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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Snow Dragon

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                  "The greed of gain has no time or limit to its
                   capaciousness. Its one object is to produce and
                   consume. It has pity neither for beautiful nature
                   nor for living human beings. It is ruthlessly
                   ready without a moment's hesitation to crush
                   beauty and life."
                                               --Rabindranath Tagore
                        |  _________________________________  |
                        | |                                 | |
                        | | SUPER MARIO LAND 3 - WARIO LAND | |
                        | |         FAQ/Walkthrough         | |
                        | | Written by Snow Dragon (C) 2003 | |
                        | |       All rights reserved       | |
                        | |_________________________________| |
       = | =================
       = | =================
       1  Story/Intro
       2  Controls
       3  Items
         3a  Hats
         3b  Treasures
       4  Walkthrough
         4a  Rice Beach
         4b  Mt. Teapot
         4c  Return to Rice Beach
         4d  Sherbet Land
         4e  Stove Canyon
         4f  SS Tea Cup
         4g  Parsley Woods
         4h  Syrup Castle
         4i  Epilogue
       5  A Nifty Little Trick
       6  Credits & Copyrights
       = | ===========
       1 | STORY/INTRO
       = | ===========
    After introducing us to Mario's embittered, grossly obese cousin Wario in
    Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Nintendo gave him a game of his own with
    the next SML installment, aptly subtitled "Wario Land." Wario defines the
    term "antihero" to a tee. He is not out to save anyone or embark on a
    spiritual mission to find his sense of self-worth or purpose. No sir, this
    is all about Wario's own personal gain. He's looting a distinctly food-themed
    land of pirates and all sorts of animal miscreants so that he can rebuild the
    castle Mario took away from him at the end of SML2. It's a fun game packed
    full of platforming goodness, and a Game Boy title that you simply cannot
    afford to pass up.
    Hi, I'm Snow Dragon, and welcome to my 37th FAQ/walkthrough. If you don't
    know what game it's for by now, it's safe to assume you probably can't read.
    This walkthrough covers all the basics like how to control Wario and what his
    various items do, as well as giving you a complete walkthrough of each level
    in the game. I try not to overload the level solutions with boring crap like
    "Go this way" and "Jump on him" - easily the hardest thing to avoid when
    writing a FAQ for a platformer. It skims over the more repetitive parts of
    the game and gives you, O Confused Gamer, the inside scoop on the real things
    to know.
    If you have any questions about anything I've written here, you can catch me
    any time at [eubanks1084@hotmail.com]. I can't guarantee that a reply will be
    punctual (in some cases, a year has passed between the time a person e-mailed
    me and when I replied), but you never know, you may get lucky! Especially if
    your e-mail is fairly recent.
    Other than that, have fun playing Super Mario Land 3: WARIO Land! =D
       = | ========
       2 | CONTROLS
       = | ========
    Let's get this out of the way first: Wario is fat and slow. This is both
    advantageous and disadvantageous. A lot of the uses of the hats will be
    described in detail in the Items section, where the advantages come in. When
    Wario is just toodling along or is being his fat self, though, he's slow and
    unwieldy. Still, here are a list of basic controls, and some further
    extrapolation on other concepts as well.
     _| |_
    |_   _| D-pad
    >> Left and Right move Wario's sluggish butt back and forth on land.
    >> Up and Down will navigate ladders and other devices for climbing.
    >> Switch between files on the file selection screen. (Because I've gotten
       questions about it on games with similar file setups, I think I be safe,
       cover all my bases, and say that the game saves automatically whenever
       you beat a level.)
    >> Allows you to manipulate the settings on the Pause Menu. (More on that in
       section 5, "A Nifty Little Trick.")
     _   _
    |_| |_| A & B buttons
    >> The A button makes Wario jump. Hold it for the highest jump possible, tap
       it for a small one. Wearing certain hats may allow Wario to jump higher
       than he could under normal circumstances.
    >> Press/hold A as the situation dictates to play the bonus games at the end
       of each level.
    >> Press B to throw small enemies and objects that you can hold in your hand.
    >> If Wario is big in his normal form (hardhat), he can press B to charge
       into his foes and walls.
     ___   ___
    (___) (___) Start and Select
    >> Press Start to pause the game or start it (duh).
    >> Select is the main instigator of the "Nifty Little Trick." Press it 16
       times while the game is paused to kick it off, then scroll down to the
       section just after the walkthrough for the full monty.
    Control schemes for hats and such will be discussed in the Items section
    right below.
       = | =====
       3 | ITEMS
       = | =====
    Here I've divided the items into two separate subsections: hats and
    treasures. Treasures also include the normal things you get out of blocks and
    such, not just the big stuff hidden behind treasure doors that are worth lots
    of moolah in the long run.
       -- | ----
       3a | Hats
       -- | ----
    Wario starts the game out wearing this piece of construction equipment. It is
    his default hat, and he has the ability to charge while wearing it.
    > Charge:
      Hold the B button down to charge for a short time. You can break bricks in
      two hits with this charge, and open chests in treasure rooms by charging
      into them.
    The bull horns are sort of like the hardhat in overdrive. Wario basically has
    the same abilities with MORE POWER™ plus a few new ones when he has the bull
    horns. Useful in tight spots with a lot of bricks around.
    > Improved Charge:
      A charge with the bull horns can break whole bricks in one shot instead of
      two. You can open treasure with it as well as with the hardhat.
    > Ground Pound:
      Hold Down while jumping to shake the earth with your gargantuan buttcheeks.
      This will temporarily incapacitate smaller enemies, allowing you to pick
      them up or give them a butt-whomping as well.
    > Clinging to Ceilings:
      Though it has maybe one practical use in the entire game, Wario can use the
      bull horns to attach to ceilings for any length of time. Just hold Up when
      the horns hit a ceiling.
    Wario can travel great distances with the jet hat, and he can execute a
    charge equal in power to that of the hardhat.
    > Up In the Sky! It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, It's Wario!:
      Jump and then press B to speed through the skies when you have the jet hat.
      Eventually the jet will lose power and Wario will slowly return to land. If
      you want to stop flying at any point, just press B again and Wario will
      instantly come down to earth.
    It's the closest thing Wario has to Mario's fireballs. Those can't break
    through bricks though, now can they?
    > Breath of Fire:
      Press B when the dragon hat is on Wario's head in order to shoot a stream
      of fire that lasts a few seconds. During this time, it will kill most foes
      instantly and will break through whole bricks with the same force as the
      bull horns. Although you cannot charge with the dragon hat, the stream of
      fire can open treasure chests the same as the other hats can.
       -- | ---------
       3b | Treasures
       -- | ---------
    Unlike in a lot of Mario games and Nintendo platformers, 100 of these don't
    equal a 1-up. You can collect and accumulate many of them, resulting in a
    windfall at the end of the game when the genie tallies up all that you
    collected in order to determine the size and worth of castle that you shall
    receive. They can also be spent in a bonus game at the end of a level in a
    fun game of chance. Coins come in varieties of 1, 10, and the elusive 100.
    Coins are strewn about levels in the open and in blocks, or you can kill an
    enemy by charging into it to receive one.
    Now 100 of THESE equal a 1-up. A large one, which is indeed rare, is worth
    three extra lives. They are found only in blocks in levels, and can be gained
    similarly via bonus game at the end of a level (although the one for hearts
    is much less fun than the one for coins).
    Any time you find a key in a level, there's a door somewhere in the level
    that it will work on. These doors are like the ones that you must pay 10
    coins to in order to exit a level, only much bigger and somewhat more
    intimidating. Simply throw the key into the lock to make the doors open.
