Review by Saikyo Ki

"A good port considering the GB's limited power."

MK fans who simply can't get through long drives or flights without a fix should get this; it will satisfy your craving until you get home or can find an arcade. I liked it, but I only played it when I wasn't near my SNES. Fighting game fans who are strict when it comes to control should avoid this game like the plague.

Story: 7
You are in the MK tournament and someone has to beat Goro and Shang Tsung before they do evil things to earth, blah blah.

Gameplay: 7
Cage was taken out of the game because the cartridge simply wouldn't hold more data. There also aren't as many fighting backgrounds. The backgrounds aren't interactive like they are in other versions (you can't uppercut someone off the bridge). Most of the normal moves are there and all of the special moves are intact, but some of the fatalities are watered down. You can actually play as Goro if you know the code.

The game runs very slowly, but remains playable. Prepare to have to time your attacks in a much different way compared to the arcade/other home version(s).

The Test Your Might bonus game is not in this port.

This port obviously has the ability to link for VS action.

Graphics: 8
The characters are large and well detailed, which looks quite nice, but the fact that they're so large means that they can't have many frames of animation. It would have been better if everything were smaller, faster and better animated.

Sound/Music: 7
You almost can't hear the sound effects. They're at a very low volume. The music is extremely stupid sounding and is actually funny to listen to. This fact indirectly adds more value to this port.

Control: 4
When you want to move, it takes a while for the system to react to a button press. This means timing attacks is quite a tedious task. You also can't execute special moves too quickly, or they won't even register. Fatalities are nearly impossible to pull off.

Replay Value: 8
Obviously you can beat the game with every character, including Goro.

Bottom Line?
Well, like I said, this game is mostly for hardcore MK fans. Even though the controls are more or less crap and you don't have all the characters, it's a good enough port if you want a portable fighting game, which is why I give it a 7.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/10/01, Updated 07/10/01

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