    Wire Sponge                                      2
    Wheel Gator                                      2
    Bubble Crab                                      2
    Flame Stag                                       2
    Morph Moth                                       2
    Magna Centipede                                  2
    Crystal Snail                                    2
    Overdrive Ostrich                                2

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