Review by Duke Nukem

"Mario stars in his first game! Oops, I meant Wario."

This was the first game Mario, I mean Wario, starred in. After getting kicked out in Mario Land 2, Wario decides to get his own castle. Trouble is, no money. So you go off to an island to get the Toadstool statue so Mario & Peach can give you even more money. Trouble is, lots of baddies and an evil woman named Captain Syrup has the statue.

Graphics: 9/10
Graphics are pretty cool. Even though it's on the regular Game Boy, Wario is very detailed, as are most of the levels & bosses. Even though it's a pirate field, it just screams ''Mario!'' rather than ''Wario!''

Control: 10/10
One thing you can expect is awesome control. Wario brings along 3 new powers and one new move: the Shoulder Charge. This move allows you to break blocks and smash things. Control is perfect, as usual.

Music: 7/10
Eh, it's suitable. As with most GB games, the music kinda gets annoying. It's Game Boy, whaddya expect?

Gameplay: 9/10
This is Wario's game, yet feels like a Mario game. You have three power hats to help you: One gives you super ramming power, also lets you fly for a few seconds. Another is the Fire hat. This lets you spit fire out. IMO, it's the best one. The final one is pretty useless. It increases your strength, but that's it. You go around, using these powers, to find secret chests and collect as many coins as you can get. Get a lot and you get a super castle. Fail, and you get to live in a short tree stump.

This isn't a Wario game, it's a Mario game. I'm not saying this game isn't good, but it just seems to be a polished Mario Land 2. There's not a whole lot separating the two games, except for different powers, characters, and story. Still, if you want a Wario game, pick up Wario Land 2 or 3. This game is not Wario, it's Wario in a Mario game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/23/00, Updated 08/23/00

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