    Valuable Treasures
    Hidden across the many food-themed lands of this game are treasures worth
    more than a large 100-coin piece, or even TEN 100-coin pieces! They are
    located behind the aforementioned treasure doors that require a key to open.
    You will collect 15 of these in your quest, and their worth will be tabulated
    by the genie at the end of the game to determine which castle you will get. A
    treasure can be worth anywhere from 2000 to 9000 coins, and these can add up
    to a nice mansion very fast, so try to find all you can. You don't want to
    get stuck with a birdhouse or some such foolish thing. To open a chest that
    one of these valuables is hidden it, charge into it (or blow fire at it if
    you have the dragon hat). You cannot open treasure chests if you are small.
    Now go and find those treasures!
       = | ===========
       4 | WALKTHROUGH
       = | ===========
       -- | ----------
       4a | Rice Beach
       -- | ----------
    COURSE No. 01
    Like most first stages, this one will get you accustomed to the fundamentals
    of the game, first of all dispatching of your enemies and using your charge
    move to your advantage. Pick up the small walking turd at the beginning and
    take it over to the next one, throwing yours at him to kill them both.
    (Subsequent items will allow you to do away with them without finding another
    one.) There is also a block on the ground that you can coax a heart out of by
    charging (hold B).
    Next up are two rows of blocks situated just above the ground; when you walk
    into them, Wario will automatically duck and creep under them. One of the
    middle blocks contains what can only be described as a garlic clove. This
    power-up will give Wario's hardhat a set of horns like a bull's. When you
    charge into enemies with the bull hat, they'll be shot off into the
    stratosphere, and they'll leave a coin to boot. Head past the ladder
    surrounded by barrels to the right - it's faster that way.
    The level also gives you a chance to exhibit Wario's ability to shatter
    blocks with his butt. Find the ladder that's situated below a 3x2 array of
    soft bricks and hold Down when you jump. You'll be in the area below, with a
    block containing a heart to your left. This detour will set you back a little
    bit, but will familiarize you with the butt-pound well enough. Also, you can
    only use this move as Bull Wario. Continue to the end of the stage; if you go
    down a ladder and see a pit full of piranha plants, note that you can't cross
    it NOW, but you will be able to LATER.
    At the end of the level, you'll see a mole in a bandanna standing near what
    you'll soon come to identify as the level exit. An inscription on the wall
    reads [up arrow]+B. As you will see, the mole will summon a larger coin and
    throw it to the torch. One of these large coins equals 10 of the small ones
    you collected throughout the level. He'll open the exit for you this time,
    but it's on your shoulders to do it for the rest of the game. Practice if you
    like by holding Up and pressing B to create a big coin, then throw it with B.
    (Move over to it to recover the coinage lost in making it.)
    You can also play one of two bonus games as well:
    > A game of chance in which you pull the string on one of two buckets to see
      if a bag of money or an anvil falls on your head. The anvil will cut your
      earnings in half, the bag of money will double them. All coins earned in
      stages and bonuses go toward your final treasure count at the end of the
    > A game wherein you throw bombs at enemies for hearts. 100 hearts results in
      a 1-up. However, this game's net profit isn't worth the time it takes to
      learn how hard to throw the bombs and when to toss them, so you're better
      off putting back money in the coin game.
    COURSE No. 02
    Grab the bull hat power-up and stay along the high road until you come to a
    door leading to a new area. You'll get a sort of cloud object out of the
    block inside that turns Wario's hat into a dragon that can breathe a stream
    of fire if you press B. You'll notice it has limited range in the water, but
    can still be used well. A power-up at the end of the line will return you to
    bull hat form, which works well for the rest of the level. If you wish,
    invest ten coins in the skull post to the right. It's a checkpoint, and as
    per the usual you'll begin there if you die.
    Charge your way out of the blocks surrounding the other door and head right.
    There are a couple more power-ups and hearts on your way to the exit,
    including the dragon hat. Grab it and toast the pirate duck that can use his
    sword as a boomerang. You know what to do now with regards to the exit; make
    a large coin and throw it at the door to get it to open up, then play the
    bonus game of your choice (if any).
    COURSE No. 03
    You'll notice that this stage carries a different sort of dot on the map
    than the other two you've played thus far: it has a circle within its circle,
    indicating that there is a secret exit you can take which will lead to a
    hidden level. You can't access it yet, however, because of the ever-present
    quicksand that's there right now. Head over to the small narrow quicksand
    pits and fall down the one that dips to the bottom of the screen. A door is
    hidden below.
    Inside, don't worry about the bull hat - you can get through the blocks much
    more effectively with the fire that spews forth from the dragon's head. After
    exiting the other end, go down the very next quicksand hole you see to go to
    another underground area. Grab the bull hat in the surprise block and get
    through this sinking tunnel faster by attaching yourself to the ceiling.
    (Hold Up on the D-pad to stick to the roof, and Down to come off it.)
    You'll come out of the quicksand nightmare right smack dab at the end of the
    stage. You'll have to swim through waterfalls full of it to get to the exit,
    and you might even notice that there's something more beyond it. Oh, there is
    .... and it's a mystery indeed .... one that will be solved about halfway
    through Mt. Teapot. For now however, don't worry yourself about it and head
    on to Course No. 04.
    COURSE No. 04
    Your first course of action should be to escape from the relentless spiked
    Thwompish creature at the beginning of the level. A bull or dragon hat will
    help you get through this faster than if you just have the standard hardhat.
    However, your plans to make a quick getaway are soon hampered by the fact
    that Wario can't cross lava alone. Use the thankfully spikeless top of the
    Thwomp's head to cross the magma lake. The biggest threat here are pointy-
    tailed bats that swoop down to hit you, but even they're not that bad, and if
    you're smallified by any of them, there's a bull hat power-up for you lest
    you decide to take the high route. After the volcanic ocean, there's a bit
    more charging before you reach a room that's free of urgent danger. Throw
    the enemies with spears under the Thwomp, and when he crushes them with the
    impact of a thousand anvils, you'll get a 10-coin out of the deal instead of
    a normal one. The exit is already open for you.
    COURSE No. 05
    Use the same method of planting small foes under Thwomps to get more buck
    for your bang. You'll then come to a room with some glittering (but lethal)
    creatures creeping along the walls. Wait for two to pass by, then crawl under
    the thin ledge when they are behind you. Redeem 10 coins at the checkpoint if
    you find it necessary.
    Several half-broken blocks and armored penguins inhabit the next chamber, the
    latter of which require two good charges from behind to kill. Break blocks
    with your powerful charge until you find a door behind some of them. Enter to
    discover a white exclamation block. Hitting it will not only turn it black,
    but will alter the landscape outside, allowing you to move to the right past
    the once-encased blocks with hearts in them. The door will lead to the boss
    of Rice Beach.
                        B O S S :   S P I K E D   T U R T L E
    The spiked turtle is a mean character indeed, what with having spikes all
    over himself, but he can be easily taken care of with his obvious weak spot
    (his underside). He will retreat to his shell and attempt to bowl you over.
    Jump over him until he floats up, then get him good in the stomach. Repeat
    this three times and you'll be allowed to move on to majestic Mt. Teapot.
       -- | ----------
       4b | Mt. Teapot
       -- | ----------
    COURSE No. 07
    "Wait a minute!" you say. "We skipped a level!"
    Not so, young garassahoppa. We'll come back to Course No. 06 after the great
    earthquake of Mt. Teapot, as well as a few other areas in Rice Beach.
