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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MB

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/24/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Solar Striker - Game Boy
    ©1990 Nintendo               |       Special Thanx          |
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    FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0         |     my FAQ on their site.    |
     ©2000 by MB±                +------------------------+-----+
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     06/24/00                                             |[j/k]|
    0.8 *** FAQ Info ***
     v1.0 - First edition. Basic FAQ layout. Full walkthrough
            for this classic game. :þ
     v1.2 - Second Editon. Changed date. Changed disclaimer.
            Added '!!Notice!!' Go ahead. Check it out. ( 1.0 )
            Changed to only Gameshark.
    0.9 *** Contents ***
    0.8 FAQ Info                            ******          ******
    0.9 Contents                   *********   *              *   *********
    1.0 !!Notice!!             ****     the original solar striker faq     ****
    1.1 Controls                   *********   *              *   *********
    2.1 Walkthrough                         ******          ******
    2.2 Bosses                                    **********
    2.3 GameShark
    3.1 Disclaimer
    3.2 Additions
    3.3 Thank-Yous
    1.0 *** !!Notice!! ***
    If you push [Alt] + [F4] while reading this FAQ,
    you can play the game.  JUST KIDDING! DON'T!!
    1.1 *** Controls ***
    Control Pad -
            Left/Right - Ship Left/Right
            Up/Down    - Ship Up/Down
    A Button - Fire
    B Button - Fire
    Start - Pause/Unpause
    Select - Not used
    2.1 *** Walkthrough ***
    Stage 1 - As you enter the first stage, your ship moves to
    the middle of the screen. For new players it would be a good idea to
    move your ship backwards to the bottom of the screen. After about 5
    seconds, a pack  of 8 Rotomechs will cross diagonally in front of
    you. Another 8 repeat the opposite direction. Then 8 Protodroids will
    use a swooping motion in front of you, the last 4 have guns. This will
    repeat in the opposite direction. Shoot the butterfly-shaped Power Pod
    in front of you and when it flashes, get it. Then 4 Rotomechs will
    come from the left and 4 Harriers from the right. Watch out, the
    Harriers, when horizontally even with you, will side-swoop you. This
    will repeat opposite but instead of Rotomechs, there will be Protodroids.
    Afterwards, 16 Rotomechs fly diagonally both directions. Just fire 
    straight in the middle of the screen. Get the Power Pod. Now Rotomechs
    and Protodroids will come, all have guns. Then Cruisers and Rotomechs.
    Now the Cruisers will come alone from only one side. The Cruisers will
    then come from the opposite side. Then from both. Then Harriers will
    attack from both sides. Be ready for Harriers and Protodroids next.
    From both sides. Then Cruisers from both. The double-sided Rotomechs.
    Stage 2 - Rotomechs will continuously attack from both sides twice. Now
    three Pinchers will attack from each side. Next, Harriers will attack
    from the sides while two Pinchers attack from the middle. Now Arrowheads 
    will fall from each side. Get the Power Pod after the Arrowheads are gone.
    Now Rotomechs will randomly attack. !Be AwArE! Now Cruisers will attack
    from one side, then the other, then both. Now the scenery speeds up when
    the Pinchers attack continuously from the left then the right. Now
    Harriers and Pinchers from each side, alternating.
    Stage 3 - Watch for Skimbots attacking from Side, Side, Middle. The sides
    alternate. Now Skimbots and Zig-zags fill the roads ahead for four turns.
    now watch as three Macks, starting left moving right, shoot at you. After
    the Macks, Skimbots attack. Zig-zags moving from the right to the left
    follow. After that, Skimbots come down the middle. Then from each of the
    sides. Now, Macks come down the middle as Skimbots guard from the side.
    OK. LISTEN UP GOOD! Terra Cannons are not easy to shoot down, so either
    have Turbo Missiles or dodge the bullets and get past. After the TCs,
    Zig-zags go by in both directions. Now a large arsenal of Skimbots, Macks
    and Zig-zags.
    Stage 4 - Now a large arsenal of Vexors go by, shooting triple missles.
