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"If there's any memorable Game Boy game, it's this!"

Man, who would've thought that the enemy of 6 Golden Coins would get to star in his own game? The objective this time is to defeat your arch-nemesis Captain Syrup, as well as collect all the treasure you can find along the way.

Graphics: 10/10

Simply amazing for the Game Boy! If you thought the graphics for the Game Boy were mostly too small, give this game a try! The sprites are much larger in this game, and rich in detail. The characters are all very cartoony looking, and the scenery is great!

Sound: 7/10

The music is well suited for a character like Wario, but it does tend to get annoying every once in a while. A lot of the music is slow and low-pitched. Some of it is bad, but not all of it. The sound effects in this game are okay, but they aren't anything great. Even so, they aren't bad.

Gameplay: 10/10

This is one fun game! There are a total of 7 areas, and I believe 40 courses in all. It plays a lot like a Mario game, yet with different enemies, and some excellent new features. There is a lot of innovation added into this game, such as Wario's moves. Wario dashes into the enemy to kill them rather than jumping on them. the powerups in this game are a spiked helmet, a dragon helmet, and a jet helmet. The spiked helmet is more powerful than your normal helmet and enables Wario to butt-stomp, The dragon helmet and shoot out fire at the enemies, and the jet helmet allows Wario to move faster. Along the adventure, Wario can find treasures to collect. Some of the treasures are difficult to find, while others are fairly easy. Each one is hidden inside a treasure chest, in which you must find the key first. At the end of the game, a genie will grant Wario a wish, and Wario wishes for a castle. However, the genie must be given money to grant the wish (cheapskate.) If you collect all of the treasures (and having a decent amount of coins doesn't hurt,) you will be given a towering castle. There are a couple of different castles you can get, depending on how much money and treasure you have. In otherwords, THIS GAME ROCKS!

This game provides a decent challenge, for there are a bunch of treasures to collect, and a few of the levels are tough!

The replay value is moderate. It will keep you coming back for more until you've gotten all the treasures. After you have gotten them all, you might play it again every once in a while.

Overall: 10/10

Proof that Mario isn't Nintendo's toughest mascot

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/10/00, Updated 08/10/00

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