    As for this stage, you should swim through the water avoiding the small bombs
    that explode when you pass through them and the birds that swoop down from
    the sky. Keep to the high path as much as possible though, and you'll soon
    run into a block out of which comes a sort of trophy-looking thing. This is
    the jet hat, and it's your key to breaking bricks that are located in the
    water (you'll see that the bull hat won't charge, if in fact you still have
    it by this point). Once you have it, take a dip.
    Start by breaking the blocks immediately below you (the ones situated on the
    small rock ledge). They reveal a door which leads to a checkpoint - use coins
    on it if you so desire. Don't get the bull hat out of the block at the top,
    either. You'll want to keep the jet hat so you can go back in the water and
    find another door among the cracked bricks, which leads to a small chamber
    with a huge block. Hit it to reveal a giant heart worth three lives. After
    grabbing this nifty reward, head to the right.
    This is mostly a watery area, but keep to the low road, as it makes for a
    good shortcut if you know your way around the seahorses that turn into saw
    blades when you are near. Use the jet hat to break through the blocks that
    the bombs guard, but wait for the bombs to explode first in the interest of
    caution. You'll end up at a door that takes you to the last part of the
    stage. Avoid the birds and the currents that drag you underwater and you'll
    pull off the rest of the stage just fine.
    COURSE No. 08
    Another level with a secret exit, as you can see. And this one leads not
    necessarily to another level, but to a whole other WORLD...
    Anyhow, moving right along .... the beginning part of this stage is similar
    to the end of the previous one. Again, stay away from the pesky birds and
    don't get caught up in the current, even for the assumed rewards you can
    reap from it. It is imperative that you keep the jet hat for the secrets in
    this level, and the game emphasizes this by giving it to you multiple times,
    an important one being at the checkpoint. Flush some coins down it if you're
    afraid of dying sometime soon, then move around to the door on the left side
    of the wall, discarding any beached bombs you pick up.
    The next few rooms are full of delicious current, but you can tell which way
    the water will take you by the direction the bubbles move in. Swim against
    them or with them as the situation dictates to stay away from the rising guys
    with the thorns on their head. You'll then come to a door that leads to the
    very reason why you need the jet hat.
    If you notice, there is a crude representation of an arrow pointing up that
    is made out of coins. Collect those coins, then use the jet hat against the
    wall to the right. (In case you're not sure what to do, jump up, press B, and
    slam into the wall. You'll bounce back a little, but land on a ledge just
    above your field of vision. Up here, there is an exit that looks just like a
    normal one, but it will take you instead not to the next level, but to the
    icy, slippery Sherbet Land. We'll discuss this world in detail after we
    finish Mt. Teapot and the altered parts of Rice Beach.)
    The other exit, which is already opened for you, is just to the right of the
    coin arrow.
    COURSE No. 09
    Make your way to the checkpoint in a hurry; there's nothing of real note in
    this level since it's really just a basic exercise in platforming. What you
    really need to be concerned about is the lone half-cracked block sitting
    about four rooms in. Crack it and press Up where it was located in order to
    go through a hidden door. Inside is a gigantic block containing an equally
    enormous coin (worth 100 tiny ones). Charge through the blocks with the jet
    hat or the bull hat to find a locked skull door. You'll need a key to open
    it, and you'll find it just outside in the previous room.
    Go to the right and hit the block to reveal the key, which also doubles as a
    mighty and powerful weapon (any enemy who touches it kicks the bucket). Go
    back in the secret door and throw the key in the lock. Inside the treasure
    room, charge the chest to open it. A harp will appear, and when Wario grabs
    it, he'll add it to the chart that you see on the screen where your coins are
    calculated at the end of each level.
    Now that you have one of the 15 treasures scattered throughout this food-
    themed continent, let's keep track of it on a handy little ASCII chart I made
    out of sheer boredom:
                                    | _ B _ _ _ |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
    We'll add the appropriate letter to the chart whenever we get a treasure in
    order to chart our progress. Now that you have the harp, go through the door
    to the right. Avoid the bat-bomb things and toss a 10-coin in the door to
    open it up.
    COURSE No. 10
    Grab the jet hat power-ups along the way; they're the most convenient for
    this level. Climb the ladder to the right once you're over there, but don't get
    any of the power-ups (the bull or the dragon hat). The dragon hat is okay
    or purposes ahead of time, but the bull hat won't do much good other than
    netting you roughly 10 coins. Speed over it all with the jet hat until you're
    on the other side of the mountain that stretches up into the starry night.
    There's nothing special hidden in the blocks that are in the water, so just
    speed to the right and enter the last room in the level. Move across the rope
    ladders and plant 10 of your coins in the skeletal tollboth.
    COURSE No. 11
    The first part of this requires you to charge through the blocks, searching
    for a door behind one of the groups of six. It ought to be easy to find, and
    you'll even have a bull hat ready to help you through it faster. Once you
    find the door, enter and swim through the lake to the other side.
    In this room, you'll have to watch out for the guys in narrow spaces wielding
    pointy objects. They hurt! Climb down and get the jet hat from the block next
    to the group of flat ledges. Using it, jet yourself from one side of the room
    to the other, using the bounce off the wall to get to ledges just out of
    jumping range. Jet to the left when you get to the large treasure door to
    locate the block with the key in it. Jump off to the right and throw the key,
    hopefully getting it to the same ledge as the door. (If you don't, fret not;
    it's easy to get it up there.) Once the door is open, ram the chest and get
    the crown that pops out.
    Now let's log the crown, which fits into slot C, on our handy-dandy progress
                                    | _ B C _ _ |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
    Once you have the crown, drop all the way to the bottom and go in the open
    door and drop some coins in the checkpoint.
    Head to the next room, which involves some devices that change direction
    each time you jump on them. If you don't have the jet hat, you'll actually
    have to employ their services. Jump on them once to make them move right,
    which is the main direction you want to them to go. Only make them go any
    other way if you're greedy for coins.
    Grab the star in the next room and barrel through the spear minions, then
    cross the shaky bridges until you get to the pre-opened door.
    COURSE No. 12
    Only four rooms make up this level. The first is simple enough, and allows
    you to pick up either a dragon hat or a bull hat, wherever your preference
    lies. If you can, keep the jet hat, because it will allow to pick up more
    coins in the conveyor belt room, where you'll have to deal with a Boo
    Diddlyish character who stays put while you're facing him, but pursues you
    once your back is turned. In the third room, hit the pirate ducks from
    below to catch them by surprise.
    The fourth and final room is the most important of all, for it contains a
    giant exclamation block. This will cause the teapot lid that's been gently
    hovering over the mountain on the world map to come crashing down upon it.
    This will alter a few landscapes, allowing you to backtrack and get some
    important things done in previous stages, particularly Rice Beach. Let's
    finish off Mt. Teapot while we're here though.
    COURSE No. 13
    You'll notice slight landscape and enemy changes from Course No. 10 here,
    but nothing that will set you back too badly. The bat-bombs are easily the
    most annoying of the group since they'll latch onto you until they explode
    (brush them off on a nearby surface to free yourself of their death grip).
    Go up the ladder two screens to the door that leads you to the checkpoint.
    Climb down the rope ladders to find an area that's very profitable if you
    have the jet hat, then climb back up and exit the way you came in. Go over
    to the right and get the hat equipped with bull horns. Backtrack a bit and
    fall down the pit lined with coins. You'll see a door that you need to go
    There's nothing exceedingly special about the room in question except that
    you have to run away from a giant moving Thwomp, and the bull hat will aid
    you greatly in charging through the bricks in your way. Keep moving right
    until you get to a door that leads to the boss - the king of the bulls.
