Review by PurestProdigy

Reviewed: 07/13/07

A classic platformer that continues to spread great appeal

This game is one of the best platformers released for the original game boy system. It has timeless appeal and this is evidence through the many sequels it has made throughout the other game boy platforms. The graphics are great for it’s time, the sounds and music are inspiring, the story will keep you interested, and the gameplay is just great.

The graphics itself aren’t anything too special, but they stand out as superior for other games of its time. The animations are fun, the environments are excellent, and the game’s world map is great. It’s got a detailed look for all of the gaming locations and you can tell work was put into it. The environments themselves are the same themed kind of levels that are familiar in platformers. Wario’s facial expressions are priceless and help to deliver an overall better mood for the game. The enemies are great looking, and have great animations, and the bosses are impressive. It is kind of old school but for a system this old it is very remarkable.

The sound effects were memorable and the background music helped to get you through the game. It’s fun hearing Wario crash through a wall or beating up the bad guys as you go through the adventure. Sometimes though, hearing all those old school bleeps and blips does get incredibly annoying. And on the plus side, if the sound ever got too annoying you could simply turn down the game boy and ignore it.

The story is nothing special, but it’s enough to get you through the game if you have enough curiosity. Wario now really wants a castle of his own after he failed to get one from Mario in Super Mario Land: 6 Golden Coins. He goes to Kitchen Island looking for the legendary golden statue of Princess Toadstool. His goal is to find it before Mario does in order to cash it in and buy a castle of his own. In order to get the coins, treasures, and the Legendary Statue, he must brave the dangers of Kitchen Island, and the ruthless Captain Syrup and his cronies in his quest for riches. It’s a great twist because the game isn’t about saving the princess or saving the world. It’s all about satisfying Wario’s greed and self-absorption. It’s nothing deep, but it is good enough to keep you interested in playing for a while.

As far as gameplay is concerned, the game can be considered enjoyable. There are multiple paths on the world map and you can go back through the game once you’re done and fully explore the levels you may have missed. Wario also has abilities that Mario lacked. He could tackle bad guys and has different hats that gave him a plethora of abilities. There were also treasures in some of the levels that you could search for, adding a new level of fun to the game. By collecting a certain amount of treasures you could have multiple endings for the game which is another amazing feature. The boss fights of this game were also much more original then its predecessors. You needed strategy and stamina to defeat many of the game’s bosses. The save feature of the game is also a great support because the game does have a certain level of challenge. With the save function, you don’t have to worry about starting the whole game over just because you lost to a tough boss, or your battery ran out, or you just don’t feel like playing anymore.

This game is an instant classic, and the series itself is legendary. It belongs in anyone’s game boy or platforming collection, and if you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend giving it a chance.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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