    Dodge and shoot, Dodge and shoot. Be ready for Batwings from the left
    and then from the right. Now Batwings come from both sides quickly. Right
    here, I recommend not trying to shoot them all. :) Now an easy set of 
    Harriers comes by, followed by six Arrowheads and some fast moving Twerks.
    Watch for two sets of random firing Rotomechs followed closely by two sets
    of Vexors.
    - Sub Boss - Just fire at one of the surrounding spikes until the middle
    is exposed, then finish him off.
    Now a few straggling Rotomechs followed by six Twerks finish the level.
    Stage 5 - A short burst of Rotomechs. BLAZERS FALL LEFT AND RIGHT DIRECTED
    AT YOU! Just dodge them carefully. A small bunch of Scarabs fire at you but
    they are easily blown away.
    - Sub Boss - BLAZERS fall while you are defeating him. Just fire at each one
    of his spikes until he is no more.
    Watch out for bunches of Anthrops which fire huge missles at you. BLAZERS.
    The Miditrons are next in line for explosions. A larger bunch follows. Now,
    Scarabs are easily finished off. Six Arrowheads attack next. BLAZERS are
    quick to follow. A medium sized bunch of Rotomechs are next. Now Miditrons
    and BLAZERS fill the skies. Watch for fast-firing Anthrops and BLAZERS. Now
    Scarabs and BLAZERS, then Anthrops and BLAZERS.
    Stage 6 - About eight Octopods come at you. Now watch for the War Hawks that
    come at you quickly. Miditrons are next in line to be demolished.
    - Sub Boss - Watch for BLAZERS and Harriers as you beat each side.
    War Hawks move across the screen both ways. Now watch for the Rotomechs
    which come without mercy. Protodroids alternate each side. Then Pinchers
    come. BLAZERS precede the Harriers which come from both sides. Scarabs are
    next to explode. Batwings now come straight down the middle. You should be
    nearing your 350,000 mark if not already passed it. The Vexors are next, 
    followed by a line of Rotomechs. BLAZERS precede the Vexors that are coming.
    Stage 4 Sub Boss. Level 5 Sub Boss. Level 6 Sub Boss.
    2.2 *** Bosses ***
    Stage 1 - EASY! Just dodge the bullets and shoot OR just sit in
    the top-right hand corner until he leaves.
    Stage 2 - Fairly easy, just shoot at the plane and move to the
    bottom-left when he come at you.
    Stage 3 - A little harder. Now just watch out for the horizontal
    bullets he fires.
    Stage 4 - Very hard. If you have at least four ships, ram him
    three time and then shoot for about ten seconds.
    Stage 5 - Pretty hard. Dodge and Shoot. Dodge and Shoot.
    Stage 6 - Extremely hard. Dodge all the diagonal, horizontal,
    and vertical bullets WHILE shooting him.
    Congratulations! You have just beat a very challenging classic
    game. Nice Job!
    2.3 *** GameShark ***
    Invincibility - 010295CF
    *** I Hacked These Up ***
    Upgraded Gun  - 01
    Auto-shoot    - 01
    3.1 *** Disclaimer ***
    This document is Copyright ©2000, MB±. All Rights Reserved. This
    document is intended for the sole, private, non-commerical use of it's audience.
    This document may not be: published, copied, edited, altered, sold, attempted 
    to be sold, posted on any website, retransmitted, uploaded, posted, etc. without
    the sole consent of the author of himself. Failure to abide by these terms is
    breaking the Copyright Infringment law in the United States of America and
    will result in civil prosecution to any individual, company, organization,
    coropration, incorporation, etc. which can lead up to a $500+ fine and/or
    jail time. This document may only be read and printed by its audience, any
    other activity which is engaged with this document other than reading/printing
    purposes shall result in a civil lawsuit against violators and their affiliates
    engaged in the crime.
    3.2 *** Additions ***
    I am always free to add any information you may have that you would
    like to contribute with your credit. Your name can be witheld with
    your permission. All contributions become the property of GameFAQs.com.
    3.3 *** Thank-Yous ***
    I would like to thank GameFAQs for putting up such a wonderful site in
    which people can express themselves. Also I would like to thank anyone
    (in advance) who would like to contribute.
    Thanx. :)

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