                            B O S S :   B I G   B U L L
    One of the easiest boss battles ever. It requires that you possess some
    kind of hat that allows you to charge though, so have either the bull or
    jet hat in your possession (I recommend the bull hat, as it's best to fight
    fire with fire). Simply charge into him, pick him up, and toss him into the
    lava before he regains consciousness and leaps out of your hand. It's not
    even a three-hit affair; simply chunk the bull in the lava.
    The road now opens up to Stove Canyon, but it's going to be a while before
    we tackle that world, as we have others to attend to first.
    Now return to Rice Beach to get some stuff you couldn't get before.
       -- | --------------------
       4c | Return to Rice Beach
       -- | --------------------
    The very first course in the game has been affected, as you can see, to the
    degree that it's now filled with water. The only reason to go back to the
    first level, however, is to swim past the pit of piranhas that you couldn't
    get past before. This leads to a very profitable room containing a giant
    heart worth three lives. If you're interested in such a thing, you need to
    visit this level. If not, head to Course No. 03, whose secret level we can
    now access.
    The most visible change is a treasure door located in the water that used to
    be quicksand. Above it and to the right is a dragon hat, which you'll need to
    use to grab the key to the skull door. Go in the next lake and duck while
    using the limited stream of fire that comes out while you're in water. The
    key will pop out; backtrack and go get the treasure. You can open it by
    shooting it with fire, just as you would charge it if you had the bull or jet
    This weird hybrid of a bugle and a cup handle is actually treasure letter A
    on our chart, so let's write it down to show that we got it:
                                    | A B C _ _ |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
    From here now, continue to what was the exit you went through last time. It
    was previously impossible to get up to the tantalizing ledge above it, but
    now you can simply jump out of the water and onto it. Head down into the
    bottom corner and feed the exit 10 coins to access the secret course on Rice
    COURSE No. 06
    This is a level of rewards, with no enemies that can really hurt you. Grab
    the bull power-up at the beginning and go through the door, then pound the
    sand at frequent intervals to make crabs with coins worth 10 normal ones pop
    out. Charge them as soon as they come out for 11 coins (the 10-coin plus the
    one you get for ramming them). Invisible blocks containing hearts are also
    scattered between the floating rows of coins. Just pay the toll to exit the
    level and gamble some of your easy money away. A freebie level, yes, but you
    need to beat all 40 to get 100% credit for the whole game.
    With all of Rice Beach and Mt. Teapot conquered, let's head out to Sherbet
    Land. To get there, enter Mt. Teapot, then head left from the circle-in-a-
    circle on the world map.
       -- | ------------
       4d | Sherbet Land
       -- | ------------
    COURSE No. 14
    This level is all about being able to cross the bridges without getting hit.
    Watch out particularly for the sections of bridge that tremble and fall when
    you stand on them. A lot of single floating bridges are like this, so you
    won't be able to stand on them very long. Having the bull power-up is good
    for the first part, but when you're offered a dragon hat at the checkpoint,
    take it. (Since this is a sort of tough level, you might also want to spend
    money on the checkpoint.)
    At the end of the line, grab the bull hat and go in the door, then jump on
    the Oriental snowman's head before going in the exit door that has so nicely
    been opened prior to your arrival.
    COURSE No. 15
    With the powers of butt-pouncing at your disposal, plant your caboose on each
    enemy in this stage until you have to climb down the rope ladder in a fashion
    similar to the situation in Course No. 11 (avoid the spear dudes). Go in the
    door and make your way around your foes both frozen and warm-blooded. The jet
    hat will speed your progress up a lot, and the dragon hat will help you get
    rid of your enemies with a convenient stream of flames.
    After the checkpoint, grab the bull hat and head all the way to the right of
    the room. You'll notice that many objects and enemies are blockaded in
    pyramids of ice, including the exit. There's an exclamation block to the
    far right in the secluded room that will remedy this situation. Hit it and
    return to the left, but before you open the exit, continue even farther left.
    You'll notice that from where you got the bull hat, ice cubes continue the
    stair pattern. Go up them.
    Follow the set of doors until you get to the room with the floating exit.
    This exit will lead to Course No. 17 instead of Course No. 16, so we'll
    follow the path of the normal exit first, but you can still take this one
    if you feel so inclined. Just head over to the far right and undo the effect
    that the other exclamation block had by hitting it so it turns white. Walk
    along the newly formed ice cubes and open up the tightly shut exit to access
    the secret level.
    COURSE No. 16
    What's this? A key right at the beginning of the level? There's treasure
    somewhere in here! It's relatively easy to find - the door leading to it is
    in the second group of half-broken bricks. Use the almighty key to knock out
    the armored penguins along the way, then unlock the skull door once you get
    to it. This particular treasure room contains a shield with a cross on it,
    which we'll record now.
                                    | A B C D _ |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
    Backtrack to the initial room and go to the right to the door. When you enter
    the room, you will see a coin sitting by itself to the right. Jump up to get
    it and you'll reveal a block that will allow you to leap outside the normal
    boundary of the room.
    Only if you have the jet hat can you access this secret. Shoot across to the
    right and you'll find a room all by itself that you can drop down into. The
    door will lead you to another chamber with an exit leading to Course No. 18,
    which is covered in the utmost of detail below. If you don't have the jet
    hat, however, you can't get to this secret, so don't worry about it. Continue
    as normal.
    If you're taking the original route, grab the bull hat to the left and
    descend along the long ladder until you get to the checkpoint, which you
    should take time to put a little change into. The next room is very straight-
    forward; just head all the way to the right, enter the next room, hit the
    block with the exclamation point on it, backtrack, go up the ladder, and
    follow the new path to the exit.
    Course No. 16's regular exit leads to Course No. 19 though, so let's tackle
    Sherbet Land's two secret levels now.
    COURSE No. 17
    You can avoid the wrath of the cloud that's on your tail by standing under
    any surface, because the cloud's lightning can't pass through anything. Use
    a bull hat to charge the porcupines before they're able to unsheathe their
    quills in your presence. The cloud can only follow you up to a certain point,
    at which time you'll be at a door. Go inside.
    Climb all the way up the rope ladder without dealing with your stab-happy
    oppressors. The door at the top is what's important. Go in to receive many
    rewards, including some hearts, some coins, a bull hat, and a key to a
    treasure room. Ooh la la! Take it along with you until you come to a series
    of blocks that you have to charge through. Throw the key away for a moment
    until you come to a door. Get the jet hat above it and speed back to the key,
    then bring it to this room.
    Hitch a ride on the spinning mobile dealie and jump on it to make it change
    directions. Follow the coin path to ensure that you get where you need to go.
    At the top is the skull door which leads to a treasure chest containing a
    bell. The bell goes in slot E, which we'll now fill in on our progress chart:
                                    | A B C D E |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
    Fall back to the bottom and continue to the end of the level, which is free
    of any friction that is worth mentioning.
    COURSE No. 18
    Grab the bull hat to the right of the treasure door and go in the open door
    to the right. Hit the exclamation block to form some ice bridges to the right
    that Wario can traverse over the spikes. At the end of the line is a jet hat.
    Get it and backtrack to the door you came out of, then jump and rocket
    yourself to the left. Where the other open door is, you'll now see a ladder.
    Climb it.
