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"Slow-mo Kombat"

I was very lucky to find a good copy of this game, I played the original arcade, SNES and Sega Genesis version back in the arcade days but never really try the Game Boy version. Well now that I finally got the chance to play it, I had to say I want every minutes of my life playing this crap of a game back.


For a handheld game the graphics look nice, well fluid, the digitize sprites look slightly recognizable and the backgrounds are decent. It's a Game Boy game so no visual highlights would wow you here but at least it's nice to look at. Like all other ports of the first MK game that is not the arcade version, blood is not in this port and since it's on a Nintendo system there are no code to enable them either which is lame. The character sprites also lack a lot of animations from the home and arcade versions which is okay.


The opening tune is good, it really tries to capture the great theme of the arcade game and did it so well. Besides the opening tune the rest are just limbo tunes from who-knows-where and aren't really that memorable. Also screams, shout, announcer, encouragements and all the iffy stuffs aren't heard here, not even Scorpion's get over here is allowed to be heard, all you're be hearing in this game are bleep sounds of getting hit or uppercut to a pulp.


Since the Game Boy only had two buttons what you have here is a simple punch and kick with confusing strength attack, sometime it's low and sometime it's high but it's just two attacks. The problem with the control is that it works only when it works. The gameplay played a big role in the failure of the control here, since the game plays entirely in Matrix slow-mo mode, you will have to delay on moves big times in this game. Special moves, a simple uppercut, a fatality move, and even a slight jump are all delays. To add matters to the already worst gameplay some of the move commands and fatality inputs were change for the worst indefinitely for example Sub-Zero's freeze move, in the arcade and home versions, you could perform his ice freeze just like you do Ryu's hadouken in the Street Fighter games but here it's not like that. You'll have to press back, wait, then forward, wait, and then press kick (yeah this is no mistake, that was the correct command and attack button for Sub-Zero's freeze move in this game) and wait again for the attack to initiate. By then if you're successful enough to get the move out you'll probably gonna be attack by the AI anyways so it's useless to even try to perform anything special in this game.


Besides unlocking and playing as a slow-mo, mess-up Goro in this game after beating it, there is basically nothing else to enjoy from this awful port. You get six characters to try but all plays nothing like their arcade and home versions counterparts, Johnny Cage's lack of appearance doesn't really bother me here since he's gonna be waterdown to crap anyways had he did just like in the Game Gear version. Also despite the slow-mo gameplay, this game did offer multiplayer one-on-one battle through link cable though with the home versions already offered a more superior multiplayer experience, no one would really care to play slow-mo kombat with you here.

Is it Worth Buying?

Nope, you're better off getting Mortal Kombat II for Game Boy if you truly want a more faster accurate version of a handheld MK port on GB, other than that stay away from this slow-mo port, you get more disappointment than enjoyment out of this.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 08/05/11, Updated 09/05/13

Game Release: Mortal Kombat (US, 09/13/93)

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