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"Holy crap! Why the hell did I waste ten minutes of my life on this game?!"

Back when the Gameboy or the Gamegear were the only hot portable's on the market (not including them tiger toys thingies), people sure were getting into the portable mood, and had games from just about everything being made for these two powerhouses. One game that was produced to get kids all excited about Spider-man was this game here. Not even realizing that there was even a first game, it leaves one to wonder how bad that one was compared to this game. With crappy controls, horrific hit detection, and puzzles that even the creators themselves couldn't figure out, it's a wonder that nobody but me has even played this game.

Uhh...from what little I've played of this junk heap, the game starts out in a comic book fashion, showing Peter Parker (aka Spidey)waking up one morning with his Spider Sense going off. Looking at the morning paper, it seems that old' Spidey has been framed for some most heinous crime, and so Spider-Man hits the streets to go counter this wrong doing and set things right!

The story SEEMS to be interesting, but after a while you realize that you may never see the ending to this crappy game. From the looks of the cartridge, it looks like you got to face off Carnage, but seeing how it takes forever to even get past the first ROOM, this may or may not be true.

The graphics for this game are decent enough to get the job done, but they could have done so much better. Seeing how this and Operation C were released on the SAME FRIGGIN' YEAR, the graphics could have had Spidey look more like Spidey instead of his bobble head form in this game. Buildings and backgrounds seem to blend together, making it hard to climb walls, if that's an ability anyways. Ledges at least stick out for you to web sling your way across the city though, and that's a plus. Other than that, they should have put in a hell of a lot better effort into this game, especially since this is one of the most beloved hero's of all time dammit!

Controls and Moves
You would think that this would be easy. HELL NO! The controls are backwards in a sense, seeing how B makes you jump-kick (yeah, you can't normal jump in this game for some reason), and A makes you stick your arm out or something. I think in mid air, you can sling a web if you hit a button, since it didn't work half the time I was trying, hitting a combination of buttons fires off a web ball to hit enemies or something, and I think there's some wall crawling as well. Seeing how the controls are so damn horrific so I couldn't even get even the simplest of Spider-Man's powers to work, it makes you wonder how a person can even beat this game without throwing their Gameboy out the window. Man I'm glad companies actually put an effort into making their games controllable nowadays.

Game play
Keeping in mind that the controls suck, you are Spider-man and you're on a mission to clear your name. After struggling for about 5 minutes to figure out how to jump down the stairs to get out the door, you finally arrive in a city filled with dudes that walk aimlessly around, and the Hobgoblin throwing bombs at you. The whole game seems to be quite linear too, even more linear than your normal side scroller, but despite this you still won't have a clue of what to do since you can't find much. Throughout the few buildings you can get into (provided you can manage to get down the stairs to grab important items like the crowbar or card key), you have very limited webbing to fire around, and with web cartridges being quite limited, once you run out of webbing, you're screwed.

You start the game out with two lives, and if you don't manage to kill yourself on the electric fence in the first area 3 times in a row, I think you may even be able to find a few more lives somewhere else. Your health meter is done in a crappy fashion, where you will see a box with a heart in it with a small meter next to it. Then there are a couple of icons I don't know what they do, but I think the Spider-Man head represents your Spider Sense. And without the instruction manual to assist me any further, that's all I can tell you about the main status bar, since the weight shaped thingy escapes my mind, and there's a few more meters thrown in for the hell of it.

Music and Sound
There is no sound, and there's only one track of music that may start to get on your nerves after listening to it over and over and over. Talk about LAZY!

If you see this game in a store, laugh at the clerks for holding it there
I'm glad that my sister is the one who owns this game and not me, so I didn't have to deal with the humiliation of owning this game. Here I thought a game couldn't get any crappier, but Spider-Man 2 just proved me wrong. If you see this anywhere and even think that you want to buy it, make sure that the price is in the range of 0.01-1.01 dollar(s) before you even bother with this thing.

At least the Sega Arcade version of Spider-Man got his respect back.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 05/10/05

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