    Rocket-charge at the single file porcupines until you reach a door. Move
    deftly under the thorny Thwomp and hit the middle block in the group of three
    to reveal the key. Keep moving forward since you can't get it, and fall
    straight down through the barrage of Oriental snowman enemies. Inside the
    door at the bottom is another block of exclamatory excitement. Hit it and
    return to the snowman brigade. You can now get the key in the last room, but
    don't worry about the garlic clove that bestows the bull's horns upon you.
    The jet hat is undoubtedly way more stylin'.
    Duck and crawl under the column of ice on your way back to the ladder, then
    return to the treasure door. Inside is a chest containing Treasure F, a genie
    lamp. Let's put it down on the chart.
                                    | A B C D E |
                                    | F _ _ _ _ |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
    Now you can travel to the end of the level. There's nothing difficult about
    this stage, so just travel to the end and beat it.
    COURSE No. 19
    Get the jet hat provided for you in the lake and use the charging ability to
    crush the blocks in the water. One set hides a door leading to a bounty of
    100 coins combined as one - excellent fodder for frittering away in the bonus
    game at the end. Continue ahead to a room filled with moving spikes; there's
    a checkpoint in here next to a box containing a jet hat. The spiked logs are
    relatively easy to avoid due to their slowness, so either find a way around
    them or an opening to sneak through. After this room and a couple more easy
    ones, you'll face a mean penguin who you also have the option of running away
    from (!).
                       B O S S :   B O X I N G   P E N G U I N
    Don't run away through the door unless you feel that you're in danger of
    dying (i.e. you're small or something). The penguin comes out swinging but
    unprotected, so for the first hit, pounce on his head. He will retreat to his
    watery safehaven, then return with a spiked helmet on his head. Charge him to
    knock it off of him, then give him another good cranial whack. He will return
    with another of these helmets; repeat the process to defeat him and receive
    a plethora of 1-ups. With this relatively tough world conquered, move on to
    Stove Canyon (right of Mt. Teapot).
       -- | ------------
       4e | Stove Canyon
       -- | ------------
    COURSE No. 20
    There are two main things to worry about here:
    1) the wall of lava on your tail, obviously, but also
    2) getting the key to the treasure door before it's too late
    Get the bull hat to increase the speed at which you can break through brick
    barricades, then get to the part where you walk right and then left along
    bridges like the ones in the first level of Sherbet Land. The key is in the
    block at the end of the second bridge. Grab it and keep running. With the
    key in hand, you won't be able to take the low road full of coins, so move
    along the relatively obstacle-free high path.
    Grab the star at the end and weave among the ladder setup without stopping.
    At the end, you'll need to throw the key away and charge into the bricks
    really fast in order to get through the pile, unless you're small and can
    jump through them (which is very convenient for once). If you can pull it
    off fast enough, you'll never have to go back to this part of the level!
    Once you're done praising the deity of your choice, ascend along the rope
    ladder to find a treasure door, with a chest containing a lustrous black
    pearl (Treasure G on our chart). Once again, here's the progress on our
    scavenger hunt thus far.
                                    | A B C D E |
                                    | F G _ _ _ |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
    Go all the way down the ladder and pound the ground will your bull butt to
    stun the mole pirate. Charge him and exit the level.
    COURSE No. 21
    This level is relatively easy through both halves, allowing you to get a
    dragon hat which will help you plow through bricks and swooping imps with
    ease. The second part is more a matter of timing your jumps along a series
    of platforms that dip into dangerous lava, but they're slow and easy to
    detect patterns in. Not a difficult level, just a rehash of old platforming
    standbys, really.
    COURSE No. 22
    Get the bull hat a little bit of the way in so you can butt-bounce the duck
    pirates with boomerang cutlasses. This makes your job a whole lot easier, and
    before you know it you'll come to a part of the stage that you can ram your
    horns through as a short of tiny shortcut. Get to the door with the
    checkpoint, check in, and trudge onward.
    When you get to the ladders that you must move left and right across, get the
    jet hat along the way so you can pick up coins and make the trip a little bit
    faster. The stage's final room contains two swooping birds, and of course,
    the exit. Another easy one under your belt.
    COURSE No. 23
    This level introduces the always-fun twist of allowing our favorite antihero
    to ride on mining carts. The bull hat power-up will help you get rid of the
    bats with your all-powerful gluteus maximus, and if a mining cart falls in
    the lava before you can make it to the next ledge, you can use the charge to
    make the bigger jumps that normal hardhat Wario can't. The checkpoint, which
    you can find by hopping on a happy springboard block, is definitely a good
    investment in this stage.
    Take the high road for the rest of the way until you see another happy-face
    springboard below (it might take you a couple of tries to get to it, you'll
    have to linger on a cart headed right into instant-death lava). That
    springboard will take you up to another springboard which takes you to the
    exit leading to the secret stage in Stove Canyon. The regular exit is just
    to the right of that springboard, in case you miss it.
    COURSE No. 24
    Seeing the treasure door right away is a comfort; it lets you know there's
    major business to be attended to here. The key isn't anywhere in this room
    though, so get the bull hat above the door to the next area and head right up
    the ladder that's next to you there.
    It may take a while to figure out where to go and what to do, but the fastest
    route involves taking you almost in a full circle. When you're up that ladder
    you need to go all the way to the right and down the one you see - don't mess
    with any of the doors along the way. Move down the ladder and hit the
    exclamation block to the right, then go in the door to the left. Swim around
    and get the key out of the block on the right.
    Backtrack to the beginning of the level and open the intimidating skull door,
    which houses a run-of-the-mill trophy, which is slot H on his treasure chart
    and ours.
                                    | A B C D E |
                                    | F G H _ _ |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
    Grab it, and then go back through the door to the right. Don't go up the
    ladder, but go to the right. Go in the door and toss 10 coins into the exit.
    COURSE No. 25
    There's nothing too spectacular about this level that needs mentioning. Let's
    just skip straight to why you're really here: the boss battle.
      B O S S :   B I G   G I A N T   H E A D   T H A T   L I C K S   R O C K S
    That about sums this guy up in a nutshell. He floats around in a wavy pattern
    and his tongue is so pointy that just by resting it on a rock, he can crack
    it. Twice, and it's gone. He can't be beaten with conventional weaponry, but
    he seems to have an undocumented sinus problem that makes him shoot boogers
    made of stone. Anytime he flares his nostrils and does a farmer blow, grab
    it before it bounces away, then toss it at his face. Do this three times and
    he'll retreat to the lava like the cowardly big giant head that licks rocks
    that he is. Try to do it quickly so that you aren't restricted to too small
    an area of the arena.
    You'll head to the SS Tea Cup after conquering Stove Canyon.
       -- | ----------
       4f | SS Tea Cup
       -- | ----------
    COURSE No. 26
    Get the bull hat at the end of the first area and head into the door. It may
    not be obvious at first, but there's a secret in here worth getting, and it's
    yet another of the 15 treasures scattered throughout the land. The already-
    hit block might tip you off, and it's a good thing, because that's where the
    beginning of the secret lies. Hit the wooden X above and to the left of that
    used block to reveal a hidden one. Hop up and jump to the right, then go in
    the door there.
    A giant apple will fall from the trees and roll at you, just jump over it and
    move on. You'll come to a room with several piles of half-broken bricks and a
    treasure door, which you will need to bring the key back to. The next door is
    hidden in the very upper right-hand corner of the room, and you'll need a hat
    that allows you to charge in order to get to it. Go inside and work your way
    around to the door. Inside, hit the exclamation block.
    Upon returning to the last room, you'll see it's been flooded, allowing you
    to make your way up that long tunnel there. Go in the door, grab the key, and
    return the other room to its dry status by hitting the block in that room.
    Return to the treasure room and grab Treasure I, a nifty little dagger, which
    we'll stop and take time to record on our progress chart:
                                    | A B C D E |
                                    | F G H I _ |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
    Return to where you revealed that first hidden block that led to the last
    two-and-a-half paragraphs, then go through the door to the right to return to
    your regularly scheduled level, of which there is only one very easy room
    left to travel through.
    COURSE No. 27
    The jet hat and the dragon hat will both help you reap several rewards in the
    first part of this overtly wet stage, but only with the jet hat or the bull
    hat can you speed across to the left at the end of the second room to a 100-
    coin reward. There's more than enough to spend on the checkpoint, so if you
    feel you might need it, go ahead and plunk a few coins into it.
    On the way out of the 100-coin prize chamber, grab the dragon hat to get even
    more nice things out of the level. Using it will allow you to reach for some
    hearts that can go toward extra lives that the other hats won't let you get.
    Don't worry about the owls, they run away at the first sign of your approach.
    They're pretty much your only dangerous foe to the end of the level.
    COURSE No. 28
    Again, the dragon hat is the best hat for getting rewards from the first part
    of this stage as you draw ever closer to the SS Tea Cup itself. Use the hat
    of the dragon to break the cracked blocks between the two logs. Inside is an
    exclamation block that will create a ladder outside. Climb it; it will
    provide an excellent shortcut over some treacherous ground and plant you
    right near a checkpoint. The rest of the level is a breeze whether you choose
    the bull hat or the dragon hat; just avoid the currents in the final room.
    COURSE No. 29
    Snag the bull hat and charge the chomping gators that hop out of the water
    before heading in the door to the right. If you climb all the way up the
    ladder to the right, you'll notice a treasure door. Let's find the key that
    goes with it by heading right and up the next ladder and in the door to the
    right, which leads to a rather jungly area.
    Descend along the rope ladder and grab the jet hat along the way, then skip
    as many doors as possible until you get to the end of the line. Go in that
    door and you'll see the level's checkpoint. From there, count doors until
    you get to two, and you'll enter a room with a slowly moving Thwomp. Hit the
    block above you to the left, which contains the key. Crawl under and jump on
    the Thwomp to get to the ledge.
    After this, backtrack through the ship part of the level to the jungle cave
    and go through the first door as you head right. You'll go through it, but
    you won't be able to go back through it (as you can see, it's closed). Go up
    the ladder to the treasure room, which holds Treasure J, which contains a
    somewhat depreciated battle axe. Let's record it now.
                                    | A B C D E |
                                    | F G H I J |
                                    | _ _ _ _ _ |
    Now make your way all around the level to the end, which isn't far from where
    the key was.
    COURSE No. 30
    Progression through this level is quite linear up to the checkpoint, at which
    point you need to wake up and focus once you get outside the ship. Go to the
    right and grab the dragon hat so you can break the bricks with ease. You'll
    see a treasure door in your long walk, but don't worry, this is about the
    easiest treasure in the game to get. Go to the far right of the ship and work
    your way up, hitting the block opposite the one with the bull hat in it.
    Return to the treasure door and grab what is either a huge seed or a nifty
    little football:
                                    | A B C D E |
                                    | F G H I J |
                                    | K _ _ _ _ |
    From the room where you got the football/seed, head left and go up the first
    ladder you find. Go as far up as possible, then to the right (get the bull
    power-up and charge/jump to clear the chasm). At the top of this platform is
    a door leading to the inside of one of the masts. Climb to the top to do
    battle with an angry baby bird.
                      B O S S :   A N G R Y   B A B Y   B I R D
    Stay low to the ground and have the bull hat equipped for the battle with the
    angry baby bird. When he regurgitates a couple of smaller swooping birds,
    stay squatting, but jump and knock one out cold. Creep over to it, grab it,
    and then hop up and hit him in the noggin. Best of all, staying low prevents
    the baby bird's powerful gusts of wind from affecting you, so you have the
    freedom to move around without worrying about the small (but deadly) pit to
    the left. With this system in place, three hits shouldn't be a problem.
    Now you'll get blasted off cannon-style into Parsley Woods. If you have
    forgotten any treasures, you won't be able to backtrack for them until after
    you beat the second stage of that area.
       -- | -------------
       4g | Parsley Woods
       -- | -------------
    COURSE No. 31
    The ghost that keeps on your hind end will bother you more than the spiked
    boulders that fall from a mysterious source in the clouds. Fortunately, there
    are garlic cloves aplenty to keep you in bull form throughout the level. The
    stage only contains these things, and about halfway after the checkpoint you
    will find a jet hat, which you should grab. Fire your way under the walls
    that dip way down, then hop to land and exit stage right.
    COURSE No. 32
    Another mining cart stage like the one in Stove Canyon, this one can be
    extremely fun and move a lot faster with the jet hat. If you don't have that
    handy tool, settle for the bull hat provided by the garlic at the beginning.
    There's no checkpoint, as this level is extremely short. When you get through
    with the easy riding bit, swim through a line of touch-sensitive bombs and
    bonk the titanic exclamation block. Slowly but surely, Parsley Woods' lake
    will drain, allowing you once again to move back to all the previous worlds.
    COURSE No. 33
    Once you get to the inside of the train, you'll notice while you're in there
    that it's bumping up and down at different intervals. Is the train ....
    You bet your sweet bippy it is. To keep yourself ahead of the scrolling game,
    get the jet hat provided near the beginning of the ride. Be warned that if
    you touch the tracks at any time, you'll die, so keep either on the blocks
    or the handy railroad vehicle provided. At the checkpoint you'll be given a
    dragon hat. Take it, because there are some bricks ahead that you don't want
    to get caught in.
    Once you get past the second ride, the train stops moving, and the rest of
    the level is a cakewalk.
    COURSE No. 34
    Pretty standard platforming here, but late into the level there's another
    treasure that bears worth getting. Let's get started, shall we?
    The cloud that rains lightning down on you is back with a vengeance - there
    are more of them! Luckily, you don't have to deal with them all at once.
    Outwalk the cloud to the ladder, since the only way to go from here is up.
    Go in the door and swim past the seahorses and bombs to the next one. Head
    to the highest door when you get back to the outside of the tree and grab
    the jet hat along the way.
    Inside the tree once again, you'll notice that the path forks at the top.
    Go to the left first and up through the door. The exit is there, but you'll
    notice that just to the right of it is the key! Aaugh, and you were about to
    beat the level! Fortunately, the treasure door is not too far from here, and
    if you have the jet hat, you actually don't have to mess with going back
    through the water to getthere. Simply stand on the block where you got the key,
    jump and hold right,and don't hold back. You'll land on another set of blocks
    above a pirateduck. Leap with the same confidence to the right once more, then
    hop up tothe door at the top and go in for Treasure M, which could be anything
    from a normal hand to a baseball glove to the Wallmasters from
    the Legend of Zelda.
                                    | A B C D E |
                                    | F G H I J |
                                    | K _ M _ _ |
    That means we skipped Treasure L though! And you are correct, sir, but now
    that Parsley Woods has been drained, we can do something about that. With the
    jet hat, speed over to the exit and play a bonus game if you feel like it,
    then return to Course No. 31 before moving on to the next stage.
    With the water gone, there's now a ladder down in the dry hole. Go down it.
    The key is situated right next to a jet hat, both of which are convenient and
    will put a smile on your face to receive. Climb back up to the top half of
    the level and find a set of stairs that descends down and to the right (there
    is a ladder at the bottom of them). Get the bull hat that is down here in
    order to cut your charging in half. When you come to blocks impeding your
    progress, cast the key aside and charge through the four walls of bricks.
    When you have them cleared out, go back for the key and head right.
    Barrel through the mole pirates with the star you get, then climb up and fall
    in the narrow hole near the stage's exit. You'll land right at the treasure
    door. NOW you're up to date on treasures, although you might almost wish you
    weren't when you see the goofy clown face that comes out of the chest here.
    Hide it away on your chart and ours.....
                                    | A B C D E |
                                    | F G H I J |
                                    | K L M _ _ |
    .....and go to the exit and over to Course No. 35.
    COURSE No. 35
    Here's another moving train level, although it's significantly easier than
    the last one. Use the bull hat and pounce on the pirate ducks with your
    gargantuan buttocks, staying to the right to make sure you don't get caught
    in anything. If you have the money, put change in the checkpoint if you're
    bad at train levels and grab the jet hat to prepare for Part 2. After Part 2,
    the train stops moving and the level takes a drastic dip in difficulty.
    COURSE No. 36
    A bull hat will help in getting away from the cloud here, as will a jet hat.
    Either way, having the charge is beneficial to finding some hidden doors
    among the rubble, not the least of which is one leading to a massive 3-up.
    Once the cloud is unable to keep following you due to the giant block of land
    in its path, you'll come to a door containing the checkpoint. Plunk some
    coins in it (if you are accustomed to such routines by now) and move on.
    After you discover the bounty of extra lives hidden there, another cloud will
    begin to assail you. Combine this with some small guys with spears and a
    bunch of those spiked boulders that fall from out of nowhere and you have the
    basic gist of the rest of the level. A dragon hat is offered to you early on
    at this point, but it won't be of any help at all. Instead, opt for the bull
    hat bestowed upon you by the garlic clove at the end of the line. It will be
    helpful for fighting the Parsley Woods final boss.
                            B O S S :   B I G   G H O S T
    This is a tough boss because of the way it can swoop so fast, in contrast to
    Wario, who moves about as fast as a snail with a double hernia. If it touches
    you, you'll be temporarily paralyzed/frozen/possessed, at which time you're
    susceptible to the likes of being assaulted by a tiny ghost. Either jump over
    or run away from the big ghost, then hit one of its small minions from below
    with the bull horns. It will fall primly into your hands so that you can toss
    it at the ghost. If it releases a ghost when it's very low to the ground,
    jump instead of letting it hit your horns - otherwise you'll go small. Three
    hits will do him in for good, and you'll receive the usual treasureful booty.
    Now it's on to the very last world in the game ..... MWAHAHAHA!
       -- | ------------
       4h | Syrup Castle
       -- | ------------
    COURSE No. 37
    Though it's now advertised as Syrup Castle, you'll begin your quest here in a
    level similar to Parsley Woods. The first half of the stage is a seemingly
    endless barrage of spiked balls rolling at you. Jump over them, blah blah,
    you know the drill. Following the checkpoint, you'll be disappointed to find
    it's more of the same, with the exception of a easy but deceptive treasure to
    pick up.
    You'll find the key near the exit, but there's been no evidence of a treasure
    door throughout the level, has there? It's so easy you'll smack your forehead
    when you hear it. Have you braced yourself? Okay .... just walk through the
    wall below the block that contains the key. It's that simple. The door hides
    in plain sight despite pitch-blackness all around, and you're well on your
    way to picking up Treasure N, a neat little whale ornament.
                                    | A B C D E |
                                    | F G H I J |
                                    | K L M N _ |
    You'll notice that the last room of the level has a decidedly more "castley"
    decor, which is the perfect segue into the next stage. Kill the mole pirate
    and pay the 10-coin toll to open the door.
    COURSE No. 38
    Hop over the blocks and walk all the way to the right to find a room with an
    exclamation block in it. This will reverse the position of the block grid in
    the previous room, putting them all on the ceiling so you can go down the
    ladder near the level entrance. Hit the exclamation block again if you want
    the bull hat and the heart (you do), and then again to get everything so you
    can move on.
    The next part is tricky, but manageable so long as you have the bull hat and
    can get through the bricks in one crunch. A dragon hat appears at the end of
    this room, alas perhaps a bit too late, as it would have been mega-useful
    here. It doesn't have much use elsewhere, so it doesn't matter to not grab
    it. After a short bout with some long-fanged pirate bears, it's time to test
    your ladder abilities. Anytime you see a bird about to swoop down, stop
    immediately in your tracks, or climb down a little bit at least to avoid its
    wrath. Near the top is a jet hat which I strongly recommend grabbing. Zoom to
    the left at the top to find the checkpoint, and to the right to keep moving
    through the level.
    Feed the floating chicken in the next room one of the spiky creatures (once
    it's fallen to the ground, of course) to get a healthy bounty of 30 coins
    from a questionable part of its anatomy. The next room is a breeze thanks to
    the inclusion of a star, and there's a bull hat at the end. Don't grab it.
    The jet hat will prove more helpful for the area ahead where you must cross
    several ladders over pools of lethal white-hot liquid. With the jet hat, you
    can simply fly over the white stuff and past the ladders - easy as pie.
    Hit the giant exclamation block in the final room after crawling under the
    moving axes. The walls of the castle will explode in a lengthy cutscene to
    reveal its inner core, which serves as the setting for the game's next-to-
    last stage.
    COURSE No. 39
    Grab the bull hat at the beginning and not only can you crash through the
    bricks with greater ease, but the butt-stomp trick will lead you to a fair
    amount of coins that this author considers worth getting. It's also handy in
    the next room when you have to crawl under patterns of axes. Whenever you see
    someone coming under them, find a safe spot and do the butt-stomp, then crawl
    over, pick them up, and carry them directly into the path of the axes. A
    surefire kill!
    After the checkpoint, you'll find that you have to use the springboard blocks
    from Stove Canyon to cross a series of wide chasms. Hold A when jumping on
    them to get enough boost to get to the next ledge. You'll see how else the
    bull hat can be a boon when you see some springboard blocks trapped under
    some bricks. Crush the bricks with your behind and hold Right when you bounce
    off the blocks. You'll come to a new area which will eventually culminate in
    your receiving the game's final treasure.
    Make your way through the duck pirates to the next room, in which you can
    move in a number of directions. In the bottom left-hand corner of the room is
    a bull hat; in the bottom right, a dragon hat. You will need the dragon hat
    to get the treasure here. Go grab it and then go the upper-left corner in
    order to clear the way before you get the key. The key is in the opposite
    corner, so once you've cleared a path, you can get Treasure O, a nice-looking
    diamond ring.
    The chart is now complete!
                                    | A B C D E |
                                    | F G H I J |
                                    | K L M N O |
    Your treasure hunting hasn't been in vain. We'll discuss what all this
    foraging business was about after the last boss, where the worth of all these
    trinkets becomes apparent. Don't fret too much about it now; just focus on
    beating the game. Start by leaving this treasure room and getting the bull
    hat in the lower left corner before moving on. The room with the moving lifts
    is a simple affair so long as you don't eat lava, and nothing after is worthy
    of mention here. Hit the giant exclamation block at the end to cause another
    bombastic explosion (no pun intended) to reduce the castle once more.
