Review by Venom65437

Reviewed: 05/22/07

The blue bomber's second GameBoy adventure, but is it better than his first try?

This is Mega Man's second adventure on the GameBoy, and in my opinion, it's a step up from the first, but no where near to what the GameBoy games would become.

The second Mega Man GameBoy game features bosses from Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 on the NES. These bosses are Metal Man, Air Man, Wood Man, Crash Man, Top Man, Needle Man, Magnet Man, and Hard Man. Sadly, like the last game, this one only lets you tackle the bosses 4 at a time. First the ones from Mega Man 2, then the ones from Mega Man 3. The second game also features the slide, which they COULD have implemented in the first game, considering Mega Man had it in Mega Man 2. Anyway, the slide is really only useful for parts where you are forced to use it, like every other Mega Man game it has no practical uses, and it probably won't be your first move you want to use to dodge. Another feature new to the GameBoy games in this cart is having Rush, Mega Man's robotic dog help you out.

While this game is still far below the standards that Mega Man 4 and 5 would set for the GameBoy series, it still holds a special place in my gaming library because it features robot masters from Mega Man 3, my all time favorite video game.

Control: Better than first! Unlike the first Mega Man game on the GB, this game has resolved a lot of the problems the plagued the first one. Mega Man doesn't seem to slide around so much, and in my opinion he responds a little faster when you use the directional pad.

Sound Effects: Another area that was improved in my opinion. They put in all the familiar sound effects that we came to associate with Mega Man in his NES games. His jump sound effect and his gun sound effect sound "right." In that, they're the ones we all know and love.

Music: Like the first game, this game uses the music from the Mega Man 2 and 3 NES games. Also like the first game it doesn't sound as good on the GameBoy, but that's to be expected. Overall though, the music for this game is still very good, there are quite a few tunes that will stick with you. But that is the case for a lot of Mega Man games.

Graphics: Not to different from the first game, but at the same time, the graphics from the first game weren't bad. If the GameBoy games were in full color like on the NES, you'd have a hard time telling them apart. I think Capcom put a little more effort into the backgrounds this time, though I find it most apparent towards the end of the game.

Game play: Again, it's a Mega Man game, and if you've played a Mega Man game before you are familiar with the style. If you haven't, it's a basically a plat former with running, shooting, jumping, etc. But you've played Mega Man before, right?


- All the bosses are from the two best Mega Man games ever
- Sound effects have been "corrected"
- Control is GREATLY improved over the previous game
- Just basically improved on the first game


- Still can only choose from four bosses at a time
- It's pretty easy

Overall, this game improved on the first game, and added important features such as the slide and Rush. I wasn't sure if they would put Rush in since they skipped the slide on the last game, but they did. Like I said earlier, it also features bosses from the two best Mega Man games ever, and the fortress stages are pretty good.

As long as it doesn't cost you too much, this game is still worth a purchase. Since the Mega Man collection will apparently never be released on the GBA because Capcom doesn't care about it, it's the only way you will ever get to play this game. So don't wait, go get it today!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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