    COURSE No. 40
    Two garlic cloves are offered at the beginning of this level, so that even
    the Wario player of short stature might be able to evolve into a bull. A
    number of hidden heart blocks lie here, some of which can trip you up and
    make you fall in a pit when you're trying to navigate the springboard blocks,
    so be careful. The checkpoint might look kind of appealing after all the
    precarious jumping you have to engage in.
    After the bouncing episode, you'll have to deal with a mini-boss of sorts: a
    knight in shining armor. Or rather, an EVIL knight in shining armor! MWAHAHA
    ... HA ... ha ... er... right. So, equip yourself with a bull hat, as even
    small Wario can do so here. Charge into the knight from behind. He'll realize
    that an intruder is afoot and will start charging at you in kind. Retreat to
    a block until the madness ends, then repeat until the knight croaks. When
    he's gone, the steel door to the right will open, leading you ever closer to
    the final encounter.
    Once again, you're called upon to put your ladder climbing ability to the
    test as you make your way through a series of alternating fire-shooting
    ornaments. Not a difficult task in any case, and neither is getting through
    the surprisingly trouble-free final room, at the end of which is yet another
    opportunity to get a bull hat. If you suffer any kind of infirmity related to
    being small at this point, grab it and prepare for the last battle of the
                                F I N A L   B O S S :
                   A   P R I N C E S S   A N D   H E R   G E N I E
    There the princess lies, supine, in all her sultry royal beauty ... one might
    even compare her to Disney's creation of Princess Jasmine from the Aladdin
    movie. As you approach her, it's apparent a one-night fling isn't in the
    cards, as she comes down off of her molluscan bed to rub the genie lamp set
    before the two of you. The room fades to nothing, and you are beset by the
    force of the princess's genie, a colossal monster who won't go down in three
    simple hits like everyone else did.
    The trick to hurting the genie is by hitting him _with_ the lamp, but rather
    with an extension of it. While the genie fires speedy ammunition at you from
    his fingers, you need to be picking up the lamp and throwing it around until
    it lands in an upright position. At that time, a cloud will pop up out of the
    lamp. Stand on it, then bounce on the genie's head. He'll be temporarily
    shaken, and the cloud you were standing on will turn into a mini-genie. He's
    easy enough to kill, just jump on him once.
    There are two main problems with the genie, both involving time. One is that
    you may find yourself dipping into the double-digits on time left and thus
    you'll panic and get too far out of focus, thus opening yourself up to more
    cheap hits. The second problem is that the lamp will sometimes go through
    long streaks where it refuses to land in an upright position, once again
    inducing bouts of panic like, "God, am I ever going to beat him!" Relax. He
    only takes six hits to kill - I suppose that by Nintendo logic that means
    he's twice as powerful and difficult as the other bosses. Sure.
    Anyhow, once you beat the genie and the game ends, scroll down to the
    Epilogue below to see how everything turns out.
       -- | --------
       4i | Epilogue
       -- | --------
    Once the genie is dead and gone, the princess is so concerned about making a
    getaway that she doesn't care how sloppy it is. She lays a bomb in the throne
    room and decides to blow up the entire rest of the castle, which reveals a
    shiny statue of Princess Peach (or Toadstool, if you want to get all retro on
    me). Unfortunately, that's just the time when Mario helicopters in to take it
    away so that he can have certain dreams when staring at it. That leaves Wario
    to do the only thing he can do: build a castle for himself from the riches
    you accumulated throughout the game. He will summon the genie to gather all
    the stuff he collected in 40 levels of play and turn those riches into a
    This is where finding all those treasures and grabbing coins in every level
    come into play. The game will calculate their net worth, and Wario will be
    given a palace of appropriate size and splendor based on how much was
    collected. It's basically an indicator of how thoroughly you combed through
    each world looking for stuff. The worst you can do is a measly birdhouse, and
    the best you can do is to have your pretty face carved onto the moon. Wowee!
    Here's a chart indicating how each treasure stacks up in terms of worth:
    | A               | Bugle/cup     | 9000                |
    | B               | Harp          | 6000                |
    | C               | Tiara         | 2000                |
    | D               | Shield        | 7000                |
    | E               | Bell          | 5000                |
    | F               | Oil lamp      | 9000                |
    | G               | Black pearl   | 5000                |
    | H               | Trophy        | 8000                |
    | I               | Dagger        | 7000                |
    | J               | Battle axe    | 3000                |
    | K               | Seed/football | 4000                |
    | L               | Clown face    | 8000                |
    | M               | Glove/hand    | 4000                |
    | N               | Whale         | 7000                |
    | O               | Diamond ring  | 6000                |
    Whatever you get will be determined by the number of money bags you hand to
    the genie, one resulting in the worst house and six resulting in the best.
    How will you fare?
    Congratulations on beating Super Mario Land 3!
       = | ====================
       = | ====================
    I was hoping I'd be able to remember this. I'm glad I did.
    Since I can't think of anyplace else in the guide where this could be
    appropriately placed, I've given it its own section after the walkthrough,
    lest anyone should find before the walkthrough and breeze through the game
    using this handy little cheat. It's fairly complicated, but will render most
    of my level solutions moot if you know how to make good use of it. Here's how
    to do it.
    Pause the game and press Select 16 times. A blinking box will appear around
    the second digit of Wario's lives. Holding down A and B, press Left and Right
    to cycle through the various digits, and press Up and Down to alter them as
    you see fit. You can give Wario 999 coins in any level (thus eliminating the
    risk and worry involved with gambling them away in bonus stages), put his
    hearts up to 99 so that you can get a 1-up for every enemy you butt-stomp, or
    even give yourself more time to beat a level. How exciting!
    In addition, you can also get a desired hat by unpausing the game when the
    cursor is placed on the tiny Wario face to the far left. You may have to do
    the trick multiple times to get the hat you want, because it cycles through
    the normal hardhat, the bull hat, the jet hat, and the dragon hat, in that
    Now that I've opened the floodgates, do what you will with it.
       = | ======================
       = | ======================
    No need to drag this out - here's to the people who make this hobby possible:
    > My parents, who trained me to be well-versed in all areas of the English
      language ..... I have now surpassed even their abilities and vocabularies.
      Rest assured, they couldn't be prouder =)
    > Anyone else who has inspired me, motivated me, or otherwise given me a
      reason to continue about helping the world with video games.
    > Nintendo for their excellent consistency of quality in their first-party
      games, and for making the Super Mario Land series a joy to play through.
    > My friend Neal, who introduced me to GameFAQs in the winter of 2000.
    > My friend Marc, who introduced me to Honest Gamers in the winter of 2003.
    > CJayC and Jason Venter, the webmasters of their respective websites, who
      post these guides on them at no cost. God bless your pro bono work,
    Above all, do not plagiarize this guide. I invested a fair amount of time
    into writing it and it's against U.S. federal law to jack people's stuff like
    that. If you wish to use this guide on your website, send me a short e-mail
    asking for permission - don't write me a 10K novella (it has happened). I
    will more than likely say "yes" when I get around to replying to you.
    If I allow you to use the guide on your site, do not change any part of the
    text in any way. You may move it around to make room for any screenshots,
    font changes, etc. but don't change a single letter of a single word. Do not
    sell my guide for profit either, as it is my intellectual property and such
    transactions are illegal, once again by U.S. federal copyright laws.
    This version of this guide is (C) December 28, 2003 by Snow Dragon, the
    latest of which can be found first on GameFAQs [http://www.gamefaqs.com] and
    Honest Gamers [http://www.honestgamers.com].
    Have fun playing Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land, and have a